Novomatic is one of the biggest game developers in the world. It has its footprint in more than 200 online casinos and it operates in more than 50 locations around the world. Its headquarters is based in Austria but it has other offices that cater to specific markets.



Founded in 1980, the company currently employs more than 30,000 people. As of 2017, it has an overall turnover of 2.17 billion Euros from its casino operations. Its games are found in more than 75 countries and its games are being served in more than 270,000 terminals.

On top of electronic gaming, the company has also branched out into sports betting, lottery, and a variety of back-office services that can help improve a casino’s business.

Novomatic Online Casinos

Novomatic casinos are found in more than 50 countries. Its consolidated operations are found in more than 2,100 gaming sites. Not only does the game developer create online games, but it also specializes in land-based machines that you will find in many casinos worldwide. Its most recent development is the acquisition of Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd., Australia. 

Advantages of Novomatic Casinos

  • Cabinet games – these are physical terminals that land-based operators can use on their respective sites. Like other developers that cater to physical casinos, Novomatic games are made to fit specific requirements of every operator.

    As a gambling enthusiast, you will be amazed at the quality of the cabinets since they are 4K ready and were designed to display quality graphics. This applies to online games, too. These games can be linked to the developer’s platforms so while there are people playing a slot machine in physical locations, there are also those who can play the same game while at home.

  • Diversity – with its 30 plus years of experience, one will not find its portfolio short of expectations. There is a myriad of slot machines, card games, lottery, and live dealer games found in Novomatic online casinos.

A vast majority of the selections are also compatible with multiple devices and they are programmable by each operator. This means that for a player, the same game from the developer may not have the same payouts. It will all depend on what the operator has set. This makes the hunt exciting because a player now has the challenge for all operators offering the same game but with different payout mechanics. 

Play Online Novomatic Slots

There are over 300 Novomatic slots. This number is a combination of what is offered on both online and physical terminals.

Features of Novomatic Slots

  • High Payouts – Novomatic slots are popular because of the high pay tables. One should not be surprised that a single slot machine can pay as much 500,000 coins. And that machine is not even a progressive jackpot.
  • High Variance – winning in the slot machines are difficult as it is. But the company decided to increase the volatility of its slot machines. As such, the average RTP of the games offered is just 94% to 95%. The way the company compensated for this is by offering more bonuses, free spins, and jackpots.
  • Simplicity – you will never find complicated slot machines with this developer. Everything is made simple for the player and the machines have clear instructions for beginners. One will also notice that most slots have the same gameplay and are essentially clones of one another, albeit the themes are different.

Advantages of Novomatic Slots

Here are the good reasons for a player to choose this game developer.

  • Bigger Pay – a slot machine from this software developer can pay as much as $500,000 from a single spin. And at that rate, you do not have to shell out more than $100.
  • Large Gamble Prizes – most machines from the developer offer a gamble button. In here, you need to wager the amount of money that you won from the last spin. Your job is to guess the right card suit. If you guessed it right, you can win up to 4x your stake. This is an advantage because other game developers set the limit to 2x.
  • Progressive – there are several titles in which progressive jackpots are available. And since it is one of the biggest game providers out there, you can expect that the progressive jackpot amounts can easily hit unbelievable values.
  • Accessibility – with over 270,000 terminals and 200 partners, you can access your favourite slot machines practically anywhere. Should you decide that you dislike the rules of one casino, you can easily shift and register on another. You will not have trouble finding a casino that offers the slot machine that you left behind.

You can test Novomatic slot machines here for free. Our site has a long list of demo games from the developer. These titles function in the same way they do in real-life casinos. There is no need to download these games. You also do not need to install any software. We do not require registration and will certainly not ask for any deposit or credit card information.

Novomatic Mobile Slots

Being at the forefront of the gaming industry, you will find that there are hundreds of Novomatic mobile games compatible with your device. In fact, you are not limited to slot machines as you can also access table games and other offerings.

How to Play on Your Device

If you are keen on playing on the go, you need to download and install the apps of online casinos partnered with the game developer. Once you have done this, you can access the slot selections.

Another way to go around this is to find slot machine review websites that offer Novomatic free slots.  There is no need to register or install the game.

However, you need a modern smartphone and a browser that can run either Flash or HTML5. Note that not all selections from the developer are available on mobile. There are many titles that are exclusive to land-based casinos only.


Overall, Novomatic is a formidable company. Rarely you will see a game developer grow to such size. Below are some key points to consider about the good and bad things concerning the gaming giant.


  • High payouts and lots of opportunities to boost your winnings.
  • High liquidation as evidenced by its 2 billion euros earnings in 2017.
  • A wide variety of selections.
  • Presence in hundreds of online casinos. This gives a player strong leverage in deciding which gambling operator to choose in terms of bonuses and freebies.


  • Games have low RTP and this means that the slot machines are of medium to high volatility.
  • Some players might easily tire of the similar gameplay across the machines.