Online Roulette For Real Money

Web gambling has taken off well over the past two decades that it has been around, and among the sets that have made a name for themselves on this platform is roulette. This set has withstood the test of time to remain popular over the centuries. The game enjoys a fan base in the millions in the UK and across the globe, and this number is far from dwindling.

Online roulette for real money play has been available on the web since 1994 when Microgaming first released it. Seeing that roulette real money play is big in brick and mortar establishments, it did not have much trouble peaking on the internet. Real money casinos were quick to include the game in their portfolio to woo an even bigger crowd, and it appears to work as time goes by.

Like in location-based casinos, online roulette for real money gives players the chance to walk away with cash wins, and to do so, money stakes have to be placed. Online roulette real money versions offer this option conveniently to gamblers with the experience coming to them rather than having them look for a land-based entity. The only difference between the online versions of the game and the real-life ones is that software is used in the former in the place of machinery as seen on the latter.

Most online roulette for cash options is offered along with free versions. These options allow the gambler to enjoy the gambling experience without risking any money. That way, one can sample various options to find the best one that works for them. However, unlike in the real money variations of the casino game, no cash wins can be generated. The credits that are collected from winning spins are included in the stakes account and cannot be cashed out. Even so, the experience remains the same in both versions including the in-game bonus features. A lot of online roulette real money casinos come with both modes of play. The free variation is presented as a demo version to give insight on what players will find in the set.

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Playing Real Money Roulette Online

Roulette is widely considered as one of the easiest table games, which is why it has remained popular among the masses over the centuries. When engaging in roulette real money play, a few things have to be completed before a gamble session can begin, and they are:

  • Choose a gambling site to play roulette game for real money, register as a member, and make a cash deposit
  • Open the gaming portfolio and choose the desired game variation out of the ones presented
  • Launch the game

Once the set has been opened, gamblers are presented with a software simulation of a brick and mortar roulette wheel. The layout of both the wheel and the roulette table will vary depending on the type of the set being played. During gameplay, the wheel rotates in one direction while a small ball is thrown inside and runs in the other direction. Gamers place bets on where they think the ball will land out of the many numbered pockets included. The number of pockets that are included depends on the version of the game, and the two most popular ones that are used to inspire other versions including live dealer games are:

  • European Roulette

This version is the most popular across gambling destinations and faces the highest demand. European type comes with thirty-seven pockets that are numbered one to thirty-six and a single zero. These numbers are coloured red and black while the zero is green. This game follows the original rules, and its gameplay terms apply in other versions of the same.

This variation is also regarded as French Roulette. However, in most cases, this option applied the La Partage and En Prison rules. These inclusions in terms of play give the player a chance to win the full or half amount of their wager back on a colour bet; this only happens if the stake loss is a result of the ball landing on the zero pockets.

  • American Roulette

This variation of the game was invented in America after it was introduced in the jurisdictions during the French Revolution. American Roulette comes second to the European option in terms of popularity. One of the main differences this set has from its European counterpart is the inclusion of an extra double zero pocket to bring the number up to thirty-eight. The additional double zero pockets also bear the green colour of the single zero.

Both of these variations feature inside and outside bets, which are the kind of stakes that can be placed to make money in roulette. Inside bets are those that are placed on single or split numbers. They carry the highest wins and can pay the gambler up to thirty-five times the amount staked. Nonetheless, they carry some of the worst odds and are hard to land. Outside bets, on the other hand, are placed on a larger group of numbers that are based in either parity, colour, or any other elements as determined by the casino rules on playing games for real money. They come with low wins, but the chances of landing them are high.

When playing roulette for money, gamblers should keep in mind that the sets are highly dependent on luck even though some practices can be applied to make the odds of winning better. Therefore, one should be careful with how they place stakes to ensure that they have a fulfilling experience that is not at the expense of their financial stability. It is advisable to stake in roulette real money casinos that promote responsible gambling so one can put limits on their account to avoid spending more than they can handle.

Advantages of Real Money Roulette

Playing online roulette for money online has become a common practice in many gambling regions. This indulgent has numerous advantages that support its massive popularity worldwide, and some of these upsides include:

Cash wins

The provision of cash payouts is the main aspect that separates this real money casino game from the free demo option. In the latter, fun credits are offered to use as stakes with no real money risk. However, the same is generated as wins and cannot be withdrawn. When gamblers play real money casino games, including roulette, actual cash wins are provided for winning rounds. These variations give one a chance to make a real profit while entertaining themselves at the same time.

Even with real money roulette coming with the advantage of cash payouts, one should get familiar with their set of choice before they head on to win real money in online casinos. The free versions come with the same features as the real money ones.

Bonuses and promotions

Online gambling destinations use incentives to entice gamblers into playing roulette for money online with them and has become part of casino culture. Casino bonuses and promotions are reserved for cash gamblers, and they help increase playtime without the player having to spend more than planned. These offers come in various shapes and sizes, with some of them specifically built for roulette gamblers.

Casino rewards are mostly given in the form of match promotions that gift the player a percentage of the amount they deposit. In others, the amount is fixed and not influenced by external factors. Free chips can also be part of the offers, and the values they carry differ from one gaming site to another. Players should confirm if these offers are limited for use or not. If the latter is the case, one can then proceed to check the category’s clearance rate.

Jackpot access

Like most other popular online real money casino games, some game variations are developed with jackpots, either progressive or fixed. Progressive jackpots are the most popular of the two because they offer the biggest wins; this is because the prize is pooled from the winnings made by players engaging in the set. The amounts can be drawn from one gaming site and the game or several of them.

Jackpot prizes are limited from the access of free to play gamers. This is because the reward cannot be gifted in cash, and the stakes-placed in the demo modes do not count as real money.

Loyalty points

Loyalty points are not featured in every web gambling establishment, but they come in handy in those that do. These points are awarded in different ways, the most common being depending on how much is spent. In most cases, players receive a point for every ten dollars, pounds, or euros spent. The points can be exchanged for cash, game bonuses, or other items offered at the casino store.

Some online casinos where gamers can play online roulette for real money use these points to classify gamblers in tier systems. The higher one is in this pyramid; the better casino treatment one receives such as personal managers, faster withdrawals, and bigger bonuses among others.

Roulette Types of Bets

Roulette real money variations come with simple gameplay that can be grasped by nearly all gamblers. Even with such simple gameplay, the set accommodates a diverse variety of bets. That way, players have an array of choices to select one that matches their budget and gambling needs. Stake selection depends on the preference of the player; some make their decision based on their lucky numbers while others depend on the routes guided by gambling strategies.

The types of bets are numerous and vary greatly on how to make money on roulette. Even so, some cut across most of them to make a feature, and they include:

Straight up

This is the highest paying stake in all versions of the game. Gamblers playing straight-up place chips of their desired value on the number they think the ball will land on. Most web gambling destinations apply a Drag and Drop method, where the gamblers place chips on the roulette table. If the ball falls in the staked number, the player receives thirty-five times their placed bet.


The Split roulette stake is an inside bet, which means that it comes with high odds of winning. This wager is placed on two numbers that border each other on the table such as thirty-four and thirty-five or thirty-three and thirty-six. A win is granted if the ball lands on any of the two numbers to give the player a payout of seventeen times their wager.


Also a member of the inside stakes, the street bet is one that is placed on three numbers that appear horizontally on the roulette table. A fine example is a bet placed in the numbers thirty-four, thirty-five, and thirty-six. The odds of winning if the ball lands on one of these digits are one to eleven.


As the name suggests, this stake is placed anywhere on the roulette table where four numbers meet to form a square, and the odds of winning are one to eight.

Six lines

This bet is similar to the street stakes, but this time the player gambles on two lines. The winning odds are one to five.

Black or red

This is a member of the outside bets family and is placed on the colour one thinks the ball will land on between black and red.

Odd or even

This bet is placed based on parity and pays out one to two.

The odds of winning for the two popular roulette versions are assessed below:

Bet European Roulette Odds in % American Roulette Odds in %
Straight 2.70 2.60
Split 5.4 5.3
Street 8.1 7.9
Corner 10.8 10.5
Six Lines 16.0 15.8
Black or Red 48.60 47.4
Odd or Even 48.60 47.4

How to Win When You Play Online Roulette for Cash

When playing online roulette for cash, some rules apply to how the procedure is conducted. The gameplay process has been maintained the same as that of brick and mortar variations of the game with all that is needed being the placement of chips on the desired number on the table. One should take the time to understand the types of bets that can be placed in the game before proceeding with gameplay.

One of the main influences on the kind of stake placed is the strategy the gambler applies. Over time, some methods have been proven to increase the chances of one winning and reducing the losses they make. These strategies are not always a success story, but they are worth giving a shot. Among the main ones is the Martingale Strategy that is used when placing parity of colour bets. Using this method, gamblers are advised to double their stake amount with every loss that they incur. Hence, when a win comes by, one recovers all the money lost and gains some profit. However, this method of play demands a big gaming budget and a reputable gaming site with real money casino games.

On how to make money on roulette online, some general practices can be applied for all versions of the game as well as stakes, and some of them include:

  • Have a budget

This practice applies in not only roulette but all other real money casino games. Online real money casino games are conducted at a fast pace that can deplete a gambler’s bankroll in no time. Therefore, one should have a set amount that they want to spend, and it should be an amount they are willing to let go off if they wind up losers. This money should then be split into small bets that prolong gameplay.

  • Place outside bets

Outside bets may have lower payout odds than inside stakes, but the chances of landing them are much higher. These stakes include those placed on parity, colour, or a big group of numbers.

  • Practice on free games

Free games give one the chance to explore the various features of roulette while implementing some strategies to see how well they work in improving the odds of winning. Afterwards, proceed to make money on roulette in the cash versions.

  • Play European Roulette

European Roulette comes with higher winning odds than the American version, which is why it has remained predominant in the gaming industry. The inclusion of the double zero pockets in American roulette makes the odds worse for players.

Once these practices have been implemented playing roulette for money and wins have been accrued, one should save winnings; this gives them a better chance of walking away with the upper hand over the casino.

Online Roulette F.A.Q.

Has anyone won money in online roulette?

Yes. Millions of online players have collected real money wins from playing roulette, some of them being jackpot wins in the millions.

If I play the demo version, can I win real money?

No. Only fun credits can be won in free roulette since no cash stakes are placed.

How can I withdraw winnings?

Winnings are cashed out using various online money transfer channels. The safety, availability, and security of cashier options offered by casinos are among the main elements we use to vet the prestige of these gaming sites.

What does the win amount depend on?

The payouts accrued in real money roulette depend on the amount and type of bet placed by the gambler. The higher the bet amount, the bigger the win.

Can I win really big cash?

Yes, you can. Some progressive roulette types offer wins in the millions.

What is the probability of winning?

The odds of winning are unknown since roulette results depend on luck.