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Temptation Queen is one of the best mythological-themed games developed by WMS gaming, and it is based mainly on ancient Egypt. The interface of the game is set during the pyramids era when they were built and the queens were the rulers back then. With such a spellbinding theme to be presented in the first place, the game is nowhere to be missed by all the slot game lovers.
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Rules of Playing Temptation Queen

Temptation Queen online is one of the popular Egyptian-themed mythological online slot machine game. It offers a good set of winning layouts. Here are some of the important rules to play the game:

  • The game begins with 5 reels and 30 pay out lines. At the end of each spin, the players can spot three symbols at each of the reels. This is the way the symbols are located by 5×4 schemes at the screen.
  • The paylines are nowhere fixed and the players can play with any number of active paylines from 1 to 30. The cost of the bet per each of these paylines range from 0.03 to 5 Euros. Thus, this guarantees the players to stake from a cent to as much as 50 Euros per round.
  • Some other features implemented in this online slot machine game, which makes the gameplay very playable for the players. Aside the standard symbols, the special elements contains advanced functions and free spin features rolled up in one unit.
  • The methods of charging the winning payoffs by the standard formations are quite common in the game. The game then needs to have unremitting chain of several elements to be made in the active line, all starting from the first left reel. As usual, the highest combinations at each of the lines are considered to be the winning wagers.
  • The amount of the payout is calculated by multiplying two values, the combination index from (5X to 1500X) and the bet per each line. The calculation is completed by multiplying these values. In case of some paid combinations formed at various other lines by the results of similar rounds, the entire earnings charges are then summarized.
  • In the end, a whopping RTP shy of 96% ensures the winnings are more often than usual frequent.

Bonus Symbols and Features of Temptation Queen

Temptation Queen slot is a modest online slot machine casino game, which gives the players a very typical slot features like any other games. Of course, there are some symbols and features, which adds to the earnings of this typical slot machine games:

  • Players logging to play the game, initially is greeted with typical symbols, which includes Sphinxes, The Eye of Ra, Scarabs and many more. These symbols are related in the formation of important symbols of the game.
  • The sign of a pyramid and a rising sun above it denote wild symbols in the game. The Wild symbol is showcased on three central columns. The function of this symbol is just to replace other lower valued symbol and form a positive combination.
  • Wilds in the game doesn’t gift any sort of payoffs, they just act as a trump symbol in substituting other lower valued symbols. Additionally, if this expands for a complete reel, this ensures in increasing the chances of forming winning combinations.
  • The other symbol in the game is the feature symbol and is denoted by a golden statue of the cat.
  • Feature symbol in the game does not depend on the site where it is on the screen or the quantity of the active winning lines. The winning payoff from this symbol is calculated according to the total bet per round.
  • When 3 and more bonus symbols sneak out at any position of the neighbor reels, starting from the initial left one, 8 free spins gets activated. At this juncture, the casino works stakes money instead of the customer, during these spins.
  • The value of the bet and the number of winning line remains the same during the procedure. Free spins can be lengthy and winnings are equally higher.

Concluding Temptation Queen

Temptation Queen is an online slot machine casino game developed by the famous WMS gaming. Living up to the developer’s reputation, the game comes up with free spin features and workings of Wild symbol in forming winning combinations for the players. WMS gaming have always been focused in providing some extra fun to the players and prolonged free spins are those gifts, which is a reason why the game turns really addictive. Other notable features of the game includes high paylines, payoff indexes and a wide range of bet line values, quite comfortably lures new comes to come up and play the game.

The game is available to play in various online casinos where WMS games are supported. The game can also be played with real money in UK and European-based casinos as well and requires no download or registration to play the game. To play free Temptation Queen Casino slot machine game, there are various popular casinos offering such schemes.


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