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The theme of cats has not been fully disclosed in gambling. That's why IGT offered gamblers a new game about these amazing creatures. The plot of this gaming machine is unique and original. Apparently, the developers are fans of these fluffy and tailed animals.
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Gameplay and design

Cats were popular back in ancient Egypt. Today they are mostly known as pets that live in many houses and are distinguished by their finicky character. They are proud and independent, but at the same time kind and affectionate. Nevertheless, domestic little kittens are just part of the cat family. Wild cats are almost impossible to tame, and even if you succeed in taming the beast, there’s never a guarantee that the creature won’t change its behavior. These cats are dangerous predators that prey on animals larger than a bird or mouse. Although sometimes the behavior of all cats is almost the same. It is natural, because they are relatives, albeit distant. Cats IGT slot tells us exactly about these unpredictable, but so elegant and astonishing beasts. The game places the gambler into the world of wild fauna. The slot background is the unbridled nature of Africa. All the reels (5 of them) are black. In general, the design stylistics is dominated by black color and shades of orange. Cats slots animations notify you in advance about a certain combination that brings you some profit.

Gambling at this IGT slot

Cats slots look absolutely unusual and modern. The panel is very compact and narrow enough. Its buttons are located on a gray background and they go together with information tables. There all necessary stuff is located, that is ​​lines, Bet and Start buttons, an Automatic start button and settings. The paytable is placed there at the very bottom, on the right. Using it, the players will get enough info concerning the game and adjust the sound. Starting the main game, pick any quantity of lines (1-30) and make a bet. After that, you can safely spin the reels, collect various combinations that can bring profits and winnings and enjoy the flawless appearance of different wild cats. They are gorgeous, and their images, forming certain “mixtures” on paylines can bring the gambler real money. The maximum sum that can be won there is 10,000 Euros! Certainly, the gamblers that risk and bet max (50 coins), get these fantastic prizes. Do not wait for a jackpot (the game does not offer it) — just enjoy the gambling process. Remember: double symbols give the chance to win more. Scatter gives additional spin. The game has everything necessary to win and at the same time nothing superfluous, which would seem tiresome.

Before starting betting, play free Cats casino slot machine. It will present you the opportunity not only to have a good rest in the company of cute but gorgeous animals, but also to get good reward. Gambling there you can feel the atmosphere of wild untouched nature and the spirit of adventure. Do not hesitate risking at this stunning slot, as the RTP there is 96%!

  1. In my opinion the best slot should give a player a lot of bonuses during the game…this making the playing process more interesting..but playing cat slot’s I didn’t received much bonuses at all. I really love getting free spins .. this is almost impossible to get it here! maybe I was unlucky…maybe smth else or I can’t play it at all but I’m not very satisfied with such playing…

  2. Tigers, Black Panthers, cheetahs present in this game, the overall game about the wild cats.
    Some characters in this game can be displayed as a double. My first Cats Slot Deposit increased two times to 300 pounds.
    Soft normal, manufacturers trust – money put when I need to. Chat with tech support always responds. Cats Slot is open to anyone who wishes to catch the tail of luck!

  3. In general, a good slot machine, I managed to win more than once. In fact, you just need to figure out how to play correctly. The most pleasant moment is that the more you play, the more you come back. Put in only 80 cents, and got a bonus with three arrays and four wild drums. I was surprised – I put twenty, laid out 650 dollars! Make your deposit into the game and make good money!

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