Best Video Slots

The first mechanical slot machine was created in 1897, with three reels, four symbols, and manual spinning not even close to the computer systems today. Then, in 1975, the first video machine showed up at casinos called “Fortune Coin”, but it took some time for players to start trusting new technology and their computer to spin the reels. What, in fact, helped the massive growth of video slots is video poker. Since poker itself had already a decent player base, those who played it at the time were urged by manufacturers to start trying this new type of slot games.

Moving on to the modern times, virtual slots are extremely popular and classify in numerous categories and features to satisfy every player’s needs. They can be played anytime and anyplace, since most video slots casinos, including our platform, are compatible with PC, tablet, and mobile devices. For complete fairness, all games utilize the well-known RNG system which allows a spinning machine to randomize the symbols landed after a turn.

Some countries still restrict gambling games such as the United States. On the other hand, European laws are not so strict on the matter, but still vary and categorize the slots differently; hence it is not the same whether you live, let’s say, in UK, Spain, or Italy. The industry started going in a new direction and figuring out a way to blur the lines between gambling and gaming. This might cause a completely different look at betting and slots, especially with the coming of the new “Danger Arena” shooter slot machine, which combines the best of online gaming and making money.

Video slots with bonus

The video slot bonus highly vary from one game to another, and every prominent manufacturer also has its particular specialty. For example, Williams Interactive (WMS) is famous for its cascading reels, while EGT is all about the progressive prices and bonuses. To sum up, nowadays, the slot features are all those additions that come besides the core gameplay. Therefore, a machine with just a “Spin” button and the ordinary matching symbols on the screen with a few paylines would be an entirely simple one. However, these are rare cases in the virtual play of slots.

  • Slots With Wild Symbols
    This symbol is perhaps the most popular gambling symbol in the industry. Nowadays, even the simplest machines seem not to be produced without it. Its basic role is to serve as a replacement, a substitute for all the regular icons. Hence, it won’t replace those extra ones, such as fellow Scatter or a Bonus icon. Wild itself can sometimes take on different roles. There are Sticky, Random, Transferring, and Stacked Wilds which do a bit more than substituting and are more rare compared to the basic one.
  • Scatter Symbols
    Wild and Scatter often come “in a package” and players are used to having them both in gameplay. Scatter’s role, for the difference of Wild, is not always the same. In most cases, this symbol will activate Free Spins and is not dependent on paylines. For example, while all other icons must match on a line pattern, three Scatters will simply mean a price win or a bonus trigger.
  • Free Spins
    The best thing with free spins is that once enabled, a player is guaranteed at least a small payout without any cash being taken from him. Sometimes, vendors will make it even more interesting by adding a new playing screen for free spins which differs from the regular one. The number of free spins can be fixed or vary based on the matched Scatters. This can be seen in the example of the Aristocrat’s famous Buffalo machine consisted of 5, 8, 15, and 20 free spins, which are triggered with at least two Scatters matched.
  • Multiplier
    The multiplier can refer to two different things. It can be a particular symbol present on the reels, or it can be a type of bonus given during free turns or a premium play. They multiply the combination they are found in by a certain amount (2x, 3x, or even a lot more).
  • Bonus Game
    This is the most variable feature regarding its gameplay, looks, prices, etc. It majorly depends on the creativity of developers and is usually much tied to the theme. For example, in The Wizard of Oz, one of the bonus games is the “pick me” addition called Oz Pick.
  • Progressive Pot
    When playing a progressive jackpot machine, this always changing price (or more of them) is spinning on the top of the screen. It is increasing and waiting for a gamester to win it, after which each player currently playing the game is informed about it.
  • Gamble Game
    This feature is most easily accessed compared with those mentioned before. What you need to do is just match some symbols on a payline which get you even the smallest win. Then, a button will appear, usually blinking, and calling you to click it and try doubling the earned amount. However, if you don’t do so and fail, the winning is lost. This extra mostly consists of cards, and it is up to you to guess the color/suit of the next coming card.

Advantages of Playing Video Slots

Free video slots with no download offer a sea of options for their players. Whether those are buttons and bet settings, bonus features, themes, and types, there is 100% everything for everyone. A player can configure not only the size of his stake based on his budget but also adapt it to the number of reels and paylines which are often also free for manipulation. Moreover, with video slots comes the Paytable mark, a comprehensive page which explains all you need to know about the gameplay and sums up all paylines, symbols, bonuses, rules, RTP, and much more.

There are dozens of types to pick from, and at our casino, you can try, for example, the old-school 3 Reels Slots or even the cutting-edge 15 Reels Slots! Gamesters can also classify Slots by Themes and see which story is most attractive for them. You can also deposit and play video slots for real money if you wish to start an authentic slot gameplay. We offer only the best platforms that provide video slots with a bonus code, which allows their users to get some bonuses, such as cash or free spins, by entering the given code numbers. Protection Status