FREE Cleopatra Slots Online | Review, Demo, List

Irrespective of where you are from in this world, it’s highly likely that you have heard of Cleopatra and her blinding beauty. Famous for her attractiveness, we are talking about Cleopatra VII Philopator from Egypt. She has had many films made on her, not to mention innumerable games as well. Her games and movies give one a taste of Egypt, its culture, architecture and various other aspects in general. Naturally, many slots by this theme have been made to entertain games all around. There are many online slot games that you can try your luck at. These games are generally free, but some can be played using real money as well. With its unique type, Cleopatra-themed slot games are one of the best slot games to be played. There are many free slots in UK where this themed game can be enjoyed immensely by all players. The sense of gambling sets in, the hope for winning cast, many online players try to hit the jackpot. With such an attractive leading lady, it’s no doubt that the Cleopatra-themed games make up for one of the most popular themed slot games. The variety of slot games is limitless as it is. Real Money Slots and Progressive Slots appeal more to the experienced players owing to the greater risk, greater return concept.

Play Cleopatra Slot Machines Online

With such an attractive figure to lead the players it’s almost natural to make the appeal even stronger to fish out even more players in the gaming sector. Cleopatra-themed slots are often set with Egyptian background along with the camels, pyramids and sand all around. The ancient Egypt culture is highlighted and the Cleopatra Era appropriately depicted. Based on one’s location, they can have access to a variety of slot games based on Cleopatra’s Theme. Many games are available online to be played based on this theme. Some of these games are as described below:

  • Cleopatra’s Coins – This game begins with a short video of the Romans landing in Egypt where Julius and Cleopatra catch each other’s eyes. The rest can be called history owing to the numerous history chapters we all have spent reading on them. Owing to this feature, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, both appear on its reels. With 5 reels and 15 paylines, this game boasts of a scatter symbol, wild card along with a bonus round where you get to pick an item.
  • Cleopatra’s Gold – This real time gaming powered slot is packed with incredible and audio and sound effects to give the game a more authentic feel. This game isn’t based on Cleopatra’s life, but rather ancient Egypt in general where in Cleopatra is mentioned as one of the symbols. This 5 reels 20 paylines game is proud of its random progressive jackpot and autoplay feature. There are many other interesting features of this game. The pyramid symbol acts as the scatter symbol which in turn gets you free spins.
  • Cleopatra’s Pyramid – This game, made by Wager Gaming Software (WGS), is a great game with incredible graphics. A game, that welcomes both beginners and experienced players, is very easy to comprehend and well laid out. This 5 reel 20 paylines game features a scatter symbol, wild card and a bonus symbol. High-value playing card letters and numbers are all created to fit the theme. Here the pyramid with the stars and the moon makes up the bonus symbol. In this game, along with the free spin round offered by the scatter symbol, there is a bonus round that can be played once you get the bonus symbol.
  • Cleopatra Mega Jackpots – As the name suggests, this slot game is designed to let its players try their luck to win huge jackpots. The inclusion of progressive jackpot is made up to increase the player’s chance to hit the jackpot while playing the main game. This game is particularly beneficial to players with lined up pockets since the more you deposit, the more are your chances of winning the jackpot. Even if you don’t win the Mega Jackpot in the spin, here you get the chance to win the progressive jackpot on your every spin whose odds are determined by the wager you put.

The Cleopatra based themed game is designed for all players with a taste for the ancient Egypt and its varied culture. With entertainment guaranteed this theme of slot games offers a unique way to enjoy slots.