European Roulette
European Roulette
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This is the most provided roulette variation at online casinos since it witnesses the highest demand among punters. It is recommended for players to first enjoy the free version of the game before heading on to real money option to gamble for cash; this educates gamblers on the European Roulette rules, and they can gain some skills that can be applied for the best results. Our website does not require the registration of an account or a cash deposit to engage in free European Roulette since free credits are granted to place stakes. Thus, European Roulette free version is a great option to master your gameplay.

European Roulette – Main Features

Online European Roulette is the leading version in nearly all gambling destinations, mainly due to the lenient house edge provided to gamblers. The game was introduced in the eighteenth century by Blaise Pascal. This version features a smaller number of pockets from the others offering thirty-eight to thirty-seven. The standard numbers one to thirty-six are included on the wheel with the difference coming in the exclusion of the double zero pocket to maintain only the single zero.

The pockets on the wheel are coloured red and black with the single zero coloured green. The arrangement of the numbers may appear random at first glance, but there is a sequence to them. The eighteen numbers to the right of the zero include nine big numbers coloured red, and nine small ones coloured black. To the left of the pocket, the rest eighteen numbers carry nine small ones coloured red, while the rest are big coloured black. The small numbers lie between one and eighteen while the big numbers fall between nineteen and thirty-six.

Recently, most leading software developers lean towards the development of online European Roulette games using three-dimensional technology to create a simulation of a wheel as close in appearance to that of the location-based casinos. Some of the game providers that have excelled in the niche include:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Betsoft
  • Blueprint Gaming.

Others like Evolution Gaming and Extreme Live Gaming provide live gambling options that stream the gameplay to players from casino studios to their devices.
Aside from the wheel, the table is an essential inclusion in this gambling option. On the table, all the numbers are laid out for gamblers to place chips on the number or several ones they think the ball will land in. The single zero, however, is not included. The table also displays special bets that are included such as Voisins and Tier bets.

Basic Rules in European Roulette

This gambling option follows some of the simplest gambling rules, what is the reason why it is popular with millions. The procedure of European Roulette play free has been maintained the same since the invention of the set to its move on the online platform. The game allows between one and eight players at a go, and the procedure is conducted as follows:

  • The croupier announces for the players to place their bets.
  • Different types of stakes can be used by placing chips on the respective numbers on the table that punters think may be landed once the ball comes to a halt.
  • The croupier announces that no more stakes can be placed; any that are placed on the table after the call are not considered.
  • Once the ball halts, the losing stakes are taken by the house, while the winning ones are paid out.

The playing procedure remains the same in all variations of the game with slight changes applying to the side bets that can be placed along with the allowed call bets.

European Roulette – Types of Bets

When wagering in the game, players are allowed stakes of either individual numbers or collective ones. The bet types are placed in two categories – inside and outside bets. The former consists of bets placed in individual or a small group of numbers. The latter consists of the stakes on large groups of numbers. Different bet types carry varying payout odds, and the chances of landing them also differ in intensity. These bets are discussed below.

Inside Bets

Inside bets award the highest wins with the most valuable paying thirty-five times the stake placed by punters. However, the high value of these stakes makes them the hardest to land. These wagers include:

  • Straight – one number
  • Split – two adjacent numbers
  • Street – three adjacent numbers
  • Corner – four numbers forming a box
  • Basket – five numbers
  • Double street – six numbers

The odds of landing these stakes lie between two point seven and seventeen point two percent.

Outside Bets

Unlike inside bets, outside bets are easier to land, but the payouts are not that lucrative. The most popular of these stakes are those on colour and parity, whose payout odds are one to one. The others include low or high and dozens. Players can explore the online European Roulette strategy to determine the best winning stakes.

Types of Bets in Different Countries

The bets allowed in European Roulette might differ from one country to another. The most common is the inclusion of the En Prison rule in France, which allows punters to win back their stake if they lose an even stake and the ball lands in the zero pocket.

European Roulette – Conclusion

European Roulette strategy is simple and acts as a gateway to understand other variations of the table game. The popularity of the game makes it available at numerous online casinos for free and real money.

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