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Known once upon a time as Vegas Technology or Odds On Gaming, WGS Technology has made a re-entry back into the online slot machine gaming industry in the recent years. WGS Technology, as a slot machine manufacturer and online casino game provider, has taken pains to bring the online slot machine gaming phenomenon back into the US markets in spite of the strict rules and regulations in place. The USP of WGGS is that it is trying to make online gambling more and more accessible towards the US masses and bringing in a host of 3 reel games and 5 reel video slots, all the while making sure that the classic flavour of online casino and the old world charm of slot machine game play is maintained throughout. In the long list of slot machine developers, only a few has remained this dedicated to still bring out the old world charms of retro slot machines.

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WSG: An amalgamation of New Age aspirations and Retro Aesthetics

WSG has been deftly combining the best of both worlds when it comes to online gaming over the last few years. After suffering from setbacks and bouncing back into solvency, this company is trying to bring you good old fashioned simple game play that will evoke your sense of nostalgia and excitement all at once.

WSG as a slot machine manufacturer produces slots that are varied in terms of scope and layout which is reflected in the corresponding payouts. Their 5 reel retro slots bring back the simple pleasure of simple spinning fun whereas the top jackpot in Amazing 7s, a 5 reel video slot, has a potential of whopping 500,000$. That is a lot of money stemming out of simple yet wildly immersive gameplaying.

Keeping in line with the more arcade style of gaming which was prevalent in the past days, WGS has strived to present the best of past slot games in a new and time worthy avatar while successfully carving its rightful place amongst its competitors from the list of slot companies.

Slot Machines by WGS Technology

Winter Winterland

This is a simple 5 reel and 20 pay line slots that are based on an arctic theme and contains symbols like Snowmen, Ski Lodges, and Gingerbread Men. It incorporates Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbols and Scatters symbols to spice up the usual game play into something more engrossing. Betting amount per line ranges from 0.01$ to 10$ while the top jackpot is 4000 coins. This game can be played for real money and hitting up the right bonus feature can win you a bonus skiing game which is extremely fun and also much rewarding.

Whiskey Barrels

This classic slot machine game is a very simple 1 pay line and 3 reel game that can accommodate a maximum of 120 coins per line. Cowboys and barrels of whiskey are the winning symbols of this game and these symbols together notch up a feel of the wild wild west and a classic casino atmosphere where men play big and win bigger. What makes this game special is WSG’s willingness to invest in a classic slot game that has stood the test of time and proven time and again that simple premises and simple rules can produce memorable games. WSG has over the catalog of their slot machines have made a distinct and appreciable effort into creating a separate identity for their games from the other developers in the list of slot companies.

What’s your sign?

WGS shows that they are adept at modern style slot games also by giving us the wildly enjoyable what’s your sign virtual slot game. This is a 5 reel game that has 12 pay lines and a restriction on putting more than 120 max coins per line. This game also employs a good mix of Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbols and Scatter symbols to make the game more challenging, interesting and rewarding. The game, featuring the signs of the zodiac, has a maximum jackpot of 10000 coins. The sun and the moon act as wild symbols capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in a probable pay line, increasing your chance.

WGS Technology: The Reformed Avatar

It is evident that more people are aware of Vegas Technology and Odds on Gaming than they are of their reformed avatar WGS Technology. While WGS technology still has a lot of ground to cover trying to climb up the list of slot developers, they have managed to maintain a fine balance between simple wholesome games that engage players to the fullest and successfully creating a gaming experience that directly calls to mind the old slot machine gambling from the yesteryears. Try out their virtual slot games and see for yourself what makes WGS a name to look out for in the future.