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Wicked Winnings (which has no download) is a unique slot machine game created by Aristocrat Technologies. The company has developed three classic versions of the game since it introduced the first in mid-2000. All editions provide enthusiastic features and are a great option for those who’re eager to stake small amounts of money whilst still having a chance to win significant payouts. Aristocrat’s hyper-linked products incorporate innovative features, such as Reel Power, Xtra Reel Power, and Power Pay. Even better, the slot has enhanced graphics, a tempting theme as well as great sound effects, which make your gameplay more fun.
Play Wicked Winnings Slot
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How to Power Play

Power play requires players to place a bet which can bring additional value with powerful features that aren’t typically offered by the game’s standard version. With Power Play your ante goes up to fifty bonuses. Other extra value capabilities are additional multipliers and free spins. All you need to access these amazing benefits is to click the Power Play button and get started.

Activating Power Play doubles your bet and triggers the two bonus features: free spins and wild lady re-spins. While it is possible to achieve big wins without the re-spins feature, you’re going to find it hard landing high-paying symbols without Power Play.

Wicked Winnings Slots Series: The Differences

The differences between the three winnings are:

  • In winning number one, 3 symbols are retained throughout the entire free spins round, while none remain in the II and III versions.
  • The third edition symbols are crisper than in the other two versions.
  • Pokies 2 and 3 have re-spins, but this one doesn’t.
  • Only the third version has the Xtra Power feature that’s available in 4×5 reel format. To play all 6 reels, players have to post an ante of 40 credits or more.

Tricks for Attracting Greater Payouts

When Reel power is triggered, paylines aren’t considered. When it’s on, you can make payouts or bonus from left to right. However, one symbol should appear on the adjacent reels for you to qualify for this.

Free spins are the most rewarding rounds in this game, providing 243 ways to win. They’re triggered when reels 1 and 2 each get a symbol surrounded by flames. To qualify for payouts, the symbols which form a winning combination should occur on separate reels. The game will stop once you achieve a payout combination. You have to click ‘Take Win’ to carry on playing. Your total earnings in every free spin will be displayed on the screen.

All three games include a re-spin feature, which serves as the wild. To trigger it, you should get 3 symbols on a single reel.  When the spin feature is on, the reel having three symbols remains stationary while the rest are spun. The 2nd re-spin will be activated if you get 3 bonus symbols on two reels.

It’s upon you to decide if the added enjoyment from free spins and wild re-spins warrants doubling your bet size for corresponding pays:

  • Wicked Winnings online: The 3rd reel consists of three symbols, one on every payline. If on other reels, a player gets an incomplete combination, these icons will complete it. The payouts in this video game slot are quite rewarding. For instance, 3 money bag symbols earn you a maximum of 375 points. Other winning combinations are: 4 nines, three aces, and 4 jacks, which bring 60 aces, 60 credits, and 90 points respectively. Three kings winning 10 pts; 2 nines, 5 points; and two tens, 60 bonuses are amazing payouts you can win.
  • Slots II: Pairs of the scatter symbol can make a complete winning combination. A high-rank card suit set ablaze can bring a payout of 100 payouts, four kings/five aces earning 200 takings, and 5 tens on separate reels winning 1200 bonuses. Three kings appearing anywhere on the reels will bring you 10 points; 2 nines, 5 pts; and 3 tens, 10 points.
  • Slots III: This version offers higher payouts with fewer winning combinations, as compared to the other two games. Getting two raven symbols can bring you an outstanding payout of 1400 gains.

The Best Game for Winning Real Money

Low stake players love this game because of its revolutionary features. Play free Wicked Winnings casino slot machine and enjoy spectacular animations and yet have a great opportunity of winning real money.

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