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Jeopardy is a popular online slot machine game, developed by the popular game developing software firm, IGT gaming and offers all the players a reason to play the game and gives out a heap of bonuses. However, there are certain rules to be followed by the players before playing the game in order to win big. The game adapts its theme from a popular television show with the same name. The theme and the gameplay ensure complete action, excitement and thrill to the players and the quiz format gives a reason for the players to think. The game is a 5 reel and 40 payout lines game which move from left to right. The minimum bet value can start from as low as 0.60 coins and the maximum coin value can go up to 60 coins. The slot does not offer progressive bonus feature, yet it offers a maximum of 2000x multiplier if the player is lucky and wins the main game jackpot. The game has a positive range of RTP, ranging from 92.8 to 96.40% winning chances.
Play Jeopardy! Slot
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Unfortunately, this game is not available in mobile and requires the players to play in PC or laptop. The game however requires no download to play and is available widely across all the popular casinos across UK, USA and Europe. The game slot can be played both for free and for real money in different casinos for different offers as for the fan’s point, play free Jeopardy online slot machine game for free.

Features Offered in Jeopardy! Slots

Jeopardy Slots offers a plethora of features for the gamers and contains unlockable bonus winning rounds, which will only enhance the gaming experience of the gamers. These features simply multiply the wagers and even the winning bounties to help the players earn fortunes in plenty. There are two such distinct bounties in the game, which are as follows:

  1. Free Spins: Free Spins feature can be unlocked if the player hits two or more Bonus symbol in the third column. The free spin thus is triggered. In this round, a total of 11 free spins get triggered and along with this, 6 X multipliers ensure the player to hit two scatters in the winning column. The multiplier gets eventually higher if the free spins 13 and 19 are reached, where a maximum of 12x number of free spin gets activated. The game also gives out the feature of Jeopardy board to let the players choose the number of free spins and the multipliers.
  2. Wild Rush: Jeopardy online offers one more winning feature in the form of Wild Rush, where it is required by a player to land one of the Jeopardy wild symbols anywhere on the reels. This will result in gaining more number of wilds. This is one of the most popular features of the game as it gives out transparent winning opportunities to all the players of different levels.

How to Play Jeopardy Online?

Jeopardy slots is an action filled slot machine game, which offers the players numerous jackpot and winning features to play. There are certain rules to play the games and these will ensure the players to win maximum prize.

As like any slot machine game, the symbols play an important part, and Jeopardy is nowhere different. The main character is Alex Trebek, the person responsible for the real life show.

  • The game offers Wild symbol, which can substitute all other symbols except of the scatter symbols. On the other hand, scatter symbol creates a winning combination and ensures a large payout. The wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • Bonus symbol triggers all the bonus features of the game, which in return triggers free spin rounds and multipliers. If everything goes in the way of gamblers, the maximum reward of 25000 coins can be earned, which is the top prize of the game.

Closing Lines for Jeopardy

Jeopardy online is a one of a kind slot machine game, which is based on a television show theme and most importantly of a quiz show. The intriguing theme assures the players to think while playing the game for scoring higher points. Although the process can be a little tricky, the rewards for the game are plenty.

This game comes up with varieties of jackpot and scoring features. Aside the regular features, there is a Double Jeopardy 2X feature, which replaces all other symbols in the reel and what’s more is that the winnings is multiplied twice. The feature is triggered on obtaining three wild symbols as in the game, wild happens to be the highest scoring symbol.

Play free Jeopardy casino slot machine as it requires no registration or charges the players any fees for playing. The game doesn’t necessarily require any downloads and can be played by both casual players and high rollers. The prize money is a whopping 25000 coins, which can be termed as one of the best jackpots ever given by a slot machine game.

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