FREE Food Slots Online | Review, Demo, List

Do you love the sight and smell of burgers, spaghetti, pizza, pasta and cheese? Do you have a sweet tooth and crave for candies, pudding and chocolate cake? Scared of putting on weight? Why not eat online and make some real money. No kidding. Play slots at the best gaming machines of online casinos. Play the slots by theme of food, feasting your eyes on different cuisines while gambling. Write free slots uk in the search engine to get the best online slots. The best software developers of food slots are from the UK. Typing free slots uk shows a listing of popular online casinos having the best gaming machines. Do not wish to download games? Choose the no download option. Play games for free without a deposit. Or try winning a jackpot when you play slots by theme of food for the real money.
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Play Food Slot Machines Online

Vital Statistics:

  • Game Type – 5 Reels Slot
  • Pay lines – 9
  • Minimum Coin Size – 0.05
  • Maximum Coin Size – 0.5
  • Maximum Bets – 45
  • Jackpot – 8000 Coins
  • Wild Symbol – Present
  • Bonus Features – Present
  • Multipliers – Not present
  • Software – Microgaming

Background – From children to adults, everyone wants to have a bite of chocolate. This game has a chocolate theme. There is a factory in this video slots game that makes delicious chocolate.


  • Ordinary ones like praline shell, Turkish delight, a chocolate coin, mint wedge, cherry cream and hazelnut offer a very low payout. So the more of these you put forward, the higher the payouts you get. There are also the two little characters, ‘Candy’ and ‘Mikey’ who roam about the delightful factory. Among the ordinary icons, their payout is the best, in fact, the third highest of all the symbols. Collect 5 of these and your winnings are 500 coins.
  • The Scatter icon is The Confectioner, having the Chef symbol. The betting amount is multiplied by the scatter wins. Five Scatters give the second highest payout. These can multiply your winnings by 200 times.
  • Wild Symbol is Dr. Chocolate. It can take the place of all other icons except those which are required for a bonus or scatter win. Gather 5 of them and your winnings would be the mouth watering jackpot of 8000 coins.

Bonus Features:

  • Bon Bon Box. This is triggered when you see 3 or more of these icons in quick succession one after the other on any active pay line. The Bon Bon shows a box of 10 tasty chocolates. Start taking one by one. Different prizes appear. Finally when you choose one that bears the ‘Collect’ symbol the Bonus game comes to an end. Winnings from this particular bonus can be anywhere 14 and 4375 coins.
  • Dunk – a – Treat Bonus. This bonus is triggered when 3 or more Dunk a Treat icons land consecutively on an active pay line. You will see 5 various sweet icons on top of a container of chocolate. Select one; dip it in the chocolate to know the bonus reward. Winnings can be from 25 to 2500 coins.

How to play this Food Slot:

  • Play with a minimum coin size of 0.05.
  • On each line you can play a bet of 1 to 5 coins.
  • These lines are adjustable. You can switch them off whenever you want to.
  • You can also make use of the Auto Play option.
  • Payouts happen from bonus symbols on active pay lines. But for that to happen, they should be aligned from left to right.

Gambling Smorgasbord

Whether or not you are a food aficionado, you will love these food slot games. They may not tickle your taste buds or fill your stomach but are good fun and rewarding as well. You get a chance to learn more about different international cuisines while gambling on popular gaming machines.

Excellent graphics, sound effects and superb animations make for a rewarding experience. Play slots by theme of food for free to have fun. Or end up winning handsome bonus or jackpot if you play online casino games for real money. Either way, you realize that life is a piece of cake. Bon appétit!