Bonus Codes for Video Slots

A bonus code can be defined as a combination of text, a word, or even a phrase, that can be redeemed in exchange for various promotions that are featured on video slot games. The code is associated with a specific value. Therefore, once the code is entered the specified value is displayed.
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If you are a video slot enthusiast, chances are you are familiar with video slot bonus codes. They have been in existence in the gaming industry since the establishment of online gambling. Most video slot players have most probably used a fair share to access various bonuses such as free money, reload, deposit, and welcome offers. For the online slots marketers, these unique texts have been used to keep tabs on marketing campaigns for various games as well as offering lucrative deals and offers to clients, including real money. These means may not be as popularly used today as they were back in the establishment of online gambling. However, online casinos still use them from time to time.

Uses of These Codes for Video Slots

In today’s online gaming arena, there is probably not a single online casino in existence in the UK and all over the world that does not provide their clients with promotions, great deals, and offers on their video slots. This is where such codes come in. Such offers are put in place to ensure that only after being used does a player gain access to the feature being offered. These special phrases are used in online video slots for a variety of reasons. Some of the uses include;

  • The claiming of a variety of promos
  • The marketing of various promos
  • The tracking of marketing campaigns for a variety of video slots

The purpose these codes play in video slots varies between the player, casino, and affiliates. Below is a breakdown of how each of these parties uses these texts for video slots.

Uses of bonus codes for video slots by online casinos

Bonus codes for casino video slots are used by casinos for the promotion of a new game released in the market or one that has been there but is losing the attention of clients. The phrases can also be used for the tracking of individual marketing campaigns of various games. Different casinos use various names such as promo or coupon codes to refer to them.

Online casinos come up with various texts that are specifically dedicated to the individual promotions that are being run. For instance, one casino might be running five different promotions at the same time. Therefore, the offers along with their necessary phrases might appear as follows;

  • 15 free spins exclusive for AvalonII: use the code AVAFree15
  • $20 no deposit bonus valid for new members: use the code NDP200
  • 100% match offer + $40 free chips + 50% cash back exclusive for all slot games: use the code FREE100

And so on.

The players will then examine the video slots with bonus codes and identify the offers they would like. They then proceed to make their deposits and use as many phrases as possible (this could be otherwise if the site says so). The only requirement for the claiming the offers that come with the codes is that the players will have to complete all the offers that come along with them in the order of request.

The entering of these codes is carefully tracked by the site offering them to identify which ones are the most popular among the players. The tracking of these promotions will help them gain a better understanding of which offers appeal most to their clients and which marketing techniques are performing the best in attracting new customers. The information gathered help the online casinos come up with offers that are more lucrative and better campaigns.

Uses of bonus codes for video slots by players

The phrases to be used are provided to players either on online casino websites or from an affiliate of the respective casino. Once they have the code, they can choose to use it immediately and redeem the offer. However, if the code provided is valid for a while longer, the player can choose to save it for later use. Some codes will require the activation of an account and the depositing of some cash into the gaming account in order for them to be made redeemable. It is advisable for players to carefully go through the terms and conditions of the provided offers first before deciding whether to use it or not, so as to get a better insight on what the promotion is all about.

Free Bonus Offers

There are numerous free bonuses for casino video slots that require no download, which are offered through such unique phrases. Such bonuses include;

  • Match deposit Bonus
    Most online sites tend to display appreciation to their clients for all the deposits they make to their casino accounts. Once a player makes a particular deposit, the bonus offer stated rewards the player for doing so by rewarding them a fraction of the cash in addition to the deposit made. Many a time, the bonus featured is usually 50% or higher.
  • Welcome Bonus
    These offers are also referred to as signup bonuses. These types of bonuses are probably the best there are when it comes to online gambling. The downside is that a player can only enjoy a welcome offer once from each casino they register. They are just a gesture made by the casino to greet you as a new member of their gaming site and to celebrate you successfully becoming a member of their site and creating a casino account.
  • No deposit bonus
    These refer to free offers that are made to provide new players with an exciting start in an online casino, and are regarded as among the most generous offers a casino can provide to their clients. Typically speaking, a no deposit bonus is just like a sign up bonus that is provided if the user has not deposited any money at the online casino before. Nevertheless, casinos have been known to provide free bonuses to their existing clients occasionally.
  • Free spins bonus
    These bonuses come with free spins to be used by the player in the game play all games or one particular game, depending on the offer made by the casino. A qualifying deposit may have to be made to trigger the free spins for claiming in the bonus online video slots. Also, it is crucial for players to know that the free spins are accompanied by a fixed bet most of the time.

Before using any video slots with bonus codes given by a certain site, players should ensure that they’ve thoroughly studied the terms and conditions in order to find out if there are any wagering requirements and what exactly they are. This will help one have a full understanding of what they are in for, and if they are comfortable with the terms they have to fulfill.