Free Blackjack Online

The free online Blackjack represents one of the most desirable and most played traditional casino games on the market. The players also have the opportunity to play a high variety of different free online Blackjack games produced by the software development companies considered to be among the most successful ones in the world of online gambling. The main advantage of playing Blackjack free online lies in the mere fact that there is no risk of losing any amount of money because the player doesn’t use any real money at all. All stakes the player places are realized through imaginary digital “currencies”, such as credits or coins. Therefore, it represents a great opportunity, especially for inexperienced players to get familiar with the game and to gain some experience before entering the world of real money gamble.

Nowadays, the players can come across a dozen of Blackjack online games, including standard versions as well as certain variations. Playtech and Microgaming are considered as the software development companies with a wide range of available online Blackjack games. Playtech produces classic version, Progressive version, Blackjack Pro, Surrender and Switch, American version and Perfect Blackjack. Microgaming manufactures a classic version plus the European version, Spanish version, Atlantic City, Vegas Single and Vegas Downtown. Both of these mentioned software development companies also manufacture the game known by the name of Pontoon, which also represents a variation of a Blackjack online game.

Given the fact that there are many variations of the free online Blackjack, the importance of the possibility to play them in demo mode (free of any charge) becomes even higher. To master the skill of playing online, the player doesn’t only need to get familiar with the rules and feature of the standard version. Every variation carries certain changes compared to the classic version. Therefore, through free playing the player can get to know all these changes before he decides to eventually start playing for real money and winning some of the best payouts.

Play Free Online Blackjack

So, if you are interested to play free Blackjack no registration games but you don’t know where to start, we can recommend you to visit our website where you can find not only a wide range of Blackjack no download games but also all additional details needed to play the game properly. Some of the variations we offer were mentioned earlier in the article and the following parts, some of the most desirable ones will be briefly overviewed, along with their rules and features, so you can start to play Blackjack for free as soon as possible.

So, if you want to play Blackjack online games produced by the Microsoft software development company, the list below shows the available ones:

  • Classic version;
  • European version;
  • Vegas Single Deck;
  • Vegas Downtown;
  • Atlantic City;
  • Vegas Strip.

The classic version is played with a total number of 5 decks of cards. The return to player percentage of this variation is set to occupy the value of 99.6%. The European version is played with 2 52-card decks and possesses the RTP percentage of 99.6% as well. Vegas Single Deck is played with only one 52-card deck and it comes with the return to the player percentage set at 99.69%. Vegas Downtown comes with an embedded RTP percentage set at 99.62% and it is played by using 2 standard decks of cards. Vegas Strip is played with 4 decks of cards and it comes with a return to player percentage of 99/65%. Atlantic City can come in two variations, as standard and Gold. Both of them are played by using 8 52-decks of cards. Standard version possesses the RTP percentage of 99.65%, while the Gold version comes with the return to the player percentage set at 99.62%. These games also include certain features, such as “double after split” (Atlantic City), “peek” (Vegas Downtown, Vegas Single Deck), “surrender” (Atlantic City), etc.

If you want to play Blackjack online games manufactured by the Playtech software development company, the list below contains all available ones:

  • Standard version;
  • Pro;
  • Surrender;
  • Switch;
  • Pontoon.

The standard version comes with the RTP percentage set at 99.57% and it is played with 6 card decks. The Pro version is played with only one card deck and it carries a slightly lower return to player percentage of 99.56%. Blackjack Surrender comes with a return to the player percentage set to occupy the value of 99.65% and it is played with 6 standard decks of cards. The Switch variation is played with the same number of decks as the Surrender version and it comes with a higher return to the player percentage set at 99.86%. Pontoon is played with 8 standard 52-card decks and it carries the return to the player percentage set to occupy the value of 99.68%. All these games also come with certain features, each valid for a certain version of the game. So, if you want to play Blackjack free games, feel free to visit our website.

History of Blackjack

The game represents an ancestor of a much older game known by the name of “twenty-one”. The origin of this game is still unknown but it is considered that it may be invented in Spain somewhere between 16th and 17th century.

“Twenty-one” quickly found its way to the American continent, where gambling houses started offering bonuses for several card combinations. One of the bonuses was given to the player if his hand contained a blackjack and the ace of spades. The name of the hand was “blackjack” and that is how the game got its name in the first place.

From year to year, it was becoming more and more popular among the players from all around the world. Alongside with the development of Information technology and online gambling, the game quickly got a new form – the Blackjack online. Online Blackjack UK became the most desirable traditional casino game and the manufacturers started producing not only the standard free Blackjack game but also its variations, which will be briefly reviewed in the following parts of the article.

Nowadays, the Blackjack online, as well as a traditional card version, represents a game so popular that even six versions that have emerged from the standard version have become standardized as well. One can come across the following types of the game: the standard version, Spanish 21, 21st-Century version, Double Exposure, Double Attack, Blackjack Switch and Super Fun 21. All these types will be briefly overviewed in the following part of the article.

However, one can come across even more variants of the game that are not worldwide spread. These local versions are mostly named by the region in which they have been invented. Therefore, one can play the French version known by the name of “Vingt et un” or the German version known by the name of “siebzehn und vier”. Both of these variations are known by the common feature that splitting is not allowed. Also, the ace counts only as 11, while in the standard version it counts as both 1 and 11. If the player draws two aces while playing one of these two versions, they will count as a blackjack. There is also a Blackjack UK version known by the name of Pontoon. Unlike “vingt et un” and “siebzehn und vier”, Pontoon is not just locally available. It can be found at the vast majority of both land-based and online casinos and several top-notch manufacturers produce the online version of the game.

Types of Blackjack

As mentioned previously in the article, casino Blackjack free comes in several main types. Aside from these main categories, the game also possesses other variations, such as previously mentioned French or German, there is also the European Blackjack or the American Blackjack, as well as the British Pontoon version. The list below displays all main types of the online casino Blackjack game:

  • Spanish 21;
  • 21st-Century version;
  • Double Exposure;
  • Double Attack;
  • Blackjack Switch;
  • Super Fun 21.

Spanish 21 comes with a variety of liberal rules. The players are allowed to double down any number of cards, late surrender is also possible, as well as the rescue option. Spanish 21 has its online version developed by the Microgaming software development company. It is predominantly played by the Australian players, where it is known by the name of Pontoon, although the rules of these two games do differ a lot.

21st-Century version is also known by the name of “Vegas Style”. This variation is invented in California. It is distinct by the fact that the player’s bust doesn’t always mean that the player will lose a hand. Some casinos offer the possibility of pushing if the dealer achieves a bust as well.

Double Exposure is known by the feature that first two cards that belong to the dealer are being faced up. In this version, the player loses on a tie, while the black-jack pays even. Paying insurance or surrender is not possible.

Double Attack comes with pretty liberal gaming rules, which can be seen in the fact that the player is allowed to increase his initial stake after he has seen the face-up card of the dealer. A black-jack combination pays only even money types of wagers.

Blackjack Switch represents a variation that is played over two hands in which the player is allowed to switch between the second dealt cards. This means that if the player had, for example, an 11-4 in the first and 3-9, he can switch the second cards to form the following combinations: 11-9 and 3-4. In this variation, the dealer’s 22 represents a push and the black-jack combination pay 1:1.

Super Fun 21 is the variation in which the player can perform hand splitting up to the maximum of four times. If the player possesses a total number of six cards and their overall amount occupies the value of 20, the player wins automatically. The blackjack combinations pay according to 1:1 ratio.

After getting familiar with the online Blackjack free types, it’s time to move on to the basics of the game-play.

How to Play Online Blackjack Free?

The free online Blackjack is a relatively easy game in which the player has only one goal – to get the hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. The largest value the player is allowed to score is exactly 20 because the value of 21 represents a term known by the name of “bust”. When it occurs, the player loses the hand, as well as he has exceeded the limit of 21.

Free Blackjack game online is played mostly with six or eight standard 52-card decks. Both the player and the dealer receive initial two cards whose summation counts towards the 21 limits. The difference lies in the fact that both of the player’s cards are being dealt face down, while one of the dealer’s initial cards is faced up.

To play Blackjack online free, the player needs to place his wager before the start of every hand. After the cards have been dealt, the player has two options: “stay” or “hit”. One needs to choose according to the distance between the value of 21 and the value of his hand. It is very important to keep in mind that the hand would be lost if the player exceeds the limit of 21, so choosing “hit” should be done carefully.

There are several different rule variations while playing Blackjack for free, depending on the type of variation. Some basic rules and terminology are displayed in the list below:

  • Surrender, which can come in two variations: as early surrender and late surrender. If the dealer’s faced up card is a ten or an ace, the second card is being checked to revise is there a black-jack combination. After this, the late surrender is possible. The early surrender allows the player to withdraw before the dealer checks if there is a black-jack combination.
  • Re-splitting allows the player to perform another split if after the initial split the cards in his hand occupy the same value.
  • No double after splitting is a common rule in several variations.
  • Some of the variations, such as the European Blackjack, allow doubling only on 10/11, while some allow doubling on 9/10 or 11.

Now that you are familiar with the basics and several additional rule variations, feel free to visit our website where you are one click away from the opportunity to play Blackjack online free. You just need to choose the variation that suits you the most and we recommend you to start with the standard version. Good luck!