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Cats are majestic, mysterious and interesting creatures that humans have grown to admire and love over the years. Although they have built a reputation for being fiercely independent, ruthless at times and stoic, these animals are actually more complex and fascinating than people realise, and you can verify this by playing this Cats slot. It’s no wonder that a game based on felines appeals to many people who are already drawn to learning more about them.
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IGT developed Cats video slots with the intention of entertaining players and giving an experience as close to being in the wild with these lovely creatures as possible. Coming with 30 paylines, this 5-reel slots machine is designed with a wide variety of cat breeds including exotic species many people are not familiar with. The RTP of the Cats slot machine is 94.93%, and the design of the gambling option makes a point of emphasising its animal theme.

Get Lost in the Wild with Cats Slot Online Free Play

The Cats online slot is well-designed, and one particular feature that stood out while exploring the gameplay for this Cats slot review are the images of several different wild cat breeds which represent the key symbols. From tigers to trots and lions, you will be amazed by how many cat breeds this gameplay includes.

Some cat images represent Split Symbols which can be used to substitute for regular cat symbols. Spin the reel to reveal 5 double symbols, and you will earn a payout that is worth ten individual symbols.

Cats slot online also comes with a Wild Symbol that is higher than every other symbol with the exception of the Bonus Symbol, represented by a big cat paw. When 6 paws appear, they earn you 10 free spins while a minimum of 4 paws can earn you double the amount of your bet. Like all of the other IGT games, you can enjoy Cats free play. For players looking for more than the free slot Cats, you can play this gambling option for real money. You can start your betting at 1 coin or place a maximum bet of 3,000 coins for the chance to win a jackpot worth 25,000,000 coins.


You will notice while playing this game that it is fully dedicated to showing off different wild cat breeds. Not only do they appear as regular symbols but they also appear as several of the special symbols included in the game. As for the general aesthetic of the game, it is wild and adventurous which is an obvious deliberate attempt by IGT to immerse players in the wildlife and to recreate the illusion of being in the jungle surrounded by these big animals. For animal lovers who also enjoy gambling, this is the perfect combination. Do not, however, let the design fool you as this game is more than just about the visuals. It is also a witty and creative game filled with interesting twists that you are sure to appreciate.

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