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Lancelot slot machine is a video slot game developed by one of the oldest developers of the business, WMS gaming and comes up with feature-studded slots, which ensure a lot payouts and high valued bonus features. Lancelot is no exception in the list and appears to provide the players a plethora of free spin in forms of jackpot. The free spins can be accumulated to that level, where the winnings can be unimaginable. The theme of the game is all about King Arthur and his battalion of knights. The catch phrase of the game, which says, “Knights of the round table” and that can be summed for this popular themed game. The game comes up with 5 reels and 40 paylines. The USP of the game is the amazing RTP of 96 %, which is a wonderful margin for any slot machine
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How to Play Lancelot Online?

Lancelot online is an online casino slot machine game, which offers particular bonuses, a common train which can be seen in WMS Gaming, which is reckoned as one of the oldest in the business. The game offers these opportunities while playing for different stages. Here are the basic rules to play this game:

  • Lancelot is an online video slot machine game, which contains 5 reels 40 winning ways (paylines) and 4 slots. The maximum coins that can be added in each line are not more than 5 coins.
  • The game contains in all 11 symbols and the specialties of these coins are that all of them are highly valued. Though there are no letters or numbers, these symbols play a big part later in the game while dealing with parts, which are quite identical in dealing with free spin features.
  • The game is not progressive and the winnings are not accumulated in any way.
  • The symbols in the slots contain the images, which can be related to the main theme of the game and each of them have a payout ranging from 50 to 2.500 coins.
  • The player finally, is required at least 3 similar symbols or badge on a selected pay lines to score wins. The higher the paylines chosen, the more are the chances to win bigger bonuses.
  • The game comes up with a whopping RTP of 96%. This is that golden value, which assuring grabs more eye balls for the game. Even though with such a high RTP, the bonus payouts doesn’t seem very convincing. Rest assured, the game is worth trying for all theme slot loving gamers.

Bonus Features in Lancelot Slots

Lancelot is a game that unfortunately doesn’t come in any forms of extra pay or jackpot rounds, but comes in the form of free games. Here are the ways to earn free spins and win as much as coins possible.

  • On hitting the Lancelot and Guinevere signs together anywhere on the reels, unlocks the single bonus feature and during the course, a range of 5 to 50 free spins can be won depending on the number of symbols.
  • The feature only gives out free spins in plenty but doesn’t contain any extra multipliers.
  • Bonus Lancelot Symbol: The Guinevere and Lancelot symbols are considered as to be the special features anytime while playing this game. Combined or single, these symbols typically act as a Wild symbol. To sum it up in short, these symbols can easily substitute any symbols in the game. Thus, there is no separate scatter or bonus symbol available in the game.
  • Free spins in the game are put to ensuring to have a 2x multipliers and thus a maximum of 50 free spins can be won and all the wins will be doubled consequently.
  • At the end of the previous rounds, two more stacked Lancelot and Guinevere symbols will be found on the reels, giving the players more number of chances to win prizes and free spins.

To Sum Up Lancelot Online

Lancelot slot machine game is a Knight based themed game and gives the players a wonderful experience of playing in the set of medieval times. The game comes with attractive slots and paylines and most importantly a wonderful RTP, which assures players of all experience to come out and experience the game.

The game, unlike many other slot machine doesn’t gives out jackpots in the forms of coins, but surely does gives out in the form of free spins. The Lancelot and Guinevere act as a Wild and have the capability to replace any related symbols across the reels.

The game can be played for free and it is available in various popular countries such as UK and USA. One can play free Lancelot casino slot machine in various casinos, where WMS Gaming based games are supported. Alternatively, the game can also be played for real money, with even better returns and no download is required.

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