Nektan casino formally launched under this brand in 2014, but it has already acquired a company a year prior to this launch. When it started in its business venture, it focused on mobile gaming. It is in the same year that it got its license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.



Fast forward to today, it has grown its business into four verticals:

  • B2B – this is a business segment where the company sells its platform called e-Lite. With this gaming platform, casino operators can run games from aggregators using their own trademarks and licenses.
  • White Label – this is a service that runs on the Evolve platform. The gambling operator can focus its efforts on customer acquisition while the game developer is running the backend operations of the games. What a player will see in the online casino are games that look like they are owned by the operator. What the player does not know is that all these are running in the back end of the game developer’s platform and engine.
  • RGS – this is a service for other tech companies where the game developer assists in providing integration, distribution, and testing of newly developed games.
  • In-Venue – these are products offered to land-based operators. Nektan casino offers physical devices that will let players access the company’s remote gambling servers.

The company also services the United States through its in-venue portfolio. Most of the White Label and RGS clients are European companies that are allowed to operate online casinos within Europe. In the US, the game developer brings physical gaming cabinets but these are linked to the company’s platforms.

Online Casinos

There are more than 50 global Nektan casinos where you will find a variety of games developed by the company. These are all running in the company’s platform albeit you will also find software from other game developers.

Examples of these casinos are:

  • Rich Ride
  • 333
  • Monster
  • Fika
  • Vegas Baby

Advantages of Nektan Casinos

Though the game developer is young, it has proven itself quite well as evidenced by the spurt of growth it has achieved over the last five years. Below are some good reasons why you should play in Nektan online casinos.

  • Global Footprint – Nektan games are found in more than 50 casinos and they are all running in the game developer’s platforms. This means that if a player has found a game he wants to play and yet the casino is not serving his jurisdiction, he can simply hunt for another gambling operator running on the same platform. The game developer has its own list of all these casinos so this should not be difficult.
  • Varied Bonuses – if you dislike the current bonus offered in a casino running on the platform, you can just choose one that suits your desires. Out of the 50 casinos running on its platform, you can choose from a variety of bonuses and promotions so you can get the best value out of your deposit.

Play Slots Online

There are more than 500 Nektan slots dispersed in various engines and physical wares. The developer manufactures all kinds of slot machines. Most of these are five-reel slots and they come with different features and bonuses. The themes mostly revolve around novelty subjects but you will also find classics that showcase fruits and bars.

Features of Nektan Slots

  • Intelligent Bonus System – Nektan slots are pretty much controlled by the casino operators instead of the game developer. As such, the gambling operator has the liberty to offer matchup bonuses or free spins to players who will register in their casinos.
  • Land-based to Online – there are several Nektan slot machines that you would have only seen in land-based casinos. But since the company collaborates with other game developers, it was able to bring land-based machines into the online community.

Advantages of Nektan Slots

  • Linked Systems – the slot machines may be interlinked if the gambling operator decides to do so. This means that while Casino A is running a slot machine called Carnival Cup, Casino B may be running the same. The progressive jackpot is interlinked and any player from both casinos can win this jackpot. And since these slots are interlinked, more players can contribute to the progressive jackpot amount.
  • Mobile Gaming – all Nektan mobile games are designed to run on HTML5 and it releases around 20 titles every month. And because of this design, players who are constantly connected to the internet can access their games everywhere. The best part is that there is no need to download any app to access the games.

If you want to try hundreds of Nektan Slots before playing with real money, you can do it on our website. There is no need to download any software. We also do not require you to register. Once done playing with Nektan free slots, you can finally make an informed choice and start playing in casinos online. Use this opportunity to practice, learn the rules, and create a strategy.

Nektan Mobile Slots

There are hundreds of slots to choose from and all of these are available on mobile. Since the inception of the game developer, the main thrust was to penetrate the mobile market so all games were designed to work on any modern smartphone or tablet.

How to Play Mobile Nektan Slots on Your Device

There are two main ways to access the games of the developer.

The first one is through a casino operator. If the gambling operator has an app, you can access it from there. Without an app, you need to log in to your casino account through a browser and navigate your way to the game you want to play.

The second method is through slot machine review websites. These review sites have access to the demo version of the slots. For as long as your mobile device has a browser that can run HTML5, you can play the games for free.


Here is the wrap up of our review for the game developer.


  • Huge casino partnership. This ensures that players around the world can find at least one operator for his country.
  • Interlinked games through its technology make it easier to produce large progressive jackpots.
  • Has in-venue business model where it places machines that allow players to access its online games. These machines are usually placed in areas where online gambling is illegal.


  • Slot themes are not branded. There are no machines related to pop culture.
  • Only focuses on slot machines. It currently does not offer a huge variety of games in other genres.