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Being relatively new on the market, Money Keno casino slot online has already gained its loyal following. It was developed by Microgaming provider which is probably the most prominent manufacturer in the gambling industry. The game resembles slot machines by its interface: some typical elements such as bet, available credits, win, and auto play option are present here. But the rules of Money Keno drastically differ from the slots mechanics.

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As for machine’s theme and genre, it is a classic keno lottery inspired by a tropical nature. The background of the casino slot shows a landscape with palms and sunny beach accompanied by joyful monkeys on the hill. There is nothing special in its design – the features and bonuses of Money Keno are much more remarkable.

Essentials of Gambling on Monkey Keno

The first thing the player can notice is the absence of reels and paylines. All you can see is the 8 x 10 grid with numbers from 1 to 80. Each round you pick up 15 tiles which, in your opinion, form the right combination. To win the game, the gambler should guess those numbers which are randomly generated by the machine at the beginning of every round.

On the right side of the slot’s interface, you may see the table including a number of hits and payment amount which corresponds to them. For instance, if you select 1 position correctly, your bet will be multiplied by 1. If there are 3 matches, it is increasing by 16 and so on. It is possible to get acquainted with payment multipliers table without leaving the application.

Before you start playing Monkey Keno slot machine online, choose the bet size which varies from 0.1 to 10 coins. Then, pick 15 numbers out of 80 or activate the “Quick Pick” or “Auto Play” option and the system will choose the titles on its own.  Once the position is selected, the monkey will throw a coconut at the particular place on the board.

There are no such features as jackpots or bonus games, so you can earn money only through guessing the right numbers.

Facts Which Help You Win

Although we offer the free version of the game, true fans of casino games will be happy to play Monkey Keno for real money. Learn some facts and tips about this slot machine to increase your chances for success:

  • RTP of Monkey Keno comprises 87% – 88%. This data hasn’t been provided by Microgaming but was determined according to the applications with a similar game play. It is not very high value, so the slot isn’t suitable for long distance bets.
  • The maximum possible payment in the game is $100000 if all 15 numbers are guessed correctly and the bet equals 10.
  • Try to pick numbers evenly; do not choose all from the first 30s or the last 20s.

The game is available to play for free on our website. If you want to try your luck for real money, search for the casinos online. Monkey Keno is not considered to become a legend among lottery-style slots, but this application is a great example of a genre with great payouts. The shortcomings of the slot are relatively low RTP and rather monotonous design and gambling process. However, Microgaming has brightened up those flaws with a pleasant soundtrack and entertaining animation of monkeys.

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