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Price is Right in Vegas is an online slot machine game developed by WMS gaming, inspired from a popular TV Show with the same name. The game boasts of a gripping background theme and music along with a wonderful gameplay. The bonus features acts as the USP along with the special reel feature makes this game an instant fan favorite. The game can be played online in all the casinos, which contain the games from WMS Gaming and can be played for real money across popular countries such as USA and UK. Alternatively, to play free Price is Right in Vegas casino slot machine game, the bonus payout might vary and so does the payout.
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Rules of Playing Price is Right in Vegas Slots

Price is Right in Vegas is a little unusual slot containing slot machine game with a different layout altogether. Here are some of the points and tips that a player should look forward, before playing the game:

  • The game possesses a variable payline of 20 and 6 reels to play instead of a typical 5 reels. However, while playing the game, the player is required to unlock the 6th reel and that can be done on activating the Big Wheel.
  • The 6th special reel contains only multiplier numbers instead of a typical symbol. To make it simpler, the winnings in the rounds will be multiplied with a numeric value on accessing the 6th reel. The players here are required to be cautious before proceeding the 6th reel as it costs 10X bet per line to activate and the chances of losing them all is high.
  • The game boasts of badges which is based on the TV Show and contains the pictures of the cast in the show, including the host, wheel of fortune, sports car. The minimum payout in case of this round is a modest payout of 15 coins whereas the maximum payout is a whopping 2500 coins.
  • On hitting three symbols together in the same winning line is of course obligatory to win prizes of any sorts. However, for some lower valued symbols, even 2 symbols are sufficient to score a win.
  • The RTP of the game comes at a brilliant 96.64%. This signifies a wonderful payout from the game’s part and the players are bound to win more often than usual. Although not all spins and settings will ensure payout, but one major payout can relatively turn the tables.

Bonus Game and Features of Price is Right in Vegas Online

Like many other popular online slot machine games of the modern day, Price is Right in Vegas slot consists of symbols and game features as follows:

  • Wild Symbol: The picture of the host of Original TV series denotes Wild in the game. The symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and like most of many usual slot machine games, Wilds have an ability to replace other symbols in the reels except for the scatter. In this game, it does activate a special mini game feature.
  • Scatters: The scatter symbol in the game is denoted by the logo of the original TV series. The Scatter symbol appears only on the reels 1, 2 and 3 and alike the Wilds, this too helps in triggering a bonus round features, which will be discussed shortly.
  • Showcase Feature: This feature is activated on getting 3 scatters anywhere on the reels. This feature is although an in-built game feature, but clearly lets the playable jurisdiction to remain in the hands of casinos handling it. Like the prize payout depends from different casinos. The common structure sees to spin a wheel and on different sections on the wheels has different cash prizes. The average payout in case of this round is 2.500X on average per bet in this round.
  • Mini Game Features: This feature can be activated using the Wilds and requires 3 Wild symbols to be on the reels at the very same time. Yet again, the content and payout levels varies from one casino to the other and they can range anywhere from prize boxes to extra coin payouts to free spins and even addition of Wilds. On assuming the casino linked to the progressive jackpot process, the entire payout process can be as much as 2,500,000 coins, which by the way is a very rare occurrence.

Summarizing Price is Right in Vegas Online

Price is Right in Vegas online is a game based on the original TV series carrying the same name. Developed by WMS Gaming, the game gives out a perfect mixture of giving the players a feel of playing an online slot machine game in Vegas with a modern theme of a real-time games show. The game is a popular hit among the gamers simply because of two popular bonus rounds, which genuinely allows the players to score up large points and wagers. So, the players of all experience can go about and try their luck out with this wonderful slot machine game as it requires no downloads or registration to play.

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