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Casinos have been the pioneers of gambling as a profession and sport in this modern day and age. Gambling has always been part of our culture as is visible from the Mahabharata as well. But having the capacity to colonialize this sector is truly praised worthy. Nowadays there are many different games to play from including video poker and online slots. The designers didn’t stop there. They took it a step ahead and designed themed slots. If there can be themed parties and theme dress codes, then there can also be themed slots. That’s probably what the designers thought. Many casinos now have games that can be played for free by players round the world. One can play slots from many different choices that are available online. Some of the best online slots are designed for players in the UK. Slots by theme are a popular attraction for players. Many of these games can be played for real money. Generally these games have no download option. But that is not actually needed since these slot games generally have an easy user-friendly interface with instant play options. Players get into their gambling mode, deposit real money into their gaming accounts, play for higher payouts and dream of winning the jackpot. There are many different themed slot games available online now. Software providers such as Zeus and 777 are constantly improving on their ideas to design something even better and more enjoyable than their previous games. Diamond Tower and Viking Age are two examples of such improvisations made by these providers so as to increase the gaming experience of the players.
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Play Movie Slot Machines Online

Getting to act in a movie is probably a dream come true for all the drama enthusiasts out there. Truly no other experience could beat the thrill of someone getting to act in a famous movie. Quite often when someone watches several reruns of his/her favorite movies, and then it’s possible that they end up dreaming about themselves being in the cast of the movie. Movie slots are designed to cater to this particular fantasy of their players. With top studios such as Marvel and DC, these movie slots make their way to the top tiered games of this age. Some of these games are being discussed below so that players can get a feel for what they are getting themselves into.

  • Rocky – This movie series is one of the most popular series there is. It’s possible you may not have seen the entire series, but you must have definitely heard of this Stallone starrer. The climax of the game, like in the movie, is the final fight which in the game occurs in the bonus feature. Players can choose from a range of movie villains and see how far their hero goes.
  • Elektra – This unlucky film had the misfortune of bad critical reviews along with poor box office performance. However the online slot version does fail to impress. The fans are left elated and happy by the authenticity of the game and its ties to the actual movie, Elektra’s connections to the martial arts and her violent history. The bonus rounds bring several surprises for the players that you can enjoy.
  • Daredevil – This dark superhero tends to charm people by his personality and fights for the underdog. He is insanely talented when it comes to martial arts and with his heightened senses, never fails to kick the hell out of the villains. Similar excitement and thrill can be found from the series’ offspring, Daredevil Slot game. The visual effects pay homage to the actual story by imitating the way Matt Murdock actually viewed the world through his heightened senses despite being blind. The bonus rounds pack plenty of surprises for the players as well.
  • The Avengers – Just like the movie had multiple heroes fighting for the sake of the world, this online slot fits in the power of multiple progressive jackpots. The audio visuals on this slot shall take your breath away making it feel like you were in the movie itself. The progressive nature of the jackpot has the prize money at £186,000 as of now. There are three other that enter into tens of thousands easily. In this game, the player need not be too lucky to walk away with a prize.

With this many entertaining slots to while away your time, you can get started on this themed slot already. These are certainly entertaining to say the least. You can enjoy the thrill of gambling while swimming in the nostalgia of your favorite reels.