Slots By Type

Free online slots usually surpass other casino games. Their extreme popularity among gamblers can be explained by interesting rules and stunning jackpot prizes. Software companies are trying to supply the market with innovative products both for land-based casinos and free online versions. Back in the old days the term “slot machine” only referred to simple games of luck. Today, the machine types are numerous. Below is the quick rundown of currently available pieces. Note that designs are usually easy to access with no download required even if you are investing real money:

The Most Popular Slots

Big Berthas

Colossal machines with at least three columns. Usually, they are placed near the casino entrance. The amounts they carry are not high;

Buy Your Pay

Combinations depend on bet amounts. These allow wages from one to five coins. If you want all the options to be unlocked you have to stake the maximum number of credits.

Video Slots

Modern machines with up to 100 pay lines. They offer various bonus rounds and high payments. Leading manufacturers are devoted to producing these games (e.g. IGT with its Elvis a Little More Action. This one has 50 lines and the maximum payout of stunning 25 million credits);

Progressives Slots

Slots with an increasing top prize. When a player invests real money, part of it is used to enlarge the jackpot (e.g. Diamond Bonanza). There is a good deal of variations present:

●     Standalone

The jackpot is tied up only to one piece of the game;

●     Linked

Multiple models are connected with each other. Usually, they belong to the same casino or a provider. So, the jackpot increases on all machines at once. When the top payment is won on one of the products, the jackpot  drops to a starting point;

●     Wide Area

Linked pieces that can cover the territory of the whole state;

Flat Tops

This type has fixed jackpots;


These include two or more kinds mentioned above;

Type of Slots Machine

Types of slots pleasing for the UK punters are usually conventional. These gamblers love decent prizes and elegant design:

  • Classic Slots
    Actually, these are traditional 3 Reels Slots. Appealing mainly because of their simplicity, they are not popular worldwide. However, they have been a ground model for all the other products. They always come with some standard symbols, such as lucky seven, bars, stars or bells. Also, they often include high card icons;
  • Fruit Machines
    Traditional British fun often found in pubs. These slots have simple rules and some unique features that differ them from other similar products. Usually, with one pay line, these have the Hold and the Nudges buttons. The second one allows a bettor to keep reels in the same position for the next spin. The Nudge means that a player can move the whole reel to complete the winning combination;

Slot machine type games

It is impossible to name all the famous designs regardless the type. The list of the best games is constantly enlarging. Other than stuff already mentioned above there are pieces that stand out because of their main features, such as Wild play, Multipliers or Reel machines. These designs can bring skyrocketing amounts, like the Wizard of Oz released by WMS. This slots has 30 pay lines. It includes 24,000 worth jackpot and the 10x multiplier. Mad Orchestra from MIG has even 100x your bet multiplier.

Other Slot Variations

  • 3D Machines
    These are the new generation pieces that bring the thrill and high-quality graphics. They are very similar to Video pieces, only they are one step ahead when it comes to animations (e.g. Viking Mania from Playtech);
  • Penny Slots
    Sometimes also called single-coin slots. With only 0.01 stake allowed, these are very attractive for gamblers who do not like to risk. However, they are very rare in the online gambling community;
  • I – Slots
    Very interesting model created by Rival Gaming. An interactive piece where bettors can actually affect the storyline. You will be introduced to the scenario and basic symbols. At some moment you will have to make a choice on how the story will proceed;
  • Mobile Models
    Nowadays many developers use these platforms. They create designs adapted for smartphones and tablet devices so players from all around the world can enjoy at any time.