Cozy Games

Established in the year 2005, the company Cozy Games is located in Malta. They are famous in the interactive games industry. The company is the slot machine manufacturer of bingo games. Product designing, Testing and Applicability of the games are done to enable scalability, changes and customization.

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Overall Review of Cozy Games

The company has registered an increase in its bingo games in the past few years, as many other companies use the software platform too. There are varieties of in-house games that the company provides. The players can choose 3 or 5 reels video slots in their games. The mobile bingo players can play them developed by the software providers. Here is a list of slot developers for this gaming software-manufacturing firm:

  • Freemantle
  • Bally
  • Spin
  • Sigma
  • Lightning Box

Even the software provider has developed relations with a list of slot companies as:

  • OpenBet
  • IGT

The Cozy Games has 11 different video slots offered to the players. Many great features and graphics present these games. Most of the games in these slots offer nine bonus rounds. Few of them offer scratch style lottery winning in the games. The company is flourishing in many other areas as they are signing deals with many casino operators. Moreover, it has the biggest live Bingo network. They are managing 100+ websites and some of the slots that are reviewed by the players are:

  • Ghost Bingo
  • Sailor Bingo
  • Hunnie Bingo
  • Swanky Bingo
  • Hippy Bingo
  • The Prize Finder Bingo Site

Features of Cozy Games Software Provider

This software provider has many innovative features, as the Bingo slots provided by the company are compatible on many platforms. Here are some of the main features:

  • The promotion system across the company network is unified as it presents many bonus features. The cash back in Bingo rounds is 20% on a weekly basis. There are significantly diversified version of the game that includes 30-ball speed and 8-ball version.
  • The bonus feature is applicable to all sort of games developed and is not restricted to Bingo network.
  • The VIP program of the games offers higher cash back and special deposits.
  • The extra gameplay feature is provided to the players, and the wild icons double the value of winning combination.

Benefits of Cozy Games

This gaming software manufacturer has earned fame in the recent years for standing amongst the big brands and providing great Bingo slots games. Some of the benefits of the games from this software provider are:

  • The company offers great bonus system and huge no-deposit bonus.
  • Every additional deposit under VIP status gets additional bonus amount.
  • Appealing bonus feature is provided on every deposit.
  • The players can opt for Bingo Bonus or Cash Bonus for withdrawals.

The Cozy Games software provider has extended its Bingo services to the mobile platform. The players can play Bingo mobile slots with remarkable features and extended bonus rounds. The customization of the games is according to consumer needs, and the target is an add-on feature.