Video Slots

Video slots operate in a similar fashion with physical slot machines. The difference is that computerized slots use the power of algorithms and programs to add more mathematical equations to the game. The result of this is you have more ways to win. Physical slot machines can only depend on what gears and cranks can do so they are mostly limited to only one pay line. It is simplistic and can get boring quickly. Computerized video machines can have up to 1,024 ways to win. It also has bonus rounds, scatter symbols, multipliers, and wild symbols that a physical machine can never offer.
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Play Video Slot Machines for Free

On our website, you can test hundreds of different video slots online without the need to register. You do not need to download any software at all.

All you have to do is to select a slot that you like and click the link. It will operate for as long as you are accessing it from a device that can run Flash or HTML 5.

We can do this because we have access to demo versions of video slots. With us, you can play video slots in the same manner that you would play them in land-based or online casinos. The bets, rules, and prizes are the same.

However, take note that each casino operator has the option to change the currency or how the slot will display the units of the bets. They can either be displayed in cash value or in terms of coins or credits.

One credit, or one coin, is not always equal to a dollar or your countries whole currency unit. Think of an arcade game where you buy tokens to operate a machine. Some titles are like that. Some coins can be worth $0.01 each. Some are worth $2 each.

Video Slots Features Overview

The process to play online video slots is essentially anchored on the same principle. You need to spin the reels and if you successfully land same symbol combinations on a designated line, you win a prize.

A slot machine has reels. Physically, the reel is the drum that spins. It has all the symbols of the slot. Many free video slots today operate on five reels. Some have three.

And then there is a thing called a pay line. A pay line is the order of symbols that the slot machine considers a win. In a physical slot, you only have one pay line. This line is the row where the symbols are displayed. In this line, you must match three symbols horizontally to constitute a win, like three cherry symbols.

The video slots casino can provide may have anywhere between five to 80 pay lines. Some have 243 and some have 1,024. On average, modern computerized casino games have three rows and can display 15 symbols.

Free casino video slots also have what we call wilds and scatter.

A wild is a pre-determined symbol that substitutes for all symbols except a few.
The rules vary from one slot to another.
Let us say that you need five symbols of Lucky 7 to land a jackpot. You hit four but the fifth symbol is a wild.
Since it is a wild, the machine will consider it as a Lucky 7 symbol.
A wild will act as a replacement for any symbol that you need in order to win.

The scatter symbol is one that can either pay out more money or award free spins. Unlike other ordinary symbols, the scatter does not need to be in any position to constitute a win. For as long as you land the required number of scatters, the machine will pay out.

A good strategy when playing the game is to be consistent with your bets. You must also put a bet on all pay lines. Despite the cost of the total stake, this will eventually pay off if one if you successfully land a winning combo in one of those lines.

Video Slots F.A.Q.

Q: What is a video slot machine?
A: It is a computerized version of a physical slot machine. It operates in the same context and it is used in gambling facilities or for mere entertainment.

Q: Why are video slots very popular?
A: These games are popular because of the convenience and the many ways that a player and win cash prizes. It is very simple to operate the machine and there are no skills required to play the game. These machines are also accessible. You can play them in the comfort of your home for as long as you are connected to the web.

Q: What are the best video slot machines?
A: The best video slots are those that have wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds. Without these, your luck is significantly diminished. These features improve your odds of winning and can double or triple your prizes. Some machines even pay up to 100x your bet.

Q: How do video slots work?
A: You win in slot machines if you match same-symbol combinations on a line. This line is not always a straight line. However, you will only win if you put a bet on the winning line. So if you wagered only on line #1 but it was line #10 that has a three-symbol or five-symbol combination, you won’t win any prize.

If you are in a land-based casino, you can either drop coins or buy a casino card. You can deposit money into this card and you need to insert this in the slot machine. You can cash out your winnings by giving the card to the cashier.

Q: Are video slots better than classic machines?
A: Definitely a yes. Computerized casino games, including online free video slots, have more to offer than the physical ones that run on cranks and gears. Slots that run on computer systems also have colorful graphics. On top of that, many casino titles of this kind offer small bonus games like shooting targets or spinning a wheel of fortune. You cannot find these on physical slot machines.