Headquartered in Germany, Merkur casino is a brand under the umbrella of the Gauselmann Group. The whole group has offices in over 40 countries in the world with more than 12,000 employees. With over 2 billion EUR in revenues in 2017, the brand is poised to continue to be a dominant force not just in online gambling but in land-based casinos, too. The company was founded in 1957 by one man and has been in operations for more than 60 years.



The game developer does not only create games. It also offers cabinets for land-based operators and link solutions where the machines will be connected to each other and share the same progressive jackpot. It also has services for peripherals like bill acceptors and kernel. 

Despite its tenure and size, it is not one of the leading software developers for online gambling. However, it is a premier choice for gambling operators who are putting up physical casinos, mostly in prominent cities and hotels around the world.

Merkur Online Casinos

Most of the game developers are found in land-based casinos. But even so, you will still find a healthy selection for online gaming. Examples of online gambling facilities that hosts its games are:

  • Slots Million
  • 21 Prive Casino
  • Hello Casino
  • Lady Lucks
  • Mr Green

Merkur casino has no serious involvement with other casino favourites, i.e. table or live dealer games. Here and there, you might chance upon a non-slot machine from the developer but it is rare and you must consider it an oddity. The reason behind this is that the company is heavily rooted in jukeboxes and machines that need coins to operate.

Most online gambling facilities offer games from the Gauselmann only to pad their game libraries. However, you will not find an online casino that exclusively offers game from this developer. 

Advantages of Merkur Casinos

  • Tenure in the Industry – with 60 years behind it, Merkur casinos host slot machines that took them many years to perfect. And because the software developer did not shift its attention to anything else, it should not come as a surprise to you that it has one of the best platforms and gaming systems to run slot machines. The company prides itself for delivering more than just a game; it delivers the experience.
  • Company Size – with decades of existence, global market presence, and 2 billion EUR in sales, a player can rest assured that the games here are paid out and that the company is completely legitimate. Though it is not a publicly traded company, it has adequate resources to support its commitment to paying out huge bonuses and jackpots.

Play Online Merkur Slots

Merkur slots are usually found in the cabinets that it sold to land-based casinos. But it also has a list of popular slot machines that one can play online. Examples of these are:

  • 221B Baker Street – a slot machine that will tickle the fancy of Sherlock Holmes fans. This is where the detective lived in the Sherlock Holmes novels. This one has five reels with a 19th century London theme. It pays in 20 pay lines. This is one of the most sought-after games in the developer’s portfolio.
  • Amazonia – with only 15 pay lines, this slot feature wilds and scatters and is set on a mythical theme that revolves around tribal women. It has a gamble button that can let you double your winnings.
  • Asena – this game sits on a 5X3 grid with only five pay lines. It has several high-value symbols and it also features wilds and scatters.

Main Features

  • Merkur slots are a little odd because of their pay lines. In the examples given above, you will notice that one has 15 and the other only has five. While the industry is reeking with 30 or more pay lines as a standard, this company dares to defy this trend but compensates with lower volatility. It even has slot machines that offer 64, 174, or just 16 pay lines.
  • Innovation – the game developer has slot machines that operate on seven reels. The industry standard is only five reels. With this being said, we can say that this game developer is not afraid to try new things and offer players a fresh take on the fruit machine.

Advantages of Merkur Slots

  • Many Ways to Win – players can enjoy free spins when playing at Merkur slot machines. Apart from getting free spins, it is not unusual to find slot machines that have scatters, wilds, and multipliers.
  • Linking – linked games online or in land-based casinos allow operators to pool money from players faster. If you are playing on an independent machine, it will take days or months before the jackpot becomes irresistible. But with linked slot machines, many players from the same land-based casino are playing the same game. The machine will take a percentage of their bets and pool it for the jackpot prize.

If you want to test out the volatility of the game selections, you can do it here. We offer demo versions of Merkur Slots for free. Every day, you can play Merkur free slots. There is no need to register or provide any credit card information. All the games operate on the web browser so there also no need to download and install the games.

Merkur Mobile Slots

Merkur online casinos are accessible through web browsers. The games found in cabinets are not playable via mobile as most of these games are developed for land-based casinos only. The reason for this is to give land-based operators a business edge over online operators.

How to Play on Your Device

One way to enjoy Merkur games is through downloading an app called Merkur Magie. This an app for Android where you can play many slot machines. All of these are free to play and will not yield any tangible rewards.

The other method is to look for online casinos hosting Merkur mobile games. If the casino has an app, install it and play. If it doesn’t, you need to log in through a web browser. Keep in mind that even if many casino websites today are mobile friendly, you still need a capable phone that can run either Flash or HTML5 technology.


Here is a summary of our review.


  • Extensive experience in creating casino games.
  • Designs and gameplay are not conventional.
  • Lots of standard features like scatters and wilds.


  • Very few online casinos support the game developer.
  • Most selections are only found in land-based casinos.