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In 2016, IGT presented a new slot machine Candy Bars for playing for money. This is a modern and functional slot - a story about sweets that will be appreciated by sweets’ lovers how like to pamper themselves with delicious things. The online plot will relax and help to forget about all the problems. This one has many advantages:
  • simple rules;
  • a small but effective list of options;
  • major rewards;
  • convenient control panel.
Its technical side of Candy Bars slots implies the presence of 5 coils and 4 rows with icons. Also in the game there are 50 prize lines, according to which the winning combinations are made. There is also a special round, which gives a chance to spend time unforgettably and cheerfully, without risks and with high level of return.
Play Candy Bars Slot
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How to play in Candy Bars slots?

The lines will always be 50, and the number of coins – 75. Nevertheless, players can choose the value of the jetton: from 1 to 30. Spin can cost up to 2250 coins. Collect such badges: purple candies, red-white caramels and green jelly sweets. Complement the set of sevens of red, blue color. Lines of 4-sevens are paid for in cash with 100 coins. The smallest of the 2 icons with five coins.

For four sweets, the casino will pay 10 coins, and three sweet symbols – 5. Wild games – it’s a candy with a chocolate in the background. Appears on the three disks. Another Wild symbol with number 2. It means a doubling of the bet and can only be on 2nd and 3rd disc. Two of such elements multiply the win by 4.

Game slot symbols

On the screen the player will see different kinds of sweets, as well as colorful sevens, which can form mixed combinations. All the pictures go on the drums with stripes, so that all sixteen cells can be occupied by the same elements.
Special symbols:

  1. Wild (candy on the background of chocolate bars) is represented on the second, third and fourth drums.
  2. Wild 2x (pills with the number 2 and the letter X) is only in the second and third columns.

Bonus Games

The model offers such bonuses:

Blackout Wins – In case of filling the entire screen with the same pictures or mixed sevens, the winnings will be more solid.


In the machine there are three progressive IGT jackpots:

  • Snack Size;
  • King Size;
  • Giant Size.

To win the smallest jackpot, gambler needs to fill the second drum with chocolate-laden Wild. If the same happen with the second and third columns at once, player will get the jackpot King. And if three drums, busy with chocolate images, it will give the maximum accumulated amount.

Online casino interface

The interface is as simple as possible. On the panel, there are such inscriptions:

  • 50 Lines / 75 Coins – active lines / bet in coins
  • Coin Value – Choice of chips
  • Total Bet – the amount at stake
  • Win – win per round
  • Balance – credits on the account
  • Paytable – payout table
  • Game Rules – rules of the game

The new spin starts with a round button in the center. It also allows speeding up the withdrawal process. There are various gaming tips, winnings and other useful information between the panel and the reels. The sums of the accumulating jackpots are indicated in the upper right corner. The image of the key on the right opens the graphics settings window.


Unusual design and original game features of Candy Bars slots can interest many players not indifferent to such gambling. Especially attracted are stacked pictures, bonuses and accumulative jackpots, which are played out quite often. The level of dispersion is very low. Theoretical returns are also not high, but this is common for slots with progressive amounts.

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