Best UK Online Casinos

Nowadays, you do not have to go to Hippodrome Casino in London to have a good time and earn money – you can do all of these in the comfort of your home. UK Online casinos offer entertainment and profit to all players, independent of time and place. Since the digital revolution of the ’90s, the number of online gambling houses has increased enormously. There are thousands of sites on the internet where you can play games with real money. In the same way, there are hundreds of thousands of games that appeal to every taste. These games allow you to try your chances and earn money whenever you wish, even on small breaks. But, choosing a “good” casino among thousands of options is not an easy job. Which places are reliable and offer more advantages? Which casino can you deposit your money too with peace of mind?

You have two options to find answers to these questions: you can research for months and find the best casinos yourself by taking unnecessary risks. Or, you can visit our site! Do not waste your time – we review all places and share the reviewed casinos with you so you can focus on entertainment. These are not simple reviews: our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in the industry. They know what to look for, and they become a member of the casino, to test all the features in detail. This is what we offer to you: reliable, objective and detailed reviews. If you want to learn about the best UK casinos, you are in the right place. So, what are we paying attention to during our reviews and how do we score casinos?

UK online casinos

What do we include in the reviews of the Best UK Online Casinos?

We use a detailed yet simple scoring system: each UK casino must pass a certain level of rating to be recommended by us. These are what we look for:

  1.  Our list casinos regulated by Gambling Commission(UKGC). Even if you are not aware, each casino has to be certified by an organization to be able to operate. Many institutions provide this license, but the number of trustworthy ones is extremely small: MGA, UKGC, DGA. Do you prefer a license from an African country where a different group organizes a coup every day, or a certificate from a reliable European Union country? We pay attention to which country gave the electronic gambling license to the casino. The licenses of the UK Gambling Commission, Malta, and Gibraltar are valuable to us.
    As for security, we look for a lot of things. The encryption level of your connections, electronic payment infrastructure, and the audit companies are among the most important issues. The casino must secure your connections with 256-bit SSL security, and get audited by reputable companies such as eCogra constantly. Only this way it is possible to achieve a safe, secure, and fair environment to play.
  2. The Quality of Games. We do not just look at the quality: the diversity of the games, the ease of play, the developer companies, and the delivery platform used are important to us too. A casino may offer hundreds of games, but if they fail to meet certain expectations, that number is meaningless. In this context, we are even examining the technology behind them: games developed with HTML5, for example, get a higher score because they offer a higher level of mobile support.
  3. Best Bonuses. Bonus offers are available at every UK casino. Well, are these promises made for advertising and publicity true? Are they easy to use and offer a real advantage? The answers to all these questions directly affect the benefits you will get. By making the right choices, you can make hundreds of pounds in your account for free just for becoming a member.
    But that’s not all: you can get more benefits by combining bonus offers. Casinos make these offers separately, but we tell you which ones you can combine and get an advantage of thousands of pounds in return. Would you like some of the money you lost return to your account? Do you like getting free money in your account just for playing games? By following our casino reviews, you can get information about all of these.
  4. Customer Support. Even the best casino in the world is not worth playing if it can’t provide a quality customer service experience. How do you reach customer service? Are they concerned about your issues? How quickly are the problems resolved? We examine the answers to these questions in detail and give each one a different score. We believe that the quality of customer support is what makes a casino trustworthy.

Why we did take these 8 casinos?

We checked these 8 casinos for British Players. Made a comparison table, identified the main criteria for each of the 8 casinos.

Casino Games Licence Our Rating
casumo casino 900+ MGA and UKGC 9/10
dunder casino 1400 MGA and UKGC 9/10
rizk casino 400+ MGA and UKGC 9/10
genesis casino 1300+ MGA and UKGC 9/10
Slots Million casino 3000+ MGA and Curacao 7/10
LeoVegasCasino 1500+ MGA, UKGC and DGA 9/10
Guts Casino 1200+ MGA and UKGC 9/10 400+ MGA and UKGC 9/10

The Importance of Online Slots Reviews

Let’s admit the truth: slot machines are the most played games in a casino. For this reason, we pay special attention to the review of slots. We are aware that every kind of player will try slot machines sooner or later, and we try to show you the best ones. We examine slot machines in detail and offer a chance to try out free versions of all these games. You can practice as much as you like, and you can see in advance whether a game is right for you. Likewise, we show a special interest in progressive jackpot games and specify the amount you can win. Thus, it is possible to know in advance what slot games are worth playing.

Benefits of Online Gambling

  • You Set the Time. Online gambling offers you convenience, before anything else. Do you want to play a short poker game before going to bed? Or do you want to try your chances at a slot machine, while you are at work, taking a break? With mobile gaming, you can do all of these at any time and place you like. There is no need to go to a land-based casino, the world is your playground!
  • Hundreds of Games, Together. In a land-based casino, you can play up to a few games in an hour. These are huge places, and even walking from one end to the other takes minutes. There is no such problem in online casinos: with one click, hundreds of games are at your fingertips! You can play more in less time. This way, it is possible for you to have more fun and get a higher chance of winning. All casino games including exotic ones can be found at online casinos.
  • Compatible with Your Budget. Online casinos can fit your budget. If you just want to play with 1 penny, you can. Do you want a high-stakes poker game that you have to deposit £ 1,000 at each round? This is possible too. You can bet whatever you want and you can change the betting levels at any time. It is possible to play even with a very small budget and achieve high profits.
  • You Can Control Yourself. At the land-based casinos, nobody tells you that spend a lot of money and need to take a break. In online casinos, this is possible: you can decide how much money you can spend, which games you can play, and even what days you can use the website. This way you can control yourself and prevent your gameplay from becoming an addiction.
  • Less Distraction. Loud voices, shining lights, the hum of the crowd… In online casinos, none of these things can distract you. You can only focus on the game you are playing. This will even increase your chances of winning – especially in card games.
  • More Choices. You are not limited to the country you live in: it is possible to use online casinos from any country. You live in Italy, but do you want to play in a casino in the UK? You do not have to go there, you can do it from where you are! Many options mean many advantages: you can benefit from them all.

Only the Best UK Online Casinos Review

We are not only employees but also players. For this reason, we need to play games in a safe and fair place too, just like you. But unlike you, we have dozens of years of experience in this industry. Our team includes game developers as well as those who have worked at the casinos before. For this reason, we know what matters to ensure a pleasant gaming experience. In our reviews, we aim to make sure you can have the same experience too. Unlike the competition, our reviews are unbiased and objective: if we don’t like what we see, we share it with you. We also believe that practice is what makes a player perfect, so we offer hundreds of casino games to you for free. Learn the game, play as long as you want and move on to the real-money gambling when you feel you are ready. But don’t forget to come back here: we update our reviews constantly.

What kind of UK casinos can you find on our website?

Here you can try your luck at games like:

This kind of Casino is a new option, but it has already gained popularity among gamers around the world. The main feature is that the player can see in real-time how the dealer works, how the roulette wheel is spinning, etc. This means you can play Craps, Roulette, Poker or Blackjack and watch every move your dealer makes.

You can always download and install a mobile application on your device. It will allow you to play on your smartphone or iPad. So, it allows you to play and win a prize from any place in the world. Everything you need is on your device!

This type is for sure the most popular game. Online slots do not differ from the slot machines in traditional casinos. Many gamblers even play slots just for visual enjoyment. The number of these games are quite vast and we have the most interesting ones on our website: classic slot, video, mega spin, fruit machines, and of course Vegas slots.

In addition to your winnings, you can get a pleasant bonus! Most casinos have bonuses to inspire players to be more confident and try themselves in casino games. You can get a Welcome bonus (for signing up), No deposit bonus (when you don’t need to deposit money), and Deposit bonus.

Since we have a chance to offer you so many kinds of gaming houses on our website, you might have some questions about these games or their basic rules. Everything you need to know is in our guide.