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Violations happen regularly in every city, but those evil persons who commit them, remain unpunished. In order to stimulate us solving various crimes, IGT released curious detective game called Clue. Here the player must show his logical thinking, deduction and investigate the most notorious awful crimes.
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Gameplay and design

When IGT created this game, the slot immediately gained a rather high level of popularity. Everyone there can show his cleverness. The gaming machine helps the casino visitor coming out of danger, get an excitement from an adventure, and catch the person that committed the crime. Here you should find an escaped criminal. The symbolism of the machine is a drawing of images, showing detectives and suspected persons. The main slot characters, motivating to active actions music and attributes of a real detective story will help the player plunging into the true atmosphere of suspense and espionage, and also to find a virtual villain.

Learning about this IGT more

It is absolutely logical to start the game by viewing the control panel, rather than starting the reels. To understand clearly, which menu button regulates this or that function, the player must use each of them. First pick the PayTable section of Clue slots and go to it to learn the basic game rules, see the table of combinations and payments, and also learn how active paylines are formed. After this, fix the desired bet. To perform this action use special regulators +/- that are placed near the Line Bet. The maximum bet cannot exceed 100 credits. In addition, the gambler needs to determine the optimal quantity of paylines using the +/- near the Lines inscription.

Earning real money while getting fun

When the bets are high, and when many paylines are involved into the gaming process, the more likely the gambler can make the most profitable combinations, and, of course, get profit for it. The convenience of the control panel of Clue slots is that it contains several special fields, where the corresponding game indicators are fixed. That’s why each gambler easily controls the gameplay. Finally, the casino player should pick Spin or Auto Spin functions. Choosing option #2, he can simply relax watching how the reels rotate and make various signs’ combinations. Auto mode makes 50 spins. The slot does not offer the gambler any risk game, and there’s no jackpot there. However, the game has very high RTP (over 96%). Besides it, betting max, you can win up to 10 thousand Euros.

Each UK casino visitor, before starting gambling and betting can play free Clue casino slot machine. It will give him enough experience to start this detective game learning everything about it in details. Take fantastic pleasure of solving the crimes, dive into the realistic atmosphere of some violations that happened in the city, find out the decision basing on the clues you found and get a wonderful prize for your brilliantly performed investigation!

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