777 is a slot software development firm. It is yet another young company, just like the Zeus Play which can be found on our website as well. The company was founded in 2009 and based in the Philippines.

They started as a small group of ambitious people in the Philippines, but over the past 8 years, they have grown very fast managing to expand not only outside the Philippines but also on other continents. They are working in:

  • US
  • Eastern Europe
  • Australia

They are trying to break out in the UK as well but it is tough, because some of the greatest companies like the Microgaming are based in the UK, and hold most of the market.



777 slots
777 makes games in both series and single editions. Some of the most popular single edition slots are:

The Big Shot
The Candy Shop
The Diamond
The Crome
The Robo series is the most successful one from the 777 and it includes 4 machines:
The Robo
Robo Cyber Blue
Robo Cyber X
Robo Punk

What’s unique about all the 777 slots is their pay line system. Unlike the games from other developers such as the Viking’s Treasure or The Hulk 5-Reels which have optional and fixed pay lines limited to 20, the 777 machines have up to 100 bonus win lines.

Ways To Win system exists for a long time now, with up to 1024 ways to win, but it is a system that does not have win lines, but simply possible combinations. It was a surprise that the developers went for 100 ways and still include lines, which can be seen spread across the reels.

Each game in the Robo series has something now built into it. Either the graphics are improved, new features are available or a new system implemented, but the core stays the same as it is a futuristic based series.
Play free 777 slots
On our website, we offer both free and real versions of the 777 slot machines. To play for free, all you need to do is filter the search to the 777 and choose any of the offered games. Wait for the browser to load the game and you are ready to play. Both fun and real modes are available without the download.

The only difference between the two modes is that when the player decides to gamble real cash, he/she is required to sign up and deposit. The whole process is explained in the terms and conditions so make sure to take a look at that.

To conclude with, the 777 is a relatively young firm, but it had more success in the past 8 years than some companies ever manage to have, and today, when the technology develops very fast, it is important for companies like this to do the same. Gambling safe and responsible is a number one rule of gambling, but the most important and unwritten rule is to have fun, so enjoy your stay and follow the rules.