3 Reels Slots

A 3 reel slot machine is one that only has three rotating drums. In the video game industry, this is touted as a classic slot because the earliest physical slot machines were built this way. Back in the 1800s, the very first slot machines had three rotating cylindrical drums, called reels. Each reel had many symbols stuck to it, which are in equal-sized square panels. The goal of the game is to land three same-symbols, one on each reel, on the pay line, which is visible through the horizontal glass. Modern video games have adapted this concept on computers for people who want a nostalgic experience when gambling either online or in online casinos.
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Play 3 Reel Slot Machines for Free

Here, you will find many free online 3 reel slots. These games are legitimate slot titles that you can play in casinos online for real money.

You can launch these free slots with 3 reels in your computer or mobile browser. Downloading or installing any kind of software is not required. However, you must have a modern phone that can run Flash-based games or a browser that is compatible with HTML 5.

You also need to be connected to the internet consistently.

3 Reel Slots Features Overview

The main feature of 3 reel slots is the simplicity. It is easy to understand because there is only one pay line. But as we all know, there is no limit man’s imagination. Today, there are 3 reel slot games that can offer up to nine pay lines. Below are some features that you can expect in some games that have three reels.

Nine Pay Lines – although a typical slot with three reels only has one pay line and three slots, some companies developed 3-reel slot games with three rows that can display nine symbols. And because there are nine symbols, they have also designed to make it pay out of nine pay lines. Some are straight lines and some are diagonal lines.

Half Lines – many slots with three reels show only a full symbol in the middle of the screen. But some game designers decided to compensate this one-line requirement. They designed games with half-lines. The top and bottom only show half of the symbols. Today, there are payout systems for landing half-symbols.

Double Bets – because there is commonly only one payout line, it is not unusual to see 3-reel slots to allow a player to bet two times the original amount on a spin. The result of doubling the bet is double the prize.

Double Progressives – this applies mostly to those that have double bets. There are two types of progressive jackpots on the game. You will win the first one if you bet a single coin, and you will win the second progressive jackpot if you double your wager.

Any Three – this applies mostly to classic 3-reel slots with Bar as a symbol. Some machines have one bar, two bars, and three bars. To make it easy for a player to win, the machines were designed to pay out if you landed a combination of any of these bars instead of same symbols only.

3 Reel Slots F.A.Q.

Q: What is 3 reel slot?
A: It is a slot that has three rotating drums. Typically, it only shows three full symbols but there are game variations where you can either see nine symbols or half-symbols.

Q: Are all 3 reel slots classic?
A: Not all of them are classic. Classic fruit machines with three-reels always use the same traditional symbols like the Lucky 7, Bar, and lemon. There are many modern 3 reel slots for free that do not use these symbols and do not follow the old payout system of classic machines.

Q: How do 3 reel slots work?
A: It works by spinning the drums by cranking a lever or pushing a button. You will win money if you matched same-symbol combinations on a pay line.

Q: 3 Reel Slots or 5 Reel Slots. Which are more popular?
A: Today, 5-reel machines are more popular because they offer more game variation such as wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds. Casino titles with three reels are typically simplistic in terms of design. Winning in a slot with three reels is straightforward—you need to match three symbols on a straight line. Slots with five reels are much more complicated than this.

Q: Advantages of 3 reel slots?
A: One big advantage of a slot with three reels is its simplicity. The game design is easy to understand and it is best played by beginners to understand how the payout system works. In a 3-reel slot, all you need to do is to land three symbols of the same kind on the same line. Not all symbols pay the same and a beginner will immediately now that some symbols pay higher.