Master Card Slots
MasterCard is a finance company established in the United States in 1966 by Bank of America. MasterCard (MC for short) provides payment systems for banks and customers with credit and debit cards. In other words, MC is not a credit card company it only provides electronic payment infrastructure. If your credit card has the MasterCard logo that means your bank uses the system of MC for financial transactions. MasterCard does not record your bank account information: it can only access this information when needed and approve or reject a payment. MC is one of the largest financial companies in the world with the annual average transaction volume $ 9,5 billion. This revenue comes only from commissions paid for providing the payment infrastructure and transaction security. It is one of the most widespread companies in the world and can be used literally anywhere.  MC is not an electronic wallet solution and needs a physical card. But recently, they started to develop innovative technologies like NFC, which allows paying by mobile phones. As a matter of fact, it is possible to use this feature in new models of iPhone and Android-based phones.

Master Card Slots and other Casino games

Since MC is one of the most common payment methods in the world, it can be easily used in all online casinos. All casino accepts payment by credit card and has MasterCard support. For the same reason, you can also use prepaid Maestro and Cirrus cards. However, you should use this payment method very carefully. Unlike electronic wallet solutions, MC is a physical card and recorded in casino systems. Registration is only done once, you do not have to redo it with every transaction. In any case, you share your financial information with third parties. For this reason, it is necessary to choose places that can offer the highest level of security. Likewise, it is recommended that you use additional security measures such as SMS authorization and 3D Secure.
Processing Time: Instant for deposits, 2-3 days for bank
Min Deposit: 10 GBP
Max Deposit: No limit
Deposit Fee: Usually 0 GBP, some casinos may charge 1,5%
Withdrawal Fee: Usually 0 GBP, some casinos may charge 1,5%

MC transactions take place instantaneously. However, according to the bank you use, there is an approval process. This process usually completes within a few hours, but in some cases, it can last for 2-3 days.

As mentioned above, it is not a problem to find casinos that accept MC and where you can play MasterCard slots or other games. You can find this payment option at any casino. The problem is to find reliable casinos that accept MasterCard. For this, you can read our online casino reviews and find the best place for you. Financial security is one of the most important topics for our review team. If we recommend a casino, that means it is as secure.

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Step 1 Choose an online casino from our list
Step 2 Create an account
Step 3 Navigate to the payment page
Step 4 Fill in your details & card information
Step 5 Wait for confirmation
Find the online casino’s withdrawals page
Select Master Card as a payment option
Enter your details, withdrawal amount & card information
Wait for your money to appear in your account
WIDELY ACCEPTED PAYMENT OPTION - Since many casinos accept MasterCard as a banking option, you are not limited to specific gaming sites.
SAFE AND SECURE METHOD OF DEPOSITING FUNDS - MC is very safe to use. It gets even better when you settle for a legit gaming site. Gone are the days when fraudsters could easily hack into your online casino account.
ALLOWS YOU TO DEPOSIT LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY - Master Card allows you to large deposits whilst playing casino games.
MASTERCARD ALLOWS YOU TO BENEFIT FROM VARIOUS PERKS - In order for you to be able to learn more about your card benefits, you can gain more knowledge about the various discounts and perks available by phoning MasterCard’s support directly.
CHARGES MAY SOMETIMES APPLY - MC comes with commission fees that can be very frustrating especially when you’ve garnered little or no wins from a gaming site.
NOT ALL CASINOS ALLOW WITHDRAWALS - Not all Mastercard Online Casinos will allow you to withdraw.
MASTERCARD IS SOMETIMES REJECTED FOR US CUSTOMERS - Due to strict gambling regulations in the US, while using this method of payment some transactions can get rejected. Protection Status