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Gambling is a popular form of entertainment since ages. The charm of quick money with the extreme exhilaration associated to it has upped the ante for gambling as a popular entertainment platform. As with every other form of entertainment, gambling has evolved over the ages more so with the advent of the software and internet revolution. The casino companies have been quick enough to grab these opening with both hands and have opened up a plethora of websites hosting casino games 24 X 7 ranging from slots to poker. You can play a variety of these games online for free like free slots the UK. Playing slots is the easiest way to gamble because it has minimum risks involved and the money at stake depends completely on the player. To top it off, software providers such as Espresso and Endorphina are churning out slots by theme so as to cater to the various fantasies of the players. Most of these slots are free and offer the players a chance to play with real money and win them back manifold. Many of these websites allow no downloads but then you really do not need them to enjoy the beauty of these games. With their user-friendly interfaces and the options to win real big money in no time, these casino conglomerates are turning the heat on conventional online gaming more so with the theme-based slots that keep on coming to provide entertainment to larger audience bases with a specific fantasy to fulfill.

Play Spooky Slot Machines

Horror has been one of the most commercially viable themes when literature movies and any other form of art are concerned. Online slots are no exceptions. Net Games Entertainment has been the pioneer in designing the most popular horror themed slots with the perfect mix of horror and fun!!After all who would play a lot if he gets too much spooked out.

  • A Nightmare on ELM Street: Bases on the Johnny Depp starrer Hollywood horror flick, 888 the designers have designed this slot with stunning visuals almost parallel to the movie. But it is the haunting soundtrack which takes the cherry when we talk about the one X-factor of the game. Spooky music coupled with the vile and malicious laughter of Freddie Krueger will haunt you for sure in times to come. Freddie himself holds the game together but unlike the movie, here he is to bring joy to your life. Five Freddies on a payline is enough to thicken your pocket by 10000 times your wager. Additionally he appears on reel two as well creating a possibility of more money generating additional combos. Other characters of the film Quentin Smith, Jesse Braun, Nancy Holbrook, and Kris Forles appear periodically on paylines generating good amount of cash. Another hallmark of the game is the appearance of Freddie on eel 1 and reel 5 at the exact same time. This enables the player to choose a symbol which reveals a cash prize hidden behind. This is popularly known as the “Pick Me” feature of the game. There are many such marvels hidden in this exciting mix of horror fun and rewards and you should be hooked on to it once you start.
  • Alaxe In Zombieland: How about playing a slot which is hung between two pillars in background full of gravestones with red eyes staring out of them? This is exactly what Alaxe in Zombieland is all about. With a clock, a key, a potion bottle, Alaxe, a sharp-fanged Cheshire cat, the mad hatter with his brains on show, a blood-sucking March hare, a plate of brains and tombstones with card values of 9, 10, J, Q, K and A as the symbols of this slot game, it literally gives you the chills. A 5 reels, 25 paylines games with bets ranging from 0.25 coins to 250 coins, this eclectic mix of horror and fun transports the player to Zombieland with the gut-wrenching visual and sound effects developed by none other than the pioneers of Horror slots – NetEnt.
  • Dracula: Straight out of Bram Stroker’s Gothic Horror Story, Dracula indeed gives the chills with its chilling visuals and spine-curling background track. A lightly larger than average slot, Dracula offers 5 reels and 4 rows replete with various icons, most poignant being Count Dracula and his Lady Love, Mina Harker. There is a total of 40 pay lines spread across the game with a minimum bet amount of 0.01 to a maximum of 1 coin. Being the pioneer that they are, NetEnt has, in a bid to add the real touch has developed this game straight out of the film studio set with very high-end graphics making it a spine chilling experience for the player.

Groove to the Horror Mania

So horror maniacs! Why the delay? Embark on this rather weird journey of horror and fun!!