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Kitty Glitters is a famous online video slot machine game, powered by one of the influential gaming software manufacturers, IGT (WagerWorks). The game is all about pet theme, a type, which is pretty common in the world of online gaming. Yet, the game stands out for its winning features, which has turned many eyeballs among the masses to try this out. The game is set up with 30 paylines and 5 reels and the maximum coin size is 100 with the minimum coin value is as low as 0.01. The maximum fixed limit for the coins that can be inserted in a line is 1. The game alternatively, comes up with a positive RTP of 94.9%, making it a clear fan favorite game. The game can be played both for free and for real money and it is available in countries such as UK and USA. To play free Kitty Glitters casino slot machine game, there is a limit of coin usage and it is recommended to play for real money.
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Rules to Play Kitty Glitters

Kitty Glitters slot is all about pet theme and the entire game revolves the challenges and features related to cats and pets. Thus, the game entirely provides the winning slots and channels with regards to the main theme. Here are the set of rules to play this fun-oriented game:

  • The game is all about 5 reels and 20 paylines and each of these reels contains 3 slots. The motive of the player is to ensure and land at least three identical symbols on the paylines. On doing so, the payout line tends to increase and the pay will be according to the value. Obviously, on landing anything more than three symbols will surely result in higher prizes.
  • Landing symbols is always backed up by special symbols, which plays a very important part in the gameplay. The 30 paylines can be altered as per the choice of the players and the minimum of a single payline can also be played. Though it won’t ensure higher payouts, rest assured higher the paylines, higher is the winning.
  • To start the game proceedings, the players need to click the spin button and alike all the popular online slot machine games, the bet values and coin ranges are needed to be initialized by the betters. The coin value can be set from anywhere from 1 to 20.
  • The game can be played for fun and only for 1000 coins and requires registration for playing anything above the range.

Winning Features of Kitty Glitters Online

Kitty Glitter online comes up with three distinct yet the most popular bonus features like Wild, Scatter and the diamond accumulator features. These features comes to play best while playing for real money and even on some cases for fun playing parties. Here is how these features work as follows,

  • Wild: Wild Symbol is none other than the logo of the game, and this appears on certain reels, viz. 2, 3, 4 and the 5th reels. The main usage of the symbol is to play them as a substitute for all other symbols except for the scatter. The symbol doesn’t have any payment rewards, yet it plays a very important part in the game.
  • Scatter: Scatter Symbol appears to look like a dish, which has been filled with small pellets of diamonds. The symbol alike Wild, appears only on the reels 2, 3, 4 and the 5th one. But unlike the Wild, this does have a fair payment value, and it comes up in multiplying the total bet as much as thrice. The USP of the feature is it can be used anywhere in the reels irrespective of the requirement of paylines. Thus, as much as 15 free spins can be won for three of these symbols. The process can be triggered many a times and the maximum limit is 225 coins, which can be availed with this feature.
  • The most intriguing feature of the game is the Diamond accumulator, which gives Kitty Glitters a major reason to be successful. A diamond symbol occasionally appears on the fifth reel and it results in unlocking features of various types of Cats acting as a Wild.

Final Verdict for Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter slots is a very modest yet a fun-filled slot machine game with a theme of pet. Apart from its sedate looks and slots, the game is definitely one of the best playable themes of the recent times. Starting from the interface, everything looks to be set up properly with buttons and features studded ensure a new level of gaming experiences.

Feature such as Wild ensure wonderful game changing and progression whereas the real game-changing symbol is Scatter, which ensures a pocket stacking multipliers in the form of free spins.

The real deal of the game is admittedly the diamond accumulator feature, which ensures in popping of more wilds.

The game is widely available in all the popular O/S and is completely compatible in modern mobile phones. It absolutely requires no download and can be enjoyed for free.

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