iPhone Online Slot Machines

Today, there is one phone hot on everyone’s lips. The iPhone X. The hype over the device has been thick in the air as this is the newest invention in its class from Apple. The launching of a new iPhone has been more of a ritual, every year since June 2007. The ceremony has become an eagerly awaited event as all consumers are waiting to see what new invention and features the device has when compared with the previous version. With this in mind, Apple has ensured that over time, the iPhones have evolved, with an inclusion of various features and quirks; some we have come to love others just ridiculous. The iPhone has always created a Buzz, mostly because iPhone is manufactured and marketed as an "exclusive" gadget tailor-made for a niche market. The idea of exclusivity has increased the desirability of the phone on the side of the buyer and created the need to have the best and latest gadget from the giant manufacturer. The iPhone has a big number of loyal users who can swear by it and will not buy any other phone other than it. The number of loyal users has been enhanced even more by the ongoing technological war with Apple’s biggest competitor and rival, Samsung. Apple has put the number of active iPhone users at about 700 million, which is mind-boggling! Apple has ensured it keeps this number growing by trying to come up with new and trendy innovation to attract more customers and to keep the existing ones satisfied and feeling on the pinnacle of what the smartphone industry has to offer.
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Among this impressive following, there is a good number of users who enjoy playing iPhone Slots and iPhone Online Slots. Developers of Online Casino contents have taken full advantage of the already existing iPhone market to make content that is suitable for the device. This has enabled a big number of avid players finding it very easy and convenient to access iPhone online Slots and play iPhone Slots for real money.

How do they work?

iPhone has made it quite straightforward to play iPhone Slots and iPhone online slots. The general idea is to make it as easy as possible for any player who already plays Online slots to have a smooth transition to iPhone Slots and iPhone online slots. Any player who has played slots on personal computers will have a rather easy time of playing iPhone Slots. The main noticeable difference when playing online slots using personal computers and the iPhone is the absence of a mouse on the part of the iPhone. Therefore, to make selections on the iPhone, the player will need to make inputs by tapping or swiping movements the display to achieve the desired result.

There is also more than one way to access iPhone slots. You can choose to have them hosted on your phone by downloading and installing an application on your iPhone. This is possible by having the iPhone Casino Application. For you to access the application, you are required to access your iTunes and find the All Slots Casino. When you select view iTunes, you will be prompted to download the application. Follow the prompts as provided from your iPhone to have the App installed on your device. The process of downloading and installing is similar to how you would manage any other installation of an application on your iPhone. The iPhone Slots have been designed to as much as possible work and be used the same way as other applications so as they are user-friendly and no further user guide is required to understand their use and how to fully make use of them. After successfully installing the application, you will be needed to have an account with the mobile casino to play iPhone Slots and iPhone Slots for real money. This is achieved by registering as a player. In case you are already registered and have access to an active account, all you need to do is log in, and you are ready to enjoy Slots for iPhone and iPhone online slots. It is important to note that majority of the developed Apps by the online Casinos are quite small and easy to download, therefore taking very little storage space on your device. It is also possible to download multiple applications for various iPhone Slots and installing them on your device, making it easy for you to access any of your favorite slots by just tapping on it.

You can also access iPhone slots using the online browser provided by Apple, which comes standard with all iPhones and other iOS-based devices. The Safari browser has been made to be very user-friendly and getting used to its functionality is quite a bliss. Apple has designed this browser specifically for devices running the iOS and it therefore perfectly fits the user needs for the iPhone, from the performance to the user interface. As this runs on all devices running the iOS, it is possible that as an iPhone user, you have interacted with it before, making it easy to understand and navigate. Using the Safari browser, you can visit any of your favorite online Casinos and directly access iPhone Online Slots and iPhone slots for real money. In this medium, you are not required to download an application to your device but rather access the Online Casinos directly through the browser. You will, however, need to have an account with the Casinos to play iPhone Slots For Real Money; therefore it is necessary for you to set up an account with the required detail. In case you are already registered in an online casino and have an account, you can use your existing account by accessing the online casino and only signing in. Most online casinos have tailor-made their products for iOS. It will be therefore pretty easy for you to have access to the many iPhone slots already developed and available online.

iPhone Slots vs. PC Slots

Personal computers were in use long before the iPhone was launched. This, for a long time, was the preferred medium of playing online slots. Over time, we have had a lot of companies making computer slot games transition to make mirror image versions of the games but specific to iPhones. This has made it possible for any user and avid player for online slots to enjoy the same slots they play on their computers as iPhone slots on their smartphone. There are the obvious differences that come with the change of devices and technology used. For starters, your iPhone screen is a fraction of your personal computer screen. That means the content you see will tend to be packed into the small space while ensuring you have all the functionality you need. You will notice that most of your screen will be covered by the reel. Other controls will be housed at the bottom end of your display to give you control on the functionality you will require to play the iPhone Slots like how much you bet, your play lines and even the automated spin settings. The developers of iPhone Slots have also made it quite intuitive so that a player is comfortable when playing the available iPhone Slots and iPhone online slots. This is through a combination of large fonts for information critical to the play that gives an overview of how the player is progressing. The games have also been designed to enhance any areas the player is tapping on and making it more visible by having the image more close up. To make the game more interactive, some notifications have been designed into the game to keep the player up to speed with the happenings in an instance, for example, alerts on winnings. Having this information available and easily visible makes any player who is jittery of iPhone slots and iPhone Online Slots for real money more comfortable to enjoy the experience.

Some popular iPhone Slot include;

  • Mega Moolah (5 reels, 25 playlines)
  • Millionaire Genie (5 reels, 15 playlines)

Feel free to sample this, and you will be hooked. Enjoy your iPhone Slots and iPhone Slots for Real Money experience!