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Love is the eternal emotion that has helped life form exist since times immemorial. The amazing love between couples has even brought forth fascinating stories such as Romeo and Juliet for the audience to enjoy. Romantic comedies are in fact a popular genre of films being produced in the box office as of now. Poems are written, movies filmed and songs were sung, all in the name of love. It’s definitely one of the most powerful motivators there is. This feeling is, in fact, the root of our strength. With so much popularity of this emotion, it’s but natural for casinos and the gambling sector to encroach upon the feeling and use it to help design certain slots by theme based on love. Many of these games can be enjoyed by people from different locations on the globe like UK, US, and many more countries. In fact, themed slots could possibly be one of the best ways for betting enthusiasts to spend their time. Many of these online slots are accessible for free. These free slots UK have been becoming popular as well. Many of these games have no download option available on the sites. Players just have to go to the site, deposit real money into their accounts, avail bonus offers if any and get started right away without any installations. The payouts of these themed slots have increased over the last decade increasing the hopes of many people worldwide. The gaming sector has seen a lot of transactions lately along with a lot of jackpot winners. The combination of the genre of love with the thrill of a casino game brings forth a scintillating story in the minds of the players.

Play Love Slot Machines Online

Love themed slots have become really popular lately. The overall designs including the background theme, romantic music, and cute video outlook, all portray the beautiful feeling in just the right manner. There are many love-themed slots that gaming enthusiasts can try out in their free time. Be it single people out in search of love, or couples wanting to celebrate their, everyone can find a reason good enough to spend time with these lovely slots. While some are based on specific festivals based on love like Valentine’s Day, there are others that portray different aspects of love found in different parts of ou lives. With so many options nowadays to choose from, players may begin to feel a little bit confused over their choice in the matter. Some popular love themed slots have been discussed below to bring forth the wind of relief across the players’ foreheads.

  • Paris Beauty – If we are talking about love, then we got to illustrate Paris, the most popular spot for couples on the planet. This amazing 5-reel, 20 payline slot takes you on a voyage through Paris. The marvel and ethnicity of the city are virtually depicted using special characters like Eiffel Tower and painters through the streets. The art of the city in the game is breathtaking. There are 12 free spins in the game combined with a 2x multiplier which just increase your chance of beating the machine and winning a huge payout.
  • Cupid’s Arrow – If love is being spoken of, then Cupid definitely needs to come into the picture. Being the God of Love, Cupid brings couples together and celebrates love throughout the world. His famous arrow can strike love into the hearts of even the cruelest people out there. The graphics and the audio visual give a positive and lovely ambience to the game. This 5 reel 20 payline slot has amazing bonus offers including 15 free spins where all of your scores get tripled making your winnings even more.
  • Cashanova – This 5 reel, 30 pay line slot has an amazing introduction with the help of anime characters depicting the entire story and making acquaintances with the characters of the game, like Roger the Rooster, Henrietta he meant to be and The Dwag, the one who tries to get in this way of finding love. The sound effects of the game along with the visuals are just spectacular.

With popular software producers such as Microgaming and 777 putting in a lot of effort to make these games enjoyable, these games do justice to their hard work. Many other types of themed slots have also been becoming popular lately like Diamonds and Elvis the King Lives. The love themed slots have a specific aura to them, attracting the hormone filled players to them like moths to a fire flame.