Highest Payout Casinos

Knowing the payout rate is important because it tells you how much the casino is paying back to its patrons. A payout percentage is a mathematical expression that will tell a player off the bat how much of all the bets wagered are given back to the customer.

This should not be mistaken for the odds of winning. If you flip a coin, your likelihood of guessing the right side to land is 50%. This is your odds of winning but this is not the payout percentage.

Because of the complexity of table and slot games, there is some serious statistical effort put to calculate the payout percentage and the odds. Just imagine, some blackjack games use eight decks of cards. What is the likelihood of you getting better cards than the dealer and how much will the casino return?

Here, we will take a look at some games with the highest payout in the online casino scene industry.

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Play Online Casinos with the Highest Payouts

The payout rate represents how much of the money wagered on a game will be given back to the players. However, one must approach this number with caution. The percentages you see in casinos are legitimate numbers but they are calculated as long-term averages and from a holistic view, not per player.

One must also not forget that be it table games or video games, all gambling activities have the element of luck. And there is also the element of skill. One should not take it as a basic expectation to win 96% of the time just because that is the published return-to-player rate of a game.

Here are some highest payout casino games that you may want to take a look at.

  • Blackjack – the usual house edge for blackjack is 1%. Some casinos even play at a measly 0.14% house edge. Add to this the fact that it is not a 100% game of chance. You can win by sticking to a strategy once you understand the rules of the game. Keep in mind that it has many variations.
  • Craps – this has a house edge of 0.60%. On average, many casinos design this game to give them a house edge of 1.2%. But it is not unusual to find a 0.60% in casinos with the highest payout.
  • Roulette – this game, though it may look daunting, actually has a 2.7% house edge. This is a simple game to master because you only have to place your wager on a number that you feel the ball will land in.

If you are looking for games with the highest possible payout amount but not the RTP percentage, you have to play slots. There are slot machines with progressive jackpots that will pay you back in millions for a dollar staked. These are considered the highest payout casino game among all games in terms of dollar value.

Highest Payout Casinos F.A.Q.

Q: What is a payout percentage?
A: It is a mathematical expression to indicate how much money a casino will return to players over time. Below is a simplistic explanation:
Imagine a coin that has two sides.
You can only bet £100 on each side. Nothing more, nothing less.
For every £100 bet, you will receive £190 back if you guessed the right side after the flip.
So you bet £100 on heads and another player bets £100 on tails.
Head is up. You win £190.
Before the game started, the casino took £200 from you and the other player. But now, the casino will just return £190. So where did the £10 go?
In this example, the percentage is 95% because £190 is 95% of £200. The remaining 5% is for the casino to keep the house.

Q: What happens when I win?
A: If you win, you will get your prize as indicated in the game rules.

Q: Will my banking method impact payout time?
A: You banking method will not impact this. Online gambling facilities, including highest payout casinos, will credit your winnings to your casino balance right away. What takes time is to withdraw your money from the casino to your bank account. This is not a payout. It is technically a withdrawal.

Q: Do payout speeds vary from casino to casino?
A: Usually, these are all instant with the exception to huge amounts. Many casinos need time to validate your winnings if you won a jackpot in slots. But for table games, the speed is immediately credited to your casino balance, which you can use to bet further or withdraw to your bank account.

Q: What is the highest payout casino game?
A: The highest payout in the online casino games is roulette at an average of 97%. This means that 97% of the time, the casino will give back the wagers and only keep 3%. You need to understand that this 97% is not about your bet but it is a distributed amount to all players for long-term plays. You will not get 97% of your bet back all the time.