iGaming2go is a premium slot machine manufacturer that has its headquarters in Bratislavsky, Slovakia, and is now famous for its vast library of real money casino games. The firm has garnered popularity for its easy-to-integrate HTML5 based games that are full of fun features and yet, easy to integrate with client requirements just so easily. The gaming company has found plenty of good reviews for its vivid styles and stock of games. The company has become famous as a white label firm.



Review of iGaming2go

The company is hugely popular for its games like Anubis, Frog Princess, Golden Dolphin, and Hot Fruits. These HTML5 games come in brilliant graphics and this is why today, the firm is one of the top choices of casinos. iGaming2go has a list of slot developers like:

  • ICE-Totally Gaming
  • EiG
  • Bbet.com
  • Bet-52
  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Nex Gen Gaming

The firm, iGaming2go has partnerships with a list of slot companies like

  • Casino Calzone
  • Bingo Northern Ireland
  • MaxiPlay

The firm came into existence from 2007, August and it has grown fast too. The firm’s popularity is with its high-end technology that allows casino operators and clients abroad to just integrate it even when there are restrictions in the Android Market.

Features of iGaming2go

  • HTML5 Supported: These days, it is a trend to develop apps and games in HTML5 just so that the players can use it from any device. So, whether one wants games in portrait or landscape mode or play it from smartphone or tablet, it is as much possible.
  • Easy money management: With superior money management system with e-wallets and bonus cashing methods, the firm iGaming2go has proved why it is a premium slot machine manufacturer. With this technology, the player shall be able to use the wallet playing from anywhere and win real cash even online!
  • Free slots and classic games: One of the top reasons for the popularity of iGaming2go software provider is the top-notch quality of classic games like Royal Roulette, Blackjack, Seven’s and more. These games shall continue to wow the players as always .Yes, players shall get free slots and bonuses too that might be great incentives for them and that is why today many casinos, like Bet Monster Casino, and Mainstage Bingo Casino have these games from iGaming2go too.

Benefits of iGaming2go

  • Easy to customize games: When casinos choose slot machine manufacturer, they look out for classy designs and layout, besides being cost effective. That is what iGaming2go offers.
  • No Installation: It will also help the casino operators to have integrated slot machines and games in to their system with no extra installation cost or effort. iGaming2go does just that with the help of exporting data and most of the time with just remote access methods too.
  • Safeguarding customer information: A key feature of game integration with iGaming2go is that all of the customer data remains confidential with the client.

With such legal practices and transparent work methods, the firm is surely here to stay for a long time to come!