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Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. King Arthur. Characters brought to life by a figment of the imagination. Enjoyed books or movies based on them? Now amuse yourself when you play slots by theme of fantasy at an online casino. Play slots for free without deposit or do some gambling for real money.

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  • Concept & Theme: Legend of King Arthur and the popular Knights of the Round Table. The setting is the Isle of Avalon.
  • Software: Microgaming
  • Backdrop: Fantasy theme, symbols from the medieval period based on the legend of King Arthur – Broach, Crown, and Coat of Arms, Silver Goblet, Chest and Lady of the Lake. An eerie, ghostly soundtrack.
  • Important Details: Video Slot game has impressive graphics, very clear, nice colors. There are 20 pay lines, exceptional features like wilds, scatter symbols and a stunning jackpot of up to 3000 coins. The Avalon is a 5 Reel Slots game. Range of betting is from 0.01 to 0.5 and you can wager a maximum of 200 coins.
  • Symbols: The standard symbols are the Crown, Silver Goblet, Broach and the Coat of Arms. Two wild symbols. First is a golden box or the Chest, visible on using free spin slots. The second is Avalon logo, visible during the entire game. In basic mode, this logo is the only wild symbol. It can be a proxy for other symbols with the exception of scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the Lady of the Lake.
  • Key to Winning Avalon play slots:
    Payout from Crown is 5 – 800.
    Payout from Coat of Arms is 20 to 600.
    Broach gives a payout of 10 to 500.
    Silver Goblet offers a 10 to 400 payout.
    You can also gamble your winnings. When the ‘Gamble’ button is flashing, simply press it. Select a card. Win is doubled if you have correctly guessed the color. The win is 4 times when you guess the card suit rightly. Winnings come from the Avalon logo depending on the number seen: 2 – 10, 3 – 150, 4 – 1000, 5 – 3000.The Chest or the golden box comes into action during the Bonus round. Except for the Scatter, it can replace all other symbols. Winnings from The Chest are as shown below: 2 – 5, 3- 50, 4 – 150, 5 – 1000.The Lady of the Lake is the scatter symbol of the Avalon play slot game. If the reels show 3 or more of this symbol, you get 12 free spins. The same can be regenerated during the bonus round. The number of scatter symbols activating the bonus option will increase your winnings. They can go up to a maximum of 7 times. Both wild symbols, The Chest and Avalon logo are present when you use free spin slots. So there is a very high probability of winning handsomely through multiple rewarding combinations.
  • Final Judgment about this game: Easy to use interface, a fantasy theme in a medieval setting makes you feel like a king, and more so when you are winning. There are opportunities galore for this. Up to 15,000 coins Jackpot + 12 Free Spins during which wins can be (x random number). An extra joker, a 7x multiplier which can be increased to 20x resulting in 140 coins.

Our Verdict

You can see for yourself. It’s a win-win situation when you play slots by theme of fantasy. You get a dose of adventure, magic, thrill and terror in this world of make-believe. And a chance of winning big rewards, even a jackpot. The attractive payout when you play for real money makes it one of the best online slots in the world of online gaming.