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Since the rise of internet-based gambling, players have always yearned for the lifelike betting experience without having to plan trips and travel to brick and mortar gaming dens hundreds of miles away. Thankfully, online gaming operators and software developers came up with a remarkable solution that made everybody happy; the online live casino platforms. Now, anyone who ever feels like enjoying the thrill of a real gambling experience can have at it from any location, at any time. And thus, is no longer a question of where you can gamble because the answer lies right in front of your computer.
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What Is an Online Live Casino?

A typical live betting platform is basically a blend of the best features of internet gambling and some aspects of the land-based gaming centers. While playing in real-time, the experience is quite realistic since you will see a real dealer spinning the wheels, dealing your cards, tossing the dice or any other thing that dealers always do in any brick and mortar site. Real-time gaming sessions are practically identical to the sessions in conventional gaming dens mainly because all the action of virtual blackjack tables, roulette tables or even Sic Bo tables are unravelling before you.

The only thing that separates it from a physical gambling house is that online they rely on the help of high-speed streams of the action in HD video feeds. That’s what allows the flexibility of players having fun from wherever they are. You could enjoy them from the comfort of your home, during lunch breaks in your work-week or even on your subway rides to and from work.

In case you are wondering what types of games you can try out, well, if you enjoy table games, they are the most popular options offered in the best live casino sites for punters in the UK and across the globe. When you visit any online live casino, you won’t fail to find the real-time action-packed versions of the classic options such as roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat, plus several variants depending on the live casino sites you choose.

What Is the Legality of Live Gaming in the UK?

With cyberspace gaming, legality is usually the first focus especially when any new form of online gambling comes to mind. That’s because it is easy to start off on the wrong track and lose your money to fraudulent online live casinos in the UK. Thankfully, you’ll be happy to know that this type of gaming is legal in most parts of the world and live Casinos in the UK were also given the green light when the new gambling act was introduced in the UK. According to the laws currently governing remote gambling, online operators can go ahead and offer Live casino games as long as they hold a valid gambling license from a registered online gambling jurisdiction like Malta, Curacao or UK Gambling Commission.

The reason why it is important to play in a licensed site is that the online gambling jurisdictions that they are registered in are constantly auditing these casinos to ensure that players can fairly play online games. And on the same note, they always check the safety of the platforms to make sure that gamblers are 100% safe whenever they decide to spend their real money online. The bottom line is, any licensed UK online live casino that you will choose is perfectly safe, and anybody with malicious intents cannot tap into user information as or financial records.

What Are the Standards Required by the Law?

The gambling laws in place not only govern the gambling operators only but also all the games themselves, starting from sports betting to arcade options like slots and video poker. The gambling laws also govern table and card games together with their real-time versions as well as the likes of bingo, scratch cards, instant wins and lotteries. Furthermore, the software providers who develop these games are also governed by the same online gaming regulations.

As a result, operators and providers must hold a license which is only issued after they abide by certain strict standards. First, in any typical platform operating in the UK market must have a regularly audited RNG software where necessary to ensure fairness and pure randomness during player payouts.

Other than that, just like we have already discussed, the whole casino premises must guarantee safety player’s safety. Operators and providers must use advanced encryption technologies that will safeguard the gamers’ information and financial transactions at all costs. Currently, the standard security technology required is 128-bit SSL encryption, which is also used by top banking institutions across the world.

And before we forget, as standard practice all gambling platforms are also expected of having a high level of social responsibility whereby they restrict access to players who are still minors. So, players who are still below the age of 18 cannot be allowed to participate in any of these games. Self-restriction features must also be included where payers can set maximum expenditure limits in their accounts at live casino sites to prevent impulsive gaming.

How do Live Online Casino Games Work?

Live casino games are quite different when compared to any other typical online game. You interact directly with real dealers who spin the roulette wheels, deal cards or any other thing that the dealers do. This is different from the conventional internet gaming sessions where a machine or software does everything.

Moreover, once you start gaming on this platform, you have to sit through to the end of the game because it’s going on in real time. You can’t pause like you can on the regular games, if you have to leave the session, it means forfeiting your seat at the table. It’s no wonder why operators recommend a high-speed internet to process the streaming video feeds smoothly without any timing out. Finally, because everything happens in real time once again, there are no free live casino sessions. You either play for real money or switch to the other conventional mode of gaming where demo gaming is allowed.

How to Start Participating in Live Casino Games

Since these games are pretty much in every other gaming site these days, getting the best live casino that suits your specific gaming needs should not be a problem. For starters, to play at any live dealer platform, you must be a registered player, and thus the first step is creating an account and perhaps loading some gaming cash. After you are done with signing up, you should then select your favourite game from the variety of games available.

From there, you can then proceed to choose your dealer because some of the best live casinos for United Kingdom players have multiple croupiers so that gamers can pick one. Depending on the game you want to play and the house itself, you could also go head to head with the dealer or, just choose to play against another player at the tables with multiplayer support. The table is on your end is usually animated while the video feed is of actual tables viewable in real-time. When the game starts, place your bets and make your money moves to win!

Benefits of Participating Live Casino Games

By now, you already know that playing in real time comes with several awesome features that take the excitement factor up a notch.  In case you didn’t know, the following are some of the amazing benefits that players will enjoy as they play in online live casino UK sites.

  • It brings you a realistic touch

This is probably the best part about playing them. The gaming environment feels more realistic than any other form of online gambling particularly since the video streams are shot from actual studios with real, professional croupiers. Once you launch the game, you will be able to see the croupier dealing your cards or spinning the wheels for you from the streamed video feed in real-time and at the comfort of your home. It doesn’t get any more realistic than that in online gaming!

  • The ability to chat directly with a real croupier

It is possible to communicate with the croupier the same way you would in a real scenario. This adds to the realistic excitement and even breaks the negative tension that normally builds up in any casino atmosphere.

  • You can play from anywhere

Being that the games are incorporated with high-tech features like a real-time video feed, it means that you don’t have to travel to far places to play your favourite games. As long as you have your computer and internet connection, you can summon a croupier from anywhere and enjoy yourself in a matter of seconds, no stress!

All types of games in live casino

In all the best live casino sites available in the UK, you will have the opportunity to play many casino games in the comfort of your home whenever you want to. While the games you can take on will vary from one site to another, here’s a breakdown of the greatest titles that you are sure to find in the majority of gaming sites:

Live Casino – Blackjack

As far as gambling goes, blackjack is a game that has been available for a very long time and enjoyed by multitudes of players.  Normally, there are some striking differences in a typical online blackjack with the most current online live casino blackjack. A while back before they introduced live blackjack there was only one seater blackjack which from how It sounds, you only play by yourself against the dealer.  What’s more, as you played the one-seater blackjack version, as long as you have started a hand you will have to play with it till the games end. You cannot terminate your hand early as the game is underway because you have to complete the hand to get the payout.

Nowadays, things are much better because of the major innovations in the cyberspace gaming business. The best gaming zones of today give the player an option of ending their hand early which automatically leads to early payouts. In case you would like to try out the game but aren’t confident in your skills, don’t worry. You can read through our live casino reviews and guidelines where describe the basics of playing blackjack, and after ample practice on demo versions, you will be ready for the real deal!

Live Casino – Roulette

Unlike most table gaming options, roulette is based on pure chance. As a result, it’s among the most prevalent hits since players don’t really require specialised skills to win. In the course of your live casino roulette sessions, you will come across a couple of different betting options namely; French bets like Jue Zero, Tiers, Orphelins and Voisins which can be placed on the racetrack roulette layout. Another option that you might come across is La Partage which may be available on some of the tables.

In live casino roulette games, you will also come across is the different table layouts such as the European, French, American and the Racetrack layout which we had already mentioned. If you truly want to walk away a winner, it is important to understand all the different types of roulette available, how the rules change and how the differences will affect your winning chances.

From the video feeds, the views of the table will be accessible from different camera angles of the wheel to give you a full perspective of the gaming environment. One of the views is the front view, where you will see the croupier directly. There’s the overhead view which will allow you to view the ball as it spins in the wheel and finally, you will have the combined view of the dealer and the wheel from a separate window. The house could also give you a wide range of table choices to use as you play. Some of the most common table choices you will encounter are; General Play, Themed, VIP and Auto Roulette tables.

Live Online Casino – Texas Holdem

For all poker variants that you’ll find in UK’s betting platforms, Texas Hold’em is among the most prevalent. Here, the pit boss deals you and your fellow participants 2 cards each in the round. What’s more, in Live Texas Hold’em, there are 5 more community cards available for the competing participants.

Many UK players find Live Casino Hold’em particularly similar to casino Live poker Texas Hold’em, but two main differences should be kept in mind. In Live Casino Hold’em, the game can only be played versus the croupier, and the cards that were dealt with you by the dealer can be shared across all other participants in the round.

Live Casino – Caribbean Poker

This version of poker wasn’t available in any online live casino until recently. To play this games, five cards are dealt to the players and the dealer as well. As a player, you will be shown one of the dealer’s cards, and you are supposed to beat the dealer and other players with the value of your remaining cards. So, the player with the highest rank of the poker hand wins. To greatly improve your winning potential, you need to read more tips and guidelines from live casino reviews available online to sharpen your skills and familiarise on the most effective winning strategies

Live Online Casino – Baccarat

Live baccarat casinos offer players a great connection with the style of gaming that can only be found in Macau. In baccarat, you are dealt either two or three cards and to win, you must get a hand value with these cards that are almost equal to 9. Furthermore, one of the best things about this card game is that it comes with a remarkably low house advantage which is among the many reasons why it is highly preferred.

Live Casino – 3 Card Poker & 3 Card Brag 

Well, if you love poker, we think that you will be amazed by what online operators in the UK have added to their collection. Both are new live casino games that every poker pundit should be trying out. Here’s a quick look at them.

  • 3 Card Poker

Since they are pretty new in the online betting industry, you will not find this game in many of the available online live casinos.  Live 3 Card Poker is a simple card game where both the player and the dealer are offered 3 cards. The to win, the hand that has the highest rank wins. Over the years many people have been turning away from poker games because of the complexity they come with, and thus, it will be the real deal once people realise how simple it is.

  • 3 Card Brag

Casino 3 Card Brag is just similar to the former in terms of the game-play. The main variation, however, is that the highest ranked hand is not the Royal Flush like in most cases but “The three of a kind”.

Don’t these two poker variants sound simple enough? Give them a try, and either of them could be your new favourite!

Live Casino – Sic Bo

Sic Bo, also known as Tai Sai, an Asian Dice game of chance that also brings a Macau style of gaming to the rest of the globe. In live casino reviews out there, it is also referred to as Hi-Lo or Big or Small. The game originated in China, but somehow, it made its way to UK’s gambling expanse. Even though this game is known as one of the ancient gambling hits that are hard to master, playing Live Sic Bo should not be a problem if you have mastered the art of playing roulette and blackjack. What you do is roll three dice, and then you try and guess the outcome. Now, if what you predicted is correct, you have a win!

It could be rather difficult to predict the outcomes of the game, but operators came up with certain ways in which players can increase their winning chances. So, just like in roulette, you don’t have to tell the exact number the dice is going to land on, but rather groups of numbers and that way, it’s easier to win something in every round of play. If you want to have a true taste of medieval gambling, then this should be your game of choice! Protection Status