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Remember the Moneybookers brand? Founded in 2001, this company was sold for € 105 million in 2007 and was re-launched in 2011 with the name “Skrill”. The current owner of the brand is CVC Capital Partners. Skrill serves approximately 120,000 users and its average annual transaction volume of $ 330 million. Skrill (SKR for short) is an electronic payment solution that works over the internet, like PayPal. In other words, you add a financial source (bank account, credit card, etc.) to the system and then make and accept all your payments with a single username and password. Skrill is one of the top three biggest names in this industry. Under the company group, there are other brands that are familiar (Ukash and PaySafeCard). As with most other electronic wallet solutions, it’s possible to get a prepaid card too. You can use this card as a regular ATM card at physical stores or simply withdraw money. Although the SKR service can be used on a limited number of websites, prepaid cards can be used everywhere (as they use the MasterCard infrastructure). The only disadvantage of the SKR is that it supports only 4 currencies: PLN, EUR, USD, and GBP. Moreover, you cannot change the currency of your choice later. But apart from this disadvantage, Skrill stands out as a reliable and prestigious option among electronic wallet solutions.

Skrill Slots and other Casino games

Compared to PayPal, SKR is a better option for online gambling. New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement gives Skrill the green light as the sole payment method for online gambling. In other words, you are not allowed to use another service in an online casino that is located in the New Jersey jurisdiction. There are more options to play Skrill online slots and other casino games because of Skrill’s investments in the gambling sector. It is really simple to use Skrill as a payment service. At first, you have to choose SKR as your payment method from your account page. Then you have to decide how much you want to deposit to an online casino using the MoneyBookers service. Since you give the final authorization via Skrill, it is possible to control every phase of the process. You do not have to share your credit card or any other financial information with an online casino that makes Skrill a very reliable method of payment. Despite Skrill doesn't represent bank system it also has some commission fees. You can see them in the table below:
Processing Time: Instant
Min Deposit: €10
Max Deposit: €5 000
Deposit Fee: %1.9 (max 66 USD)
Withdrawal Fee: Free

At the bottom of almost every casino home page, you can see the “Skrill” logo. This logo means that you can use SKR on that website. After that, all you have to do is choose Skrill from the options offered to you when you will make a payment. Once you have deposited money to your account, you can start enjoying hundreds of different casino games

Unlike other electronic wallet methods, Skrill announces the list of casinos it works with on its website. It is not “shy” in this regard, and is aware that the service it offers is used for online gambling. For this reason, it doesn’t pretend like online gamblers do not exist, but rather try to win them. For the same reason, casinos are encouraged to promote the brand.

To see the list of casinos accepting this payment method, you can also visit our reviews page. In all our reviews, we pay particular attention to the payment methods, and they are shown along with commission fees. Especially if you live in a country where PayPal does not serve, we recommend you use Skrill.

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You don’t need to know something special to make a deposit to online casino with Skrill. That makes this payment system friendly to new players. At first, you need to create an account using your email address in the Skrill system. After simply upload your money from your credit card or from other payment systems they will appear on your Skrill account.

Get to the page with the list of casinos that accepting Skrill and choose it as your payment option for depositing money. Enter account details as required and fill in the amount of money you wish to deposit. Wait for a few seconds and check funds on your personal casino Skrill account.

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