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All of us, at one point or another, has wished to obtain superpowers. Be it the power to read and control minds like Dr. Xavier of X-Men, or have a multi-billion dollar Iron Man suit of Tony Stark’s, our minds would often wander off concocting stories, imagining how things might be if we were to get one of those superhuman abilities. In fact the more we grew, the more fascinated we became. Many great minds might have even deduced that with extreme training and lots of green dough, becoming Batman or Iron Man was in fact possible. But alas, so far nothing as close to our imagination has been yet achieved. But you have got nothing to worry about. What we can’t achieve in reality we can fantasize about, right? With the craze of online casinos and gambling on the rise, it’s natural that a few themed slots would end up being based on our favorite comic characters. You can play slots on the net, sometimes for free even. The number of online casinos has increased by leaps and bounds. In the UK there are many free slots to play around with. These free slots UK are designed keeping Europeans in mind but cater to everyone’s entertainment needs. Usually, there are no download options for games like these. But with high-speed internet in this modern day, there would be no need either. Themed base slots redefine gaming as we know it, involving deposits in real money, and chances of winning the jackpot. Many online slots offer a variety of themes including Slots with Scatter Symbol or Slots with Wild Symbols. Themed slots are designed to suit the player’s fascination with that particular theme. This makes them enjoyable and a great way to pass away the time while having fun.
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Play Comics Slot Machines Online

Designed with comic characters as the leads, these games are fascinating and attractive to look at. These heroes need no introduction. Their games are often designed with cool animation and attractive bonuses. There are many games to choose from under this category. It all depends on what superhero you like and want to play with. Online slots offer most of them in beautifully designed games with superb graphics and cool offers. But since there are so many to choose from, you can look at these below games that have been explained in a bit detail:

  • Fantastic Four Slot – This 5 reel 20 payline slot is one of the best-produced comic based themed slots owing to its proper adaptation from the movie. With all the four characters in place, this game offers four unique characters, one for each of the Fantastic Four. A game with only one type pf bonus, the free spins, this game offers a very high (94.88%) RTP.
  • Iron Man 2 – Regarding audio visuals and graphics, this online slot game is second to none. With the cool Iron Man leading the players towards huge rewards, this game entails the life of Tony Stark and his Iron Man suit. They offer free spins with increasing multiplier as its bonus. But with the highest RTP (95.88%), the lack of further bonuses hardly seems like a bad deal.
  • X-Men Slots – With the most number of heroes in its pocket, this comic has a lot of raw material to build their games on. This game has done justice to the comic book makers and brought great fame to the franchise as well. In fact with a lot of villains having cool powers in the stories, this game offers two free modes, one for the heroes and the other for the villains. The Villains version gives you 8 free spins while that of the heroes goes much further along.
  • The Incredible Hulk Slot – The eternally angry Green Incredible Hulk makes his way into the online slots world as well. The piercing and attractive green color might even ignite the image of money across the minds of the players. The Hulk Smash bonus, the free spins will definitely keep your mind on alert for possible rewards.

There are other games besides the above to look forward to, like Hulk-Ultimate Revenge and The Hulk-5 Reels. The Comic Themed Slots offers a lot to its payers in terms of design, graphics, animations and audio-visual effects. But it does not fall behind when it comes to exciting bonuses and mind boggling rewards to tits players either. The fun is always on with these themed slots and everyone needs to try them out.