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Do the sight, sound and smell of the oceans excite you? Do you love to watch photographs and videos of underwater marine life? Is the view of the deep sea simply breathtaking? Not totally unrelated to this do you also enjoy gambling and like to make some real money? If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you should play slots by theme of ocean. Yes, you read that right. You do not have to physically visit any casino to play ocean slots on their gaming machines. Enjoy gambling at the best online slots either for free or play for real money.
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Play Ocean Slot Machines Online

It is easy. Just type free slots uk in the search engine. You will be spoilt for choice. A list of popular online casinos opens up. But why UK? It is because UK happens to be the work place of the best gaming software developers like Microgaming. Play popular games for free without making any deposit. Best online slots for gambling are also available if you wish to play for real money. Do not wish to download? Select the no download option.

Ocean Slot – A Sample Game

7 Ocean Slots

Basic Information

Game Type – Classic Slots Software – Microgaming
Reels – 3 Reels Slots Pay lines – 1
Minimum Bet – $0.25 Maximum Bet – $15
Progressive Jackpot – Absent Multiplier – None
Minimum Coins to bet – $0.25 Maximum Coins to bet – $5
Scatter Symbol – Absent Wild Symbol – Absent
Number of Coins per Line – 3 Maximum Coins for Jackpot – 4000
Bonus Game – Absent Free Spins – Absent


This 3 Reels Slots game by Microgaming has an attractive underwater theme. You are going to love the setting of this Classic Slots game which is the bottom of the ocean. You can enjoy the view of the corals, marine life and a big treasure chest in the blue color of the ocean. Soft, soothing tunes can be heard in the background.

Bars & Symbols

  • There are the single bars, double bars and triple bars present on all the 3 Reels of this play slots game.
  • Payout from these bars is not very high but they together contribute towards a bigger reward.
  • Seven symbols are present which are the key to winning handsome payouts in this Classic Slots game where you have neither a bonus nor free spins nor a progressive jackpot.
  • There are Blue 7s, Red 7s and Orange 7s symbols.
  • A sparkling 7 icon symbol can fetch you the all important jackpot.

How to Play and Win

  1. Wager can be of 1, 2 or a maximum of 3 coins, with just 1 pay line.
  2. Choose from the given coin values of 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 5.0.
  3. Any three ‘7’ icons give a payout of 500 coins.
  4. 3 Blue 7s give a payout of 1000 coins.
  5. Payout from Orange 7s is very good.
  6. There can be up to 8 winning combinations.


  • Different ways of winning jackpot.
  • The number of coins you play will determine the winnings from your jackpot.
  • Playing just 1 coin spin gets you only 45 coins payout.
  • 2 coin spins and payout from jackpot is 90 coins.
  • Winning the biggest jackpot happens when you play 3 coins in one spin.
  • The biggest jackpot winning is worth 4000 coins.
  • For this you need to get three Red 7 icons.

An Ocean of Opportunities

We all love oceans. It excites us. The deep sea, the brilliant colors, the user friendly interface, the incredible marine life in the depths of the ocean and the gentle sounds make for an exhilarating experience. Gambling on these slots by theme of ocean can give you immense joy if you play the casino games for free. And you stand a fair chance of winning jackpots or even handsome payouts if you play slots for real money. So go ahead and visit this virtual casino online. View nature at its very best while you hunt for treasure in the ocean depths.