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Gambling as a source of entertainment has enthralled the human race since time immemorial. It has been mentioned in Indian epics like Mahabharata as well as numerous other books. The charm of quick money with the sudden adrenaline rush associated to it has indeed made gambling a popular mode of entertainment to the human being. As with every other form of entertainment, gambling has evolved over the ages more so with the advent of the software and internet revolution. Population from countries who doesn’t have easy access to live casinos now has the opportunity to go online and have the real-time feeling of being in a casino. The casino companies have been quick to pounce on these opportunities and have opened up a plethora of websites hosting easy to complex games ranging from slots to poker. You can play a variety of these games online for free like free slots UK. Playing slots is the easiest way to gamble because it has minimum risks involved and the money at stake depends completely on the player. To top it off, software providers such as Konami and Endorphina are churning out slots by theme so as to cater to the various fantasies of the players. Most of these slots are free and offer the players a chance to play with real money and win them back manifold. Many of these websites allow no downloads but then you really do not need them to enjoy the beauty of these games. With their user-friendly interfaces and the options to win real big money in no time, these casino conglomerates are turning the heat on conventional online gaming more so with the theme-based slots that keep on coming to provide entertainment to larger audience bases.

Play Space Slot Machines

George Lucas with his Star Wars series has long been a crowd favorite and has inspired the masses to dream of being a Jedi. Stephen Hawking with his groundbreaking research on Space and time has ignited the science enthusiasts to take up physics as a discipline and make a serious career choice about it. Space has its own forte in populist culture for quite some time now and the casino companies have been intelligent enough to tap this ever-bubbling area and convert it into absolute money-spinners by coming up with space-themed slots that catch the fancy of space enthusiasts. Space – themed slots not only ensure quick and real money to the players but also guarantee handsome bonus time to time.

  • 2027 ISS Slot – Developed by Endorphina, a pioneer in the galaxy of thematic slots, this game is a tribute to mankind’s first mission to outer space in 1961. As the player shoots into the stratosphere, he sees the universe unfurl, courtesy some mind-boggling graphics, winning some real good money. Simplistic in design with a maximum of 9 paylines and the bet value ranging from a minimum 1 to a maximum of 10, this is not for bounty-hunters, but with a decent RTP of 96% and medium volatility provides enough entertainment to the occasional player.
  • 2050 Escape from Mars – Straight out of The Martian, this particular game by Espresso features a desolate Martian landscape with a rocket on the side with its door wide open and aliens lurking around ready to attack at the slightest behest. Futuristic and adrenaline-pumping, 2050 Escape from Mars puts the player virtually in the storyline of the Hollywood extravaganza with a chance to earn good money and rewarding bonuses. This video slot game gives the feel of a classic sci-fi with 5 reels dangling in a transparent bubble having 26 paylines to play for and the self-explanatory command buttons lined up below. This is a classic slot where the throughput depends upon the strength of the wager and does throw up some surprise bonuses from time to time.
  • Alien Attack Slots – Themed upon the popular concept of Alien Attack on the earth, here is another Espresso-designed beauty that gives the real feel of a sci-fi universe with surprise bonuses and promises an ultimate jackpot when the player gets to save Mother Earth and humanity from obliteration. The screen resembles the command center of a spaceship with Saturn and its rings in the background and plenty of hi-fi weapons to play around. Laced with the essence of intergalactic travel and futuristic gadgetry, this game is a true-space lover’s delight with an added incentive of winning a handsome jackpot and surprising bonus money.

Earn with the thrills of an Alien-Hunter

There are a host of other space-themed slots with Alien Hunter, Alien Attack and Area 21 being amongst the most popular of them all. Space Slots are designed for space enthusiasts giving the real time feeling of intergalactic travel and providing the opportunity to earn real money in quick time. So to quote Dr. Sheldon Cooper: “Bazzzinga!!!”