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Playing casino games may be different than usual games, but when you get into the habit of winning jackpots, then it becomes a favorite game to play on the internet. Legends of Africa by Microgaming is one of the addictive games having the total of 5 individual reels in it with stacks in each. It is played with the stacks returning and finding the luck to win the game easily. The icons of bonus appear as well when the game is played consistently with getting the exact stacks back as it was in each reel after spinning it. There are features such as the free spinning bonus game which helps in paying out the boosting elements to win the game. The money which you have on a stake is released with the help of this feature. The casinos online will make slot gaming interesting for the professional players who invest money in casino games. A player will be able to play with the wild symbol through the reels with staying anonymous player as well when the levels increase. The RTP (known as Return to player) for this slot is 95.51%.
Play Legends Of Africa Slot
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Interesting image of grassland appears within the game to show the wild symbol of Legends of Africa casino game online. The background appears on the reels of 2, 3 and 4 when the symbols appear in combination as a sign of payline.


Microgaming provides you with the great slot which adds up to the delightful experience of playing the games. The identical symbols in this game will help you win it, and features need to match with the symbols with identical combinations without any payline pattern. The Online slot game Legends of Africa is played through the reels, stacks and its spinning. It has reels which are in a set of 1 to 5 reels. The reel 1 and 5 has two stacks whereas 2 and 4 have a total of three stacks. The reel number 3 has full stacks totally 5 with the images. Here are few ways of playing the Legends of Africa efficiently:

  • The groupings of the identical images start from the left and moving adjacently accordingly.
  • Having the same amount of stacks with the reel 2 and 4 will give you the equal opportunity of earning the coins.

Some of the main game’s features are the scatter and wild symbols with free spins. It includes multipliers, min and max bet as well which directs to the bonus rounds.

Tips to Win

Winning the Legends Of Africa is not hard when you know the pattern of the game. When you keep on playing it consistently, you will eventually find out the ways to win it. When the stacks of reel 1 and 5 are combined with matching the symbols, the coins which you have received from reel 2 and 4 are activated to play further. It helps you earn the bonus, and the online slot helps you get the award at the minimum pay rate. You can win up to 144x in the most natural way with the Legends of Africa casino slot online with the reels which are fully stacked and related to the similar symbols. When play Legends Of Africa for real money, you will see that the drive to earn money with these slots will be higher and enthusiastic. When the wins of the slots are paid, all the features get deactivated for you to play with the symbols with multiple spins with the payout range of 80% – 92% for the player. Here are some of the tips to help you win the game easily.

  • Consistent combination of spins with similar symbols
  • Need up to 30 times similar combinations
  • Earn coin rewards per payline

Earning Bonus and Coins with Online Slot Machine Legends of Africa

Play Legends of Africa slot machine online to enjoy online slots with spinning the reels and earn real money with real casino game experience. You do not have to visit the casino anymore to play the games and to earn money, but it adds up to the account you have on the website which you create to play the game. When you play slot for real money, it will be a game worth spending time with matching the reels and getting the same stacks back. You will be happy to play the game and won’t be able to get over it unless you win the stacks with the sets of spin which are available under the boosting feature at Legends of Africa casino slot online game.

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