Konami is a Japanese company that has been around since 1969. However, it did not start out as a casino software provider. It was a game developer for consoles like Nintendo, PlayStation, and XBOX. It was the company behind massive successes like the Silent Hill and Metal Gear franchises.



Back in the 1980s, Konami Holdings Corporation focused on arcade games where you need to drop coins to play. It dominated different markets such as Asia, Europe, and America. Some of the titles that everybody knows about are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Contra.

This success took the company to new frontiers, especially when a new generation of consoles became available. In 2016, the corporation decided to steer its helms towards the amusement industry, particularly in gambling and mobile gaming.

The company understands that casino businesses can generate billions of dollars annually. After the controversial separation from Hideo Kojima, the company realized that a mobile game like one that it published—Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel, which was downloaded 25 million times—has more potential to earn money in in-game purchases than the traditional console games. And thus, Konami casino was born.

Konami Online Casinos

Today, you will find a lot of Konami slots in various online casinos. It does not only create online games but it also provides cabinet slot machines. In fact, the game developer has around 17 different types of cabinet models that land-based casinos can choose from.

Competitive Advantages

  • Experience – the game developer has been around for more than 60 years and has manufactured more than a thousand titles. This entails that it has already figured out all the kinks that can possibly go wrong in a game. The experts know how to fix it even before the game is exposed to the public. And this is critical especially when money is involved.
  • Global Footing – as the fourth largest game developer in Japan, it has a presence in several key markets like Asia, Australia, Europe, and America. This means that you can find their online slots in these jurisdictions.
  • Technology – the company has developed its proprietary engines and a player can enjoy what these technologies can do such as progressives, linked progressives, steppers, and multi-game cabinets. In the online world, this means better graphics, better designs, and more credible payout results.
  • Variety – there are over 400 Konami slots that you can choose from. The company even undertook developing slot machines after some of their console titles like Silent Hill. And apart from slots, the software developer also has table games.

Play Online Konami Slots

The company has created a myriad of machines. Out of the 400+ available titles, there are dozens of options that a player can choose from each casino that offers its selections, many of which operate on five reels. There is no shortage of bonuses, free spins, and progressive jackpots with Konami slot machines.

Features of Konami Slots

  • High Limit – you will find Konami games that allow you to bet as much as 1,500 credits per line. Some will even let you bet as much as 2,500 coins whereas most developers limit the games to 200 coins.
  • One App for All – you can play your favourite Konami mobile games in one app. The app’s name is myKONAMI Slots and it is available on Android and iOS. The app lets you play and get rewards.
  • Choice of Line Configuration – most machines will let you choose the number of pay lines you want to activate. But no other game developer lets you choose which lines to activate. In a typical slot machine, you can activate more than one pay line but you cannot choose which symbol combinations you are wagering on. In a Konami casino, you will find slot machines that will let you do this.

Advantages of Konami Slots

  • Real Rewards – if you download the myKONAMI Slots and play, you will earn points and rewards at participating hotels and Konami casinos in Las Vegas. As you play, you earn loyalty points. These loyalty points can elevate your rank to VIP and you will receive more points.

    Once you have enough points, you can go to participating Las Vegas hotels and swap the points for a hotel room. You can also redeem rewards for foods and other clubs. It is free to play the games in the app. It is not a gambling app but it requires in-app purchases for chips or credits.

  • Global Presence – the company is licensed in many jurisdictions. As such, the machines are playable to a huge market. The people who play the progressive games will definitely make the jackpot higher, giving you a better return for your money should you win the jackpot.

The kind of machines you will find are widely diversified. There are five-reel fruit machines and classic ones. There are progressives and there are those that have 10 reels like the Jumpin’ Jalapenos.

Here, you can test Konami Slots without the need to download the game or install a software. All you need is a browser. We have a huge list of Konami free slots to help you get the feel of the game before you invest real money.

Konami Mobile Slots

The company is no stranger to mobile gaming. After the success of its Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel, the developer is poised to be one of the leading game developers that cater to the mobile market.

How to Play on Your Device

There are three ways to access the games on mobile.

  • The first one is by downloading the myKONAMI Slots app. You can find this in Google Playstore. You can still play the fruit machines but not for monetary rewards. Instead, you will be rewarded with loyalty points that you can exchange for real perks like food and hotel rooms.
  • The other way is to find online casinos that host its game. Download the Konami online casinos apps and access the games from there.
  • The last way is to directly access the games from the browser. You can do this by logging in to your casino account or through slot review websites. Your mobile browser must have the capability to play Flash or run scripts in HTML5.


Here is the summary of our findings.


  • Professionally made games from one of the most tenured game developers in the world.
  • A huge variety of slot machines and table games to choose from.
  • Games that offer non-monetary value but can be redeemed for tangible rewards.
  • More flexibility for a player who wants higher bet limits and personalized selection of active pay lines.


  • The company’s games are a little less visible and popular than the leading casino developers.