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The Bruce Lee is an online casino slot machine coming from the WMS game developer. This is not a classic looking game because of the unique greed design. It possesses 60 pay lines with 2x2 plus 3x3 greed. This may seem like chances of scoring are lower but with 60 active pay lines to activate, winnings are just a few clicks away.
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Bruce Lee Game Options and Symbols

When a gambler enters the Bruce Lee slots, he/she will notice that a game can be started by pressing the “Spin” button located on the bottom side of a playing screen. There are two types of menus, and bettors are free to switch them any time they like. To increase or decrease stakes in the Bruce Lee casino machine, a player will have to click on the up or down arrows. The total bet for a single spin is displayed in the main bar. For players who want to relax and bet with ease, the WMS developer provided the “Autoplay” option. When the auto roll button is pressed, the wheel will start to spin automatically until a player stops it or in a case that a free spin feature is triggered. Players can also change the number of lines by clicking on the up and down arrows and this way determine the number of possible winning shots. While spinning the wheel of luck in the UK or from any other place, bettors can find:

  • Basic symbols (for icon strength, gamblers can check out the “Paytable” section where all rules and features are described).
  • Wild – the wild icon can substitute any symbol except for the extra feature sign. These icons can increase chances multiple times because they can be combined with numerous symbols. This is definitively a card that players want to find more often in the Bruce Lee online casino machine. Benefits from gaining it are multiple. This symbol can make a difference between scoring or missing a real money prize chance. The number of winning combination will be much higher if it is infused in a win line.
  • Scatter card – this is an extra symbol which is used for triggering bonus rounds. There are actually 3 ways to activate these free spins so it shouldn’t be too hard to get them in no time.

Scoring Chances in the Bruce Lee Slot

The Bruce Lee online game is not hard to master and with a proper betting strategy, everyone can get a grip of big cash prizes that are just a few clicks away. The best way to increase scoring odds is to set the number of lines to the highest value. This way, scoring possibilities will grow dramatically. For gaining some of the highest prizes in the game, a player just needs to set bets to the maximum and by doing it, he/she will be allowed to obtain some of the highest payouts. The main goal is to play as much as possible and this can be accomplished by several ways:

  • Use a Wild icon to increase the number of win combos.
  • Trigger the free bonus feature. When it is on, bettors will gain extra spins without placing any stakes. When playing for free, gamers will prolong gambling time and the more bettors spin, the higher are the odds that a jackpot prize will emerge. Bonus turns actually mean that bettors don’t have to invest their money. Every player likes to spin the wheel of luck for free and there are plenty of reason why that’s the case. Sometimes it is not too easy to trigger this feature, but when it is on, scoring possibilities will be dramatically higher than in a regular game.

Fairness and Availability

The WMS is a provider which was approved as fair multiple times so bettors don’t have to worry about fairness. Every gambler will have equal scoring possibilities every time when betting thanks to the RNG program. The Bruce Lee online slot machine can be tested on multiple devices like mobiles, tablets, PC, etc. It can be tried in two versions for free and for the real cash. The fun mode can be played with no download required. Previous games will have no influence on a current outcome. Bettors can simply choose the desired device, set their stakes and other parameters, find an active internet connection and start spinning the wheel of fortune. Themed slots are some of the most played in a world of gambling, and when it comes to popularity, the Bruce Lee is one of the most known legends. Unique playing greed will make betting much more interesting and rewards will be dealt totally randomly allowing players to get a feeling of a real adrenalin rush and exciting gambling experience. Gamblers can play free Bruce Lee casino slot machine at most of the online casinos.

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