FREE Farm Slots Online | Review, Demo, List

Ever fancied yourself as a farmer? You want to live a quiet life in the countryside but can`t for lack of time. Play slots at the best online casinos now offer the chance of virtual farming. Enjoy the greens of popular farm slots available in multiple versions. Cultivate a plot of land or milk a cow on gaming machines. You may be pleasantly surprised. Gambling at these slots by theme of a farm may lead to winning bonus or jackpot when you play for real money. Some of the best online slots on the farm theme are based in the UK. If you want to find the best games where no deposit is required, type free slots uk in the search engine. You will be offered a number of popular play slots where you can either play for free or real money. Don`t want to download the farm slot casino games? Select the no download option. There is no risk even if you choose the maximum bet. Start with the lowest wager when you play for real money. Then regulate as you go along.

Play Farm Slot Machines Online

Basic Outline

A 5 Reels Slots game with 30 pay lines. This Farm Slots game lets you live in a ranch and do farming, virtually, of course. The game type is Video Slots and is web based. So choose the no download option. The sound effects and graphics are simply superb. You can have a minimum of 0.02 and a maximum of 2 coins per line.

Start Playing

  • Trigger the lines. Set the amount you wish to bet. Above the line price is the + and – button. Select one button, the number of lines to be activated and the wager per line. Spin button is now available.
  • All lines should have equal bets. Place coins on all active lines. Total wager = Number of lines * Coins on each line.
  • Chances of winning go up when you activate and bet on all the lines.
  • Shortcut to trigger Auto Spin. Locate the 5X or 10X sections which you will find on top of Auto Spin. Choose either to launch five or ten continuous revolutions.
  • Winning happens when a minimum of 3 symbols are matched on any activated pay line.
  • Payout from symbols is from left to right. Numerous wins from multiple lines are added to arrive at the final winning payout.

Useful Tips & Tricks

Same icons of fruits and vegetables on the same pay line contribute to your winnings. Both sides of the slot machine have the show farm button. This lets you inspect your plants. Collect plants at nine places in the farm. Select seeds from the seed panel. Plant them. They grow into fruits or vegetables. But this will happen when you complete a definite number of turns. Once they become fruits or vegetables, you can harvest in the form of payouts.

Get a minimum of 3 similar vegetable or fruit icons. You will be given a seed which goes into the seed panel. When the reels show a minimum of 2 or more fertilizer signs, you trigger a multiplier. There are different multipliers for a different number of icons.

  • 2 – x2
  • 3 – x3
  • 4 – x4
  • 5 – x5

Water is the scatter symbol which gives free spins. Fertilizer yields multipliers. Payout for regular symbols is as below:

  • Strawberry – 5000
  • Grapes – 2500
  • Watermelon – 1000
  • Tomatoes – 500
  • Bell Pepper – 200
  • Peas Pod – 100

Mole is the bonus symbol. A minimum of 3 moles trigger the bonus. You see 9 moles appearing at random from pots in the farm. Use a mallet to strike them. This earns you payouts and prevents them from eating your plants.

Fun & Prizes

Social media has many slots by theme of farm games. This shows how popular this online gambling on the lush greens has become. If you love agriculture or animals, then farm play slots are for you. Animations, soundtracks and graphics are mind-blowing. Not to mention the bonuses, multipliers, free spins, wilds and scatters which add to your winnings. If you dream of being close to nature, you can do so virtually. Enjoy farming and gambling.