Play Fruit Salad Jackpot Slot
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Enjoy this simple and easy slot by GamesOS. This three-reel unit with a single payline is a classic gambling machine. You may not download it and enjoy the game moments at trusted UK casinos. This retro slot will be exactly the stuff that’ll give you the needed relaxation. Try the “delicious dessert” — the salad made of the best fresh fruits. Enjoy it and win!
Play Fruit Salad Jackpot Slot
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Gameplay and design

Fans of the classics can rejoice. Here everything is done in the classic way. The symbols were well-known various tasty, juicy and incredibly delicious fruits and the Bar symbol. In a word, it is a true good tasting sweet salad made of various fruits. Try it, and you will not regret it! You’ll eager “biting” this salad, when you lean that its jackpot equals 1,000 Euros! The bright game’s interface calls you to play and win. The machine title is shining with neon and lets the gambler imagining that he is somewhere in Las Vegas. The word Jackpot has the brightest contemporary animation. Winning, you see how the payline flashes, which is quite convenient. So, you understand when you win and why you get the prize. There are only 3 functional buttons here, which is also understandable. Here what you have at your disposal:

  • One token – pressing a button each time you add a coin to your bet. The maximum number in this game is 5 tokens.
  • Maximum bet for activating 5 coins instantly. The button will also start the reels rotation.
  • Play — button that start the rotation.

More details about this GamesOS machine

This simple GamesOS machine does not have even the paytable. The game info is given on the layout at the slot’s top. Bet easily (5 coins maximum). That’s the whole alternative! No wilds or Scatters are offered. In general, this unit offers less the simplest gameplay, but the payout here is tremendous! Everything is incredibly uncomplicated. It might be the best decision for those, who feel exhausted after work. Progressive jackpot of the machine is the stuff that can easily “seduce” you. The second main feature of Fruit Salad Jackpot slots is the lack of any special, “exclusive” features. It might sound too bizarre, but gamblers tired of constant stress value this machine. This unit is the whole, total rest and the way of getting real money without any strain. The absence of many ‘classic’ characteristics here does not stop the incredible excitement that embraces the players. Do you want guessing this secret of Fruit Salad Jackpot slots? Then proceed to the game. Try getting its maximum payout that equals 4,000!

This machine will appeal to those who enjoy relaxing those who like to play in casinos. Meanwhile, always remember that even the simplest stuff must be learned before it is tried. Thus, before going risking play free Fruit Salad Jackpot casino slot machine. We are absolutely, 100% sure that you’ll win!

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