FREE Dc Comics Slots Online | Review, Demo, List

With betting and gambling on the rise, many casinos now design their slots by theme to appeal to a particular fantasy of its players. In this century of secured transactions, many players can play slots for real money wherein they would have to deposit actual money into the accounts as well. Most of these games are free to play online. In the UK, many online casinos offer a variety of games to the players that they can engage themselves in. Most of these online slots have no download option but with many exciting bonuses to look forward to. This sort of gaming activities has become popular recently where every player aims to crack the jackpot or at least make a huge winning. Quite a few of these games do offer lucrative payouts to their players making them really addictive and fun to play with. Some popular slots by theme would be Adventure Slots, Fantasy Slots and Jungle Slots. Viking Mania and The Wizard of Oz are a few popular games in this sector. The best is yet to come though. Reading comics is part and parcel of growing up. The visual graphics stimulate our minds from an early age bringing up stories in our imagination. Without a doubt DC Comics have been the leader of the race, pioneering the pavement for new heroes and scary villains. The characters are often well designed with attractive super hero abilities to look forward to. DC Comics began their career under the name Detective Comics, wherein Batman rose to unimaginable heights of popularity capturing the hearts of adolescent and pre-pubescent kids all around the globe. In our adulthood, we are given an opportunity to live out our fantasies all over again. Themed slots adhere to one particular genre by design, story and characters. They entertain players all around the world making them an interesting pastime and fun to play. With many sites offering variety of best online slots, players are given a dishful of choices.

Play DC Comics Slot Machines Online

Design, graphics, audio-visuals and animations are key to building a good casino game that can thrive in the online market. Online casino makers know this and leave no stones unturned in making their games appeal to the eyes of their players. Attractive themed pages and slots can successfully venture into this area where the brave and ferocious survive. With many games making the rounds of the online market, it is possible that players can get confused as to where to begin with. Thus, a few of the famous games have been outlined below to give you a proper feel of how these games are designed.

  • Superman Slot – An inspiration to children and youngsters in general, Superman has been one of the greatest superheroes of all times. Designed by Cryptologic, this slot game dedicates it architecture to Superman ensuring his stories keep guiding children to do the right thing. Featuring many genuine symbols from the comic, Superman and Superman logo appear as a Wild and Scatter respectively. One of the highest paying characters would be Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. With 10 free spins bonus and a 100x maximum bet payout, this game is one of the best to try on.
  • Batman – Gotham City, a nest for most evil and deadliest villains, is being run amok by Joker, the scariest of them all. With local law enforcement dealing with their own incompetency, Batman and Detective Gordon have to work together and step up to push back Joker into the little cradle he came out from. Re-spins and 100x payout are the attractions of this online slot.
  • Wonder Woman – A woman, that redefines feminism with her skill-set and beauty, Wonder Woman is back on the battle front to deal with Ares and his battalion of zombies. With her feet engraved deep into the ground, Wonder Woman holds her own in the sight of endless foes. A 3 precise hit could aid you in taking the 100x total stake win against the villain Ares.
  • Green Lantern – Shining its righteous light on the shadow harboring the villains, Green Light is back on duty to guard and defend the weak with his holy green light. The Ring feature on this slot allows you a slot at winning 100x total stake payout.

With many DC Comic themed slots doing the rounds, the choices that the players currently have seem limitless. Although finding the right game to satisfy your mind’s curiosity is key to the art of playing slots, one can still end up having fun irrespective of the game they choose. If you were a comic geek to begin with, this slot game is definitely for you.