Free online roulette

Since the onset of the online gaming industry, the availability of free to play casino games has been as easy as finding those that require real money stakes. Most online gaming software providers develop nearly all their online casino games in both free and cash options to service a wide range of players. Roulette is one of the many casino sets that are provided in both of these options.

When it comes to gambling, some gamblers want the thrill of dancing with lady luck but without the risk of putting their money on the line; this is where free games come in. Free online roulette comes with in-built fun credits that are used to place bets in place of cash. The same way no money risk is made during the spins, the same is not generated, and payouts only add up in the credit account to continue placing bets. Once these credits run out, one has to purchase more or indulge in cash gambling.

In most gaming sites, gamblers can also play roulette for free as they look through to find the best options. Free sets allow players to explore their options fully without the limitation of a gambling budget. Additionally, one doesn’t have to worry about the number of bets they place since losses do not burn holes in their wallets.

Our site comes with some great opportunities for gamblers to explore roulette free play by:

  • Listing some of the top roulette free variations for bettors to choose from
  • Providing some of the top gambling destinations that can be visited for practice roulette play without real money or account registration demand
  • Including prestigious gaming sites in the same list to suit punters who would like a shot at the cash versions once they learn a thing or two in the free version.

The gambling establishments that come recommended by our website for free online roulette carry some of the most lucrative incentives for players. These rewards start from as soon as one joins to become a new member and pan out to daily, weekly, and monthly offers as a return customer.

Play Free Online Roulette

Roulette is a massive hit on the online casino platform as it is in brick and mortar destinations. Therefore, it is not a surprise that hundreds of online gambling software developers have focused on its provision to meet an ever-growing demand.

With the high provision rate of this casino set, numerous variations have cropped up over time, and most can be found on our site. These gaming options are provided free of charge, so no real money transfer is required. Free credits come preinstalled in the games that players can use in the placement of bets. Once players launch our site, no account creation is needed to play roulette online for free as is the case with some online entities. Aside from providing no registration roulette for free play, the software comes in an instant play form.

Free roulette no download is easy to launch on popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. These sets can be accessed in both mobile and desktop devices, with the former being the most preferred by most gamers. Once the site has been launched, all players have to do to play roulette online for free is to select the preferred variation and click the Play Now option to launch the set.

When playing roulette online in no download mode, players may be required to run a flash player to keep any glitches at bay. This software can easily be installed into the web browser being used. The latest updates of top internet browsers, such as those above, come with the flash player preinstalled and ready to run when needed.

In our roulette free play collection, we feature a huge selection of options to ensure players can find something to suit their gaming style. Most of these variations adhere to the rules of the original set. Nonetheless, all of these options carry the same concept of being heavily dependent on luck, and no changes apply in the free variations of the games. Even so, like with most other sets that fall in the table games category, some skills can be inputted to influence the odds in one’s favour. Some of the gaming options that players can find in our portfolio include:

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • Multiwheel Roulette, etc.

European type is the go-to for most players on our site and most others in the UK and across the globe. This option carries the best gaming odds for players and comes with easy to understand playing rules. When playing roulette for free, gamers can take their time to explore the different stake options that are provided in each variation. That way, they can establish the best version that works with their method of play.

History of Roulette

The roulette game is among the longest-standing sets that managed to become only better with time rather than fade away from gambling establishments. This casino set can be traced back as early as the seventeenth century since when it became a staple in European location-based gaming entities, which is something that has rubbed off on prominent online gaming sites today. The origin of the set has been debated over the years, but its French roots cannot be opposed as one can see from the name.

The most accepted theory of the game’s invention is Blaise Pascal, and the event happened as a mathematical mistake. This game was then improved on and introduced to brick and mortar casinos, but it wasn’t until the eighteenth century that it was played outside European borders during the French Revolution, and numerous variations sprouted ever since.

Roulette was quick to develop a huge fan base on the online platform as it did in land-based gambling establishments. The set was first introduced on the wide web by Microgaming, which was the first online gaming software provider to run online gaming services. This gambling software provider has made the game type accessible in both free and real money versions. In no time, roulette casinos were turning up to meet market demands in various gambling regions across the globe. Today, nearly all top gambling entities have a collection of these games.

With the massive popularity that is ever-growing faced by this casino game, it is not a surprise that it has taken on dynamic shifts in the online gambling market over the years to remain a favourite among millions. Among the most consequential of these changes is the introduction of mobile casinos.

Less than a decade ago, smartphone and tablet devices hit the market and allowed players to access the internet while on the go easily. The convenience that came with these gadgets made them a prime platform to reach clients for numerous industries, one of the biggest being online casinos. On these devices, online roulette options can be accessed in both download and no download forms. The gambling experience remains the same despite the mode gamblers settle on. On top of that, real money options are offered alongside free variations for those who would like to have a go at cash payouts.

The roulette game has also earned a place in most live dealer casinos that replicate the gaming experience of a brick and mortar casinos and streams it live to players. This option does not require one to compromise the comfort of their location, so players can launch a game from wherever they are. New roulette options are also becoming popular inclusions in Virtual Reality gaming clubs, which have started being fancy for many gamblers and are termed as the future of the gambling industry.

Types of Roulette

Since roulette has been around for a long period, the gambling industry has had time to come up with new variations of the set to appease the needs of different gamblers. Nearly all of these games retain a similar basic gamble procedure as that of the original game. Even with the numerous types of roulette that have been provided, two types have managed to stand out as the most played and also influence most other versions. These online roulette free options are European and American Roulette.

European variation is the most popular of the two options and has been around for the longest time. This version of the casino game follows the original rules of the game and carries 37 numbered pockets on its wheel. The maintenance of these pockets is among the driving factors for the European Roulette free online option’s popularity.

American Roulette free online is the second most demanded roulette version globally. This variation is less popular than the European one due to the inclusion of a double zero pocket that makes the house edge higher, reducing the chances of one landing a win. This inclusion brings the number of pockets up from thirty-seven like those of European Roulette to thirty-eight. Below is a table with the elements that are featured in these two roulette games

European Roulette American Roulette
  • Have 37 pockets numbered one to thirty-six and a single zero
  • Has a house edge of 2.7%
  • Can include an En Prison rule
  • One can bet on up to four numbers at a go
  • Call bets are allowed
  • Have 38 pockets numbered one to thirty-six and single and double zero pockets
  • Has a house edge of 5.26%
  • Does not include the En Prison rule
  • One can bet on up to five numbers at a given time
  • Call bets are not allowed, but zero splits are.

Other variations of roulette free online that can carry rules from these two variations include Double Ball, Zero Risk, Multi-Wheel, Golden Ball, Progressive, Live, Star Roulette, etc.

Online Roulette Features

The roulette game free online version is made to carry the same features as those found in brick and mortar establishments. Even though these components are not physical, they are built to function similarly to their location-based counterparts. This virtual simulation is based on a thirty-two-inch wheel that is placed on a roulette table. Some of the parts that make it a functioning gaming machine include:

  • External wheel housing. This part of the wheel is the exterior of the roulette wheel also known as the bowl. In brick and mortar casinos, this part is commonly made out of wood which gives it a brown appearance in online casinos.
  • Wheelhead. The wheel head is the centrepiece of the online roulette free version and is the part of the mechanism that rotates. This part can also feature hints of wood inspired brown or can come in a different colour. In the middle of the wheel, headstands the spindle, whose inclusion online is to replicate a similar gameplay experience as that of land-based gaming. However, on an actual wheel, this item is the balancing piece of the wheel.
  • Frets. These little bumps are used to separate each pocket, and they serve their function in location-based casinos rather than online. In most cases, frets are made of a material that is not magnetic, but this is not an issue for online gaming sites.
  • Numbers. The number of pockets can be either thirty-seven or thirty-eight depending on the version being played. These pockets carry the numbers one to thirty-six with single and double zeros. These pockets also come in two different colours, red and black, which play key roles when it comes to the placement of stakes.
  • Roulette table. The wheel lies on a table that is arranged according to the rules of each variation. The table is where gamblers place their wagers depending on where they think the small ball will land. The bets can either be on a single number, colour, or parity. A group of split numbers can also be wagered on. When playing online roulette free option, gamblers have to drag their desired number of chips using a cursor or finger, depending on the device being used, and drop them on the desired number on the table.

roulette table

Chances in Online Roulette

Roulette, even on the online platform, would not have managed to maintain such a huge following over such a long period without the incorporation of an engaging gameplay procedure. Even though it falls in the table games category where skills and wits are known as the order for play procedure, this casino game employs an easy method of play; this makes it accommodating to a wide range of players.

Even with the simplicity of the gameplay, there are some skills that gamblers can apply to ensure that they maximize their chances of landing a payout. Some of these  winning tips include:

Play free online roulette

Free roulette game options, such as those provided on our website, allow the gamblers to understand the procedure of play before they can place real money on the line. Fun credits are given to use in the place of cash and wins are generated the same way in both versions.

Have a gaming budget

Roulette, especially the online free version, can have one blowing through money fast. Therefore, it is advisable to approach the set with a definite amount of money to use. The cash that one sets aside should be within what they can lose comfortably.

Save winnings

When wins come by during roulette play, players are recommended to save all or most of the profits. That way, once they dive back into a gaming session and lose the entire stake, they still walk away with an upper hand over the casino.

Here is a look at some of the do and don’ts players should pay attention to improve their roulette chances of winning:

Do’s Don’ts
  • Set a financial plan to improve chances of winning roulette
  • Spread out bets to maximize on winning probabilities
  • Place more outside bets than inner ones. Even though the wins are low, the odds are high
  • Start with the free demo mode before placing cash stakes
  • Do not place big bets since the bankroll will run out fast
  • Do not deep further into your pocket if the set gambling budget runs out
  • Do not play for real money in an unregulated gaming site.

Free Online Roulette FAQ

Can anyone play online roulette for free?

Yes. Since no real money stake is required for free online roulette, no restrictions are placed on who can access the option.

What to do to play online roulette?

All one has to do to engage roulette sets for free is to visit our website and head on to the free online roulette page. Choose one of the various versions provided and click the Play Now button.

Is the gameplay for free roulette the same as of the real money version?

Yes, the playing procedure remains the same. The only difference is that actual cash wins are generated in the real money version while the free version only gets fun credits.

What if I decide to play online roulette for real money?

Real money roulette is as easily accessible for people in gambling regions as the free version. One has just to:

  • Find a reliable online casino
  • Create an account and make a cash deposit
  • Select the desired type of the game and proceed with gameplay.