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Double Diamond is a slot game that is very popular all over the world especially in Vegas casinos and is manufactured by International Game Technologies. Rather than just serving the purpose of entertainment as you play it allows users to win big money. It was mainly developed for casinos that were based on land, and it has for a long time been the people’s game of choice due to its simplicity. It is a 3-reel slot machine with a single pay line. It uses the Double Diamond(R) theme introduced by IGT in 1989.

Play Double Diamond Slot
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Double Diamond GamePlay

Playing the Double Diamond slots is rather very straightforward as the player just chooses the amount he/she would wish to stake, then spin. The minimum amount allowed to bet is usually 25 cents with maximum amounts going to even 100 dollars of real money. When a player has around 2500 casino credit, he/she may be eligible to win a jackpot and even winning a whooping 12500 dollars payout.

Tips and Tricks

Generally, there is a chart that stipulates the combinations and how they payout. However, the game is a matter of chance and your luck.

  • The free slots
    Though still very popular, they do not have a monetary value. One can play free Double Diamond casino slot machine for android users by downloading an application found in the play store developed by Jaxily. Furthermore, Double Diamond online can be found on various online platforms and gaming websites for free all over the world with no download needed.
  • Winning symbols
    Some of the symbols include classic symbols like ‘777, ’some cherries or a ‘BAR’ symbol. Other symbols may include the double diamond logo which is often considered to be the best paying symbol. It offers 27 ways of winning despite the outcome of the combination of symbols. Additionally, it has a wild multiplier symbol that can replace the other symbols found on the game. When it appears on the pay line that is winning, the bet is doubled, and when it appears twice the bet pays you times 4.

Double Diamond brings the excitement and the fun that the next generation of gaming will be based on. As the online foundation for future slot machines, it has incorporated the use of land-based casinos which ensures there are more other ways to win particular slots prizes. With the wild symbol feature, it maximizes the player’s winning potential and adds bonuses on bets. The popularity of these games continues to increase due to its simplicity to use. Other reasons it continues to be Famous is because it is a classic game and also extremely fun to play. Play this high paying slot machine with a modern feel.

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