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Modern society quickly adapts to various kinds of changes, so the lottery appeared in a virtual format, in all possible variations. Recently NetEnt developed its Ace slot. This video game belongs to the instant lottery category. Playing, you must collect three identical numbers to get the corresponding winnings. The gambler cannot influence the game — it all depends on his luck.
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The gameplay and design

This video game by NetEnt has a special elegant style, where the royal grandeur is guessed in all the small details. Ace slots are familiar scrap cards. The game space resembles old valuable document with the spot of sealing wax. Placed in the top corner of the field, it contains the game logo. Cells with prize amounts are located in the center, outlined by a brown-gold frame with a simple, but beautiful ornament. The ticket price is indicated in the upper left corner. The keys to “rule” the game process are at the bottom line. The music content is sounds of the button pressed, and a creak of the protective covering erasing.

Gambling with NetEnt and winning

Using Ace slots, the player must get combination of 3 identical numbers, which determine the amount of payment. Here every prize is multiplied by a certain coefficient. The main thing that the gambler must do here is to have patience, since only the units can get the biggest win which is 50,000 Euros. The payments sizes are presented in a special table that you can read at any time. Maximum and minimum bets here are equal 2.

The game process

The game algorithm is pretty simple. First, the user buys a lottery ticket for the fixed 2 Euros price. This will be the rate of Ace’s video game: you cannot change it, so make sure that you have enough funds. Next the player must erase the protective cover, which is located in the center of the field. You will be offered 3 items for erasing the cover: black button, metal barrette and a gold coin with the game logo. Pick one you like. Additionally, the protective coating can be removed without your participation. It hides nine cells with different numbers — to get a prize, you need three identical sums. The squares with identical figures will light up. The multiplication factor is hidden in the square below the main scoreboard. If everything is well, then you’ll see a congratulatory card with the amount of the payment indicated. Control the game with special keys. The main one performs two functions at once. It launches the game (Buy Card) and erases the protective cover (Scratch All). Wishing to remove the cover yourself, you may not use the 2nd function. The payout sizes are specified Paytable section: check them always.

Before risking with real money play free Ace casino slot machine. It’ll bring maximum enjoyment, give you a portion of new impressions and finally, when you play, give a prize. One thing is for sure: in any case you’ll get the positive charge. The simplest game algorithm, an acceptable bet amount and the game original design are lovely.

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