5 Reels Slots

A five reel slot refers to a casino machine that has five reels and typically three rows. To understand this better, we need to look back at the old physical fruit machines. Typically, a machine has reels. These are cylindrical drums that rotate or spin. Each reel has different symbols. The machine has a rectangular screen, or glass, that will show three symbols, one for each reel, once all the drums stopped spinning. This rectangular screen is called a pay line. To win, you need to match three same symbols on the screen. The area where a symbol is shown is called a slot. The physical fruit machine only has one row — the row that shows the three symbols.   A five-reel machine has five rotating drums, three rows, and fifteen slots.  
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Play 5 Reel Slot Machines for Free

You can find 5 reel slots on our website and you can test them out without using real cash. There is no need to download the games but you need the internet to play.

We offer hundreds of free 5 reel slots. These are sponsored by the game developers and we have access to the demo versions of these games. You can play as much as you want for fun or to learn the game mechanics.

5 Reel Slots Features Overview

A slot with 5 reels offers a multitude of features. Below are some examples.

  • Wild – the wild is a symbol that replaces any kind of symbol to constitute a win. Let us say that you need three same symbols of a banana in adjacent reels on a straight line to win. It so happened that the symbols you landed are four bananas and a cherry. This will still reward you a prize but not the jackpot. However, if you landed a wild symbol instead of a cherry, the machine will consider this as a banana symbol. Therefore, you win the jackpot.
  • Scatter – the scatter symbol is one that does not need to be in a pay line to award a prize. It is called scatter because for as long as you land a certain number of it on reels, you will win a prize. Your prize could be cash or free spins.
  • Bonus Rounds – bonus rounds come in many forms. The bonus rounds are triggered differently in 5-reel slot machines. In the bonus round, you can be shooting symbols to reveal prizes, choosing a few symbols out of many and guess which one has a prize or spinning a rotating wheel that has prizes.
  • Free Spins – these are spins that do not cost you any money but will win you money. Different games award a different number of free games and they also get triggered in different ways. The most common is by landing three scatter symbols in a spin.
  • Multiple Pay Lines – the physical machine only has one pay line—a straight line where three same symbols land in a row. Because there are 15 slots in a 5 reel slot, many games were designed to have as much as 1,024 lines or ways to win. You can win if you landed at least three same symbols diagonally, or perhaps if the same symbols stack from left to right like a pyramid.

A tip that one must consider is to first play free casino 5 reel slots. This is the only way to understand and experience the game, how it works, and if the payout is worth your money.

When you play free games of slots with 5 reels, pretend that it is real money. You must make decisions on betting like as if you are staking your own money. By the time you play the real game with real cash, you have already devised a strategy on how to make sure that you get the most out of your bankroll.

5 Reel Slots F.A.Q.

Q: What is a 5 reel slot?
A: It is a kind of casino machine that has five reels and typically has three rows that display a total of 15 symbols.

Q: How Do 5 reel slots work?
A: They operate in the same way as a three-reel slot. The drums or reels will spin and stop. To win, the symbols that landed must meet specific criteria set by the game developer.

Q: 3 Reel Slots or 5 Reel Slots: which is more popular?
A: Machines with five reels are more popular because there are more ways to win. Casino players prefer to take their chances on games that have higher odds on their favour.

Q: What are the advantages of 5 Reel Slots?
A: The advantage of a five reel machine is the presence of wilds, scatters, and other features that you will not find in three-reel slots. The reason there are additional bonus features is that the statistical odds of landing combinations are lower than that of three-reel machines.