Titans Of The Sun Hyperion
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Titans of the Sun Hyperion has been developed and provided by Microgaming. Titans of the Sun Hyperion casino slot online is a standard game, but there are many unique symbols that will amaze you because it has been based on the Greek methodology. There are 5 reels in the game and 15 paylines. On each payline, you can bet up to 5 coins. You can win pay in each direction across the paylines in the game.
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Titans Of The Sun Hyperion
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Get Started with Titans of the Sun Hyperion

You can play Titans of the Sun Hyperion for real money as it has the 4 x 4 grid. You can use two ways to spin the reels. The standard way and the random way that will shuffle everything around. In the bottom right-hand corner there are radio buttons that you can use to select the method of spinning the reel. The winning combinations will be arranged vertically, horizontally, up, down and from left to right. The most valuable symbols are:

  • Unicorns
  • Mystery symbols
  • Sun
  • Mega symbols
  • Hyperion symbols

The random common symbols consist of a variety of Greek symbols. To add to the mix there are gold, blue and green Greek symbols in the game. The Greek symbols are called the scatter symbol and if you are able to combine at least three of them you will win a prize.

If you are able to get twelve on the reel and within free 15 spins you can get a prize money of 2500. On the casino you will get the symbols of different colour and each one of them will present a different winning amount.

A Few Highlights of Titans of the Sun Hyperion

You can play Titans of the Sun Hyperion slot machine online but it is important that you learn about its features. Here are some of the exciting specifications you will come across:

  1. The casinos online do not have any bonus feature
  2. There are three rows in the slot for every player
  3. You will get the stake in free spinning feature if you play 5000 times
  4. Players will get either Sun or Unicorn symbol combination
  5. It will light up one more rung and at the top, the prize money will increase
  6. Collect three or more scattered Couple symbols to earn free spins and receive the jackpots
  7. You will have to keep playing the free game to keep winning
  8. The amount you win will be delivered through the online banking system

Secret Tips to Win Titans of the Sun Hyperion

Eventually, you will reach the free spinning bonus but you should not forget that RTP of every player will be the same regardless of the time you play. Do not preserve if you are losing a lot of money.

When you access the game, the opening screen will provide you the choice of playing any of the three coins values. You can select from 0.01 to 0.10. It will be the denomination of every spin in the game. You will get the opportunity to bet

  • Per click
  • Per line
  • Bet Max

Depending on the choice you can wager a minimum 1.00 per coil and maximum amount is 50.00.

Start Playing to Win the Jackpot

It is a slightly unusual gameplay which makes Titans of the Sun Hyperion an interesting slot machine. It might not be a state of art game but it will be worth your time. The lovers of the casino will love the experience and how it has combined the most exciting and fun features.

You will get a classic gambling experience because there are several video slots offered by the providers. The Greek symbols make the slot attractive and exciting. There are random spinning options with modern design. The slot is accessible on every platform so you can enjoy it anytime.

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